Another Lennon Piano For George?

The piano pictured above is the last piano that John Lennon ever used; he actually played it on the night he died.   Located in the Record Plant Recording Studios in New York, the piano was supposedly one of Lennon’s favourites.    He had it moved to whichever studio he was recording in.   In fact, it was nicknamed the “John Lennon” piano.

Anyway, after being in storage for twenty years, this piano is now up for sale.   The price?  Just $375,000.   I wonder if George will pick this one up, to go with his other “Lennon Piano”?

6 thoughts on “Another Lennon Piano For George?

  1. I’ll believe that when it’s confirmed by either Virginia Tech or Goss Galery.😉 It looks like another blunder by Contactmusic & friends, lol.

  2. Marj
    Don’t forget, Contactmusic don’t make blunders…they copy and paste someone ELSES blunders! 😉

  3. No he didnt donate it…sick heads…and I’m thinkin he’s gonna buy this one.

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