George Michael – No Sentence Today

The results from the blood tests are in. At the time of his arrest, George Michael had the following mixture of illegal and prescription drugs in his system: Canabis; GHB (which can be present in the blood also after taking GBL – GBL makes people fall asleep); and an anti-depressant. Canabis was at low levels. It seems the anti-depressant, and GHB may have present at high levels (although this is not clear from the reports).

Rather than sentencing today, the judge adjourned the cout until June 8. The take home message is rather unclear. The likely effect of these drugs on George seems to not to have been clarified in court. The prosecution seem to believe that the most likely cause was GHB or GBL. The defence claims the most likely cause was a sleeping pill (which seems not to have shown up in the blood tests).

I imagine that, after what she heard today, the judge wishes George to be present for sentencing. She won’t be concerning herself with what drugs George took; rather she will sentence on the basis of the state he was in when found by the police.

From the evidence as reported, it seems to me that GBL was the most likely cause. That’s because no trace of the sleeping pill seems to have been found in George’s system (the only prescribed drug they seem to have found was the anti-depressant he was on); and because George’s lawyer kept saying that there are things that cause GHB to be in the blood, apart from GHB… that appears to be an oblique reference to GBL.

If George does use GBL, I think he needs to stop it right now… it really is a drug for losers. GBL isn’t illegal I don’t think, but it is paint stripper! Can you imagine anyone other than a total loser using paint stripper as a drug? It’s very dangerous.

I think don’t think the judge will feel that George has been entirely open and honest to the court – it looks like the defence strategy has been to muddy the waters as much as possible; and she will feel that his level of unfitness was very high. That’s pretty serious… some kind of (possibly suspended) jail sentence is no longer completely off the cards, I don’t think. Indeed, The BBC’s Ben Ando, who was at the hearing, said it was made clear that the star could expect to be sentenced at the “upper end of the scale for this offence”…

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