If George Michael Goes To Jail, It Will Be His Fault

This afternoon, George Michael fans are reeling from the news that the judge has hinted that she may hand out a jail sentence for this offence. If that turns out to be the end result, the reality is that it will have been George’s fault.

Throughout this case, George Michael and his legal team have been pretty obstructive to having this case heard; always claiming he’s far too busy to bother himself with such small details as this. As I said back in January, this kind of tactic is fine if you’re going to be found not guilty in the end. But, if you think you’re going to be found guilty, you need to show some humility to the court at the earliest possible stage… not go in with a last-minute “guilty plea” when you realise you have no defence. And if you do plead guilty, you don’t go on TV immediately afterwards and say you’re not really guilty, if you think there is a chance compelling evidence could be presented at a future date to suggest that there was a cocktail of illegal, uncontrolled, and prescribed drugs in your system.

Do I think George should go to jail for this? No. But given how he and his legal team have handled this whole affair, would I be surprised if he did? That’s a no too.

If I was the judge, here’s what I would think:

  • George Michael takes different drugs, several of which could make him fall asleep.   These drugs include drugs that are really dangerous.
  • This isn’t the first time that George has been found unconscious at the wheel of his car.  This wasn’t a one-off.
  • George Michael does not understand the seriousness of what he has done
  • George has been trying to muddy the waters in this case, to force the court to reach a verdict that isn’t clear on the matter of drugs.

What sentence would I hand out?   I would actually give George a three year suspended sentence of six months in jail.  That means George would not actually go to jail.  However, if he was convicted of any other offence at all during that three years, the original six month jail sentence would come into force.

37 thoughts on “If George Michael Goes To Jail, It Will Be His Fault

  1. I am really worried for his health, I am really sorry to be feeling this way, I shouldn’t mind his own business, I care about him, he is such a good man I only wish him happiness so when I hear what things he is taking I don’t understand, I am not shocked, I am worried for him, sorry sorry, I am not feeling happy . I hope I haven’t offended anyone.

  2. Well…I hope I didn’t get my tickets for the 9th June this morning…for nothing?!😦

    Sentancing on the 8th June!! She’s (the judge) doing this deliberately now!! Couldn’t she have sentanced him today…then we would at least know!

    I agree with you Remarkable…George and his lawyers have done nothing but piss her off since day one…now, as the sentancing is entirely up to her…who knows?

    I hope he has some really strong people around him at the moment…the stress of this, on top of touring, could tip him over the edge.

    Thinking of you George! **hugs**

  3. I must be missing something. Where are people getting the impression that the judge is leaning towards or hinting towards sending down a sentence that involves jail time?

    All that I have read was one quote where the judge said that they would sentence based on the full spectrum of the law basically.

  4. Well, if a neighbour of mine can get a 2 year suspended sentence for threatening to firebomb his next door neighbour then I’m pretty sure that George is going down for life. Cock-eyed legal system that we have.

  5. Evelyn, the words that the judge seems to have use are that George should expect to be sentenced towards the upper end of the scale for this offence.

    That means, she is leaning towards handing out the biggest punishment she can. It might not mean jail, but it very well could. I mean – she could mean that she’s planning on fining George the full five thousand pounds… but would she feel she had to warn George about that? Whether he gets fined a hundred pounds or five thousand makes zero difference to him…

  6. I wonder what the position will be about a US work permit now? I know they can’t stop him entering the country if he has a Green Card as a resident, but they COULD refuse him a work permit I suppose?
    God I hope not…all the US fans have waited TOO LONG!

  7. Caff, if you have a Resident Alient Card (AKA Green Card) in this country then you automatically have the right to work in this country. Do we have any reason to believe that George has a US Green card? I don’t think I’ve ever read or heard him say that he did. As a US fan it would utterly suck if he couldn’t come into this country, but honestly I HIGHLY HIGHLY doubt that he is going to have any real issue obtaining entry into this country.

    Okay, so the judge made a comment about George preparing himself to receive the higher end of the allowable sentence. Whatever… The bottom line is that what they found was a small amt of Pot in his system (I forget the terminology that they used) and a therapeutic amt of a anti-depressent which is legal and some GHB which may be illegal but may not be given that apparently it would also have been detected from the legal meds he was taking. This isn’t a situation where he was on Cocaine and driving and hurt someone. I’m not saying he wasn’t out of line being behind the wheel of a car in that state, but this isn’t something that he or anyone should be concerned with Jail time for.

  8. I would expect that he will loss his license, have to fork over some money in fines, might have to do some drug related counseling or the like, community service perhaps (I don’t know if they have that in the UK) or the like and call it a day.

  9. I’m expecting hefty fine, suspended license and probation/suspended sentence….which REALLY SUCKS !!! I’m feeling very down about this whole thing. God…Just looking forward to Bucharest to help raise my spirits. And this is is first CHARGED offence.

  10. I know it’s his own fault and everything, but I do still feel sorry for him. I mean, this is horrible, how long it’s taking to get sentencing. I hope GM is ignoring this part of his life and enjoying/concentrating on his tour instead. And I really hope he’s not all stressed out and is handling this calmly … or at least as calmly as one can. He should have fun on this tour, court case or not.

  11. I hope that this whole process keeps George from making the same, self admittedly, stupid mistake in the future. Period..

  12. I don’t usually comment, but I’m so fed up with the hypocrisy surrounding this, not from GM, not from those who comment here, but from society which, supposedly, reflects society. As as psychotherapist myself I’d be as rich as GM if I got paid for every client who is out there on legal prescription drugs for mood prescribed by some doctor, driving, drinking and thinking nothing of it. Not saying it’s right, unfit is unfit, but my hunch is he got caught out by the synergistic effects of the drugs he took and most of us wouldn’t know enough about the way these drugs affect the brain to make that connection. Am I worried about his mental health, not in the slightest, I’d be one happy therapist if all my clients who are “troubled” were as successful in life as GM is.

