All Music On GM Tour Pre-Recorded?

This is a rumour currently doing the rounds…

Mike Me Up Before You Solo

George Michael has an impressive set of musicians on stage during his current tour; some of the best respected session musicians around.

Odd then that their instruments aren’t even linked up to the PA, and all music is pre-recorded and played through the speakers via ProTools, while the musicians pull artistic faces and wobble their heads in time to the music.

In fact, the only live ‘instrument’ heard by the audience is George’s voice itself, so don’t be going along and asking for an impromptu drum solo. It can’t be done, and you’d look like a twat asking anyway.

15 thoughts on “All Music On GM Tour Pre-Recorded?

  1. It is true. George uses a lot of pre-recorded music. I think only Chris Cameron playes live keyboards and maybe some guitars on Faith and the sax solo on Careless Whisper are live.

  2. I really don’t believe it at all. Maybe some parts but certainly not all.

  3. The video wall is linked via computer to Pro-Tools (if that’s the system he’s using). A backing track will trigger the light/video show, which is how you get the words coming up behind George during ‘Freedom’ (I think, can’t remember?…hmmm, I’ll have to go and watch the show again!)right when he sings them. The other option he could be using is to have one or more of the instruments linked by the MIDI system, through the computer, to the video wall. Same thing, the music triggers the light show.
    I’ve said this before, last year when this whole debate came up, I don’t care if he sings along to a Casio keyboard, as long as his vocal is live, which I think it is…last year he stuffed up the lyrics too many times for it to be a recording!! LOL!😉

  4. When i told once here that George needs for a Stadium tour a real “orchestra” AROUND him, not climbed to the moon… almost everyone thought i’m silly, naive or quite wicked…

    Well, i have been there… last night, in Bucharest…… the show was really great, especially his vocals, and also the accompanists too, …. but everytime some people are in the dark , they’ll always give some entitled rumours, like they never had in the “light” , down WITH George AROUND him. That was my point at that time… .

  5. This comes from Holy Moly, the same source that a few weeks ago stated that George’s sisters are lesbians. Remarkable, I think you should have mentioned that.
    Secondly, friends of mine have been at over 20 concerts last year and say that George sometimes misses his cues, as when to begin singing, and the band then has to start the song again in such a way that people who are not avid fans wouldn’t notice that anything happened. I don’t think that’s possible if they’re not playing live.

  6. @Yogchick
    I don’t know if your comment wwas directed to me or Remarkable, I’ll assume it’s directed at me!😉
    I did a recording and sound engineering course at evening class last year and met the engineer who worked on another singers big tour. Sorry!!! However, unless you go to a classical music concert, this is pretty much how it is in the world of live concerts these days.
    I think the musicians DO play live but over the top of a backing track. Besides, I have seen an article posted last year some time going into all the ins and outs of what microphones are used on George’s tour etc.

  7. That’s a pretty lame excuse, Remarkable. You may think most people know it’s from an unreliable source, but that’s not true. Some people out there take everything you write as fact. You made that clear yourself when you linked to that US blog that thought George really had given away all his assets.

  8. Marj,

    A few things.

    Firstly, I said this was a “rumour” not a “fact”. I don’t see, then, how anyone could take this as a statement of fact.

    Secondly, who says that Holy Moly is an “unreliable” source? They’re often rather accurate in what they say.

    Thirdly, I don’t know what that US blog was all about. I find it hard to believe they really believed that. Something else was going on there… publishing the street address of George and Kenny’s home in Dallas, as they have done, indicates to me that they have a different agenda.

  9. I seem to remember telling people this last year,all that backing track shit….

    Its all recorded, there just there for “show”, anyone who has been to a few live gigs will tell the difference straight away.

    Money for nothing.

  10. Hmm…I don’t want to get caught in an argument. My original point was simply that as the writer of a blog that clearly attracts many readers I think you have a responsibility to be clear about the sources you use as they are so very different in their reliability. Yogchicks’s first question was “where did you hear this?” I think that shows my point.
    I know when you’re being serious and when you’re not, but apparently that’s not clear to everyone. And because you mix facts and very accurate reports with made up dialogues and “news” from very unreliable sources I think you should be aware of that. That’s all.

  11. I think you make some fair points Marj. I will try to make the nature of sources more clear in future (even if I can’t provide actual links anymore).

  12. @ Billy”Big”Knob: awwww Billy, you couldn’t stay away. Sweet. However, please, be cautious with your comments. I don’t need to remind you how, last time, you upset everyone (read: Andy Stephens, Lee and even George himself) with your best impersonation of Lee.

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