George To Make Real Comeback In The US

George Michael is hoping to make a real comeback in America. He doesn’t think mainstream America will really want some “stoned, lefty poof” making a comeback… however, that’s what he’s planning.

What will the audience want to hear on the US tour? The old hits: Faith, maybe Freedom and some Wham! Well, that might be what they want… but that’s not what they’re gonna get! What they’re going to get is the 25 Live tour proper, including the stuff that was on records that didn’t really sell in America. So, this US Tour really is for George’s hardcore fans – the ones who bought the records. By the way, George believes the 25 Live show is the best pop music show in the world right now, bar none, so I guess that means he thinks it should make a splash in America.

George will be spending some time in the US after European leg of the 25 Live Tour finishes at the end of July doing some preprations. Then, he’ll be back later in the year for the the US tour proper.

Oh, and there might be a special guest coming on stage at the Wembley gigs next weekend to sing a duet… but he hasn’t asked them yet (not Andrew R.).

Source: Straight from the horse’s fucking mouth.

6 thoughts on “George To Make Real Comeback In The US

  1. Yes I heard the Magic interview too…

    I hope you don’t think I was being rude or sarcastic on my earlier post when I asked for the source. That was not my intention at all. It’s just that these ‘rumours’ have a habit of becoming ‘fact’ within the GM community within a very short space of time, and the US fans have waited too long for George’s tour to have their hopes dashed…again!!

    Well I’ve now heard him twice myself say that the US tour is definitely ON, he just needs to anounce the dates ASAP, maybe he’s waiting for the court verdict on Friday?

  2. I’m very happy for GM. This is indeed the news we’ve been waiting for for 15 years. I wonder what they are going to do about publicity — because he needs it badly since he’s been gone for so long.

    On the other hand, a lot of Americans would be thrilled to see him perform songs that they grew up on, lost their virginity to,or whatnot. I’m thinking middle-aged (30 and up) women and of course a sprinkling of gay men. I hope that’s enough to fill an arena. Hopefully many of the women are married and will drag their husbands to the show with them.

    For publicity (and he needs it no matter how much he detests it), he needs to make himself visible in a very positive way … He was a smash on Oprah, although that is no surprise since the audience (actual and through tv) is 95% middle-aged women. When Patience came out, the cd wasn’t doing very well here in the States. So he went on Oprah and – surprise surprise – sales spiked up within 72 hours of the show airing.

    I basically feel that GM cannot afford to skip Oprah. She reaches a lot of people in his demographic. GM could go on the show to talk about a cause that he supports (Project Angelfood would be good because it’s in the U.S.) and have a little film clip of him delivering a meal. Or he can choose another cause either in the U.S. or international and discuss that. Finally, he can talk about depression and he dealt with it, etc.

    Finally, do interview with The Advocate, a gay magazine — or at least have advertisement about the concert in the magazine.

    All of this takes a lot of planning and time, but what else is he going to do from August through to October anyway?

  3. Caff – no, you weren’t rude at all! And I didn’t think you were either!

    I just thought I’d quote the source on this piece, given it’s a source I knew George wouldn’t be frightened by😉

  4. I am so curious to know the identity of the lucky artist that George would like to ask to join him at Wembley Stadium for a song. I ‘m thinking Mary J.B.or WY or Elton, I don’t understand How someone couldrefuse to duet with the Amazing singer that George is !! I hope that he finds the courage. How sweet!!!

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