Why George Michael Actually Is “Not Guilty”

One interesting thing about yesterday’s Parkinson show is that George Michael offered a compelling explanation for the driving problem he had that led to his arrest and subsequent charge for “being unfit to drive through drugs”.

What George actually said was that he had a dependency on a prescribed drug, and that that drug had the unpleasant side-effect of causing constant insomnia; and that had been going on for years, since his mother died. He said he had found it difficult to give that drug up. The combination of working so hard during his tour, and the insomnia, led to George feeling incredibly tired. For legal reasons, he was not able to talk about what that drug(s) is (he has clearly told the court). It seems likely that it is an antidepressant – many antidepressants affect sleep patterns in a serious way. Insomnia is a common side affect of many of these type of drugs.

What George said was that the cause of the driving problem was being tired because of insomnia and his huge workload; this combination caused him to be exhausted. Thus, he feels he is not guilty because the problem of being so tired was not caused directly by the drug. The drug itself did not affect George’s ability to drive.

I think both the court and the US Embassy may find this explanation compelling; and that there should be little chance that the US will decide to refuse George a visa to work in the United States.

I can also see why George wanted to plead “not guilty”. If it was me in these circumstances, I would have strongly felt that pleading “not guilty” was the correct plea, because the drug did not cause the driving problem directly. It seems that George’s legal team has told him that he could plead “guilty” while still not admitