Special Guest Revealed

The “Special Guest” on the UK leg of George’s tour has been revealed. It’s none other than…

Sophie Ellis Bextor

Sophie’s new single is actually rather good!  Welcome back!

20 thoughts on “Special Guest Revealed

  1. I heard she was doing the rest of the UK but not Wembley, some DJ outfit doing that? Not really bothered one way or the other. I’d HATE to be the warm up act for a big star, unless you’re f*cking phenominal…no one listens to you and you just KNOW they’re thinking…’just get the f*ck out of here, we’re waiting for (who ever)…’! 😉

  2. I really like Sophie, she is also very beautiful so it going to be a pleasure to be entertained by her light!!! I hope she is going to support George for Wembley dates as well. Good choice.

  3. She is also very beautiful ????

    her head is big as large boulder !!!
    Didn’t Robbie Williams call her Saucer head ?

  4. I cannot understand how anyone can say that she is not beautiful, I’d say she is gorgeous, she ‘s got a beautiful skin, amazing eyes, a very fit body , she looks even better now that she has lost weight, they are envious or Robbie must have tried with her, she refused him so now he is calling her whatever.

  5. Robbie Williams looks like a crack head. Most American’s have never heard of Sophie, but I like her music. I’d never seen a pic of her before, though.

  6. @Yogesh

    Robbie was just annoyed at Sophie because she refused to be his support act on a tour. Not quite sure why that should have pissed him off; but it apparently did. Hence the rudeness.

    I’m sure Sophie had a little smile to herself about this when she signed up to support George on tour😉

  7. I heard that Natasha Bedingfield was asked to be the support act for George, but as Justin Timberlake also asked her, she decided to team up with American hunk instead.

    Shame ‘cos I think Natasha is an awesome live act.

  8. I’m absolutely gutted! What a downer! S.E.B. I really hope she isn’t opening at Wembley. We were all hoping it was Andrew Ridgely! What a let down!

  9. the ticket states clearly “very special guest”. if sophie ellis wide face or natasha teeth bedingfield qualify as that very special guest i’ll jump from the 3rd tier. it must be andrew ridgely…its the only way i got my fiancee to come along! she’ll be dead annoyed if i’ve forced her to sit through another GM concert. she can’t stand him!

  10. No Need to jump, we went to wembley last night and no special guest turned up. It said show starts at 6pm yet there was no support act and GM came on at 7.45pm.

  11. i was wondering who the special guest was. was it the crap camp dj set?!?! i thought GM was rubbish too. he is past it and he latest music just sounds the same, crap dance with reverb vocals. hmmm cher anyone?

  12. Hi dave,

    What a prat you are. Please, fuck off and never come back.

    Yours truly,


  13. Goerge M did not have a guest singer and neither did George Michael or GK Panayiotou, either, for that matter.

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