  13. Dr. Toby, I wish you would post MORE. I found your views on the matter to be quite refreshing and interesting.

    People don’t fully grasp what perscription drugs do to the body and don’t really subscribe to all the warnings that come along with anit-depressants etc etc. Warnings against operating heavy machinery (I.E Driving) etc etc.

    The truth is that George isn’t wish to be taking those kinds of prescribed meds AND using Pot or any other mood alerting drug… but the reality is that people do this regularly. They drink alcohol and take anti-depressants etc etc… all of which isn’t wise.

    The problem is that our medical community chucks prescribed medications at you with little to no counseling for the most part and that is something that needs to be addressed.

  14. Isn’t this tragically ironic? On the very same day that Ticketmaste is FINALLY shipping the tickets for the Wembley concerts, this now casts a very heavy shadow on the forthcoming London gigs…😦

  15. Evelyn,
    Sorry that’s just me not knowing diddly about the US immigration system. I assumed that if you own property there, as George does, you had to be a resident alien, and I thought for that you need a green card. In other words, I thought a green card gave you the right to live in America, not work there. So is George just going backwards and forwards on a tourist visa, when he goes to Texas then, if he’s not performing anywhere?
    George, if you’re reading this…you and I will have to sit down and have a cup of tea sometime (I’ll buy…so long as it’s only a cup of tea…and not at ‘The Ivy’!). So many boring little details like that I’d love to know!!😉

  16. To quote another famous UK citizen, ‘much ado about nothing . . .”

    George will be fine, the judge will do her thing, you will all get to see George do a fantastic gig at Wembley, the tour will carry on, the US will let him in and let him work (after all, we let everyone else in and let them work too), the tour will eventually come to the US, and we will get to see him, he is happy, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera

  17. Gotta love how you were able to boil it all down for us.. All True.. All Valid..

  18. Let me shed some light on from what I know – George DOES NOT have a US Green card, instead he has a Visa to enter and reenter the United States. That means after spending a certain about of time in the US (usually 6 months) he has to return home for 30 days befor he can return back to the US for another 6 months.

  19. I agree with ya Ann. Much ado about nothing.

    So….how is it he owns property without being an actual resident…..and owned a house in LA….

  20. Just read his comments in the bbc story. That sure sounds like something George would say, “I would like to conclude by saying . . .”

    Has he hired a new publicist?

  21. Sounds like it doesn’t it? Oh, BTW, I agree with everything you said so far about all this hoopla over not much. But then, other times, I worry about him. Look at it this way: if you had a friend who kept driving and passing out in his car and then getting arrested and then having it revealed that he took GHB — wouldn’t that worry you? Things are being blown out of proportion, true, but this media circus is all in GM’s own making. Sometimes it’s almost like he is his own worst enemy.

  22. i am sure ‘things’ will settle down so that the European tour is not jeopardized…

    Remarkable i agree with you!

  23. So, I read in the Sun article that George had a high dose of Effexor in his system. That’s the same anti-depressant that I had to quit taking because it caused severe insomnia. With so many other drugs on the market, I decided to change to something else so that I wouldn’t have to take sleeping pills to get to sleep. I doubt my doctor would’ve wanted me to take them anyway. I’m pretty sure George could find another anti-depressant that would work just fine for him, without having to take sleeping pills, too.

  24. Julie, I guess that George likes taking the drugs he does… and that’s why he keeps using them. I don’t think it worth any doctor bothering too much to try to find the optimal medication for him, if he’s going to take other unprescribed drugs that affect the state of his mind. It’s really just a waste of time – clearly, he just does whatever he wants.

    That’s George’s perogative, of course. Doesn’t make him a bad person…

  25. Remarkable, I agree with you. And if he is taking sleeping pills, he should be taking them before going to bed, not before getting behind the wheel of a car.

  26. Noooooo, that would be bad. We wouldn’t want him to go home, and beat up on poor Kenny.

  27. As if…after all the time it has taken to build wembley and with George being the 1st act to play will the judge be ‘allowed’ even to send him to prison!
    The money that would be lost….I think the judge is trying to raise her own profile with these ‘scare tactics’ that she may send George to prison. I imagine a few pounds for interviews will come her way regarding the case!

    He will be there i’m conident!

    Cant wait xx

  28. Well, for sure George will be at Wembley. In the highly unlikely event there is a custodial sentence handed out, there would have to be time for an appeal. So, George wouldn’t be taken down to the cells right away!

  29. So Effexor has been named, that was my guess. One of the most used drugs these days for everyone and anything. It is so common for doctors to then prescribe sleeping medication and more to combat the effects of this drug. As a specialist in stress, I would expect that after more than a decade of major life shocks, the cumulative effects of trauma can be really overwhelming. I’m impressed by his ability to bounce back, resurrect his career, and keep the whole thing in perspecive. I’m with Evelyn, most of us don’t know or take seriously the side effects of meds. In fact, I just caught what could have been a potentially dangerous combo from my own doctor, only because of my specific education or I would have missed it.

    Wish we could read more about the good things like the great concert in Bulgaria for human rights which Western press certainly didn’t pick up on.

    One more thought,if they didn’t let anyone through immigration because of prescription drug abuse, well it would certainly ease the load on TSA and make lines shorter for the rest of us.

  30. … finally, a real helping stand from a remerkable fan…. Congratulations !

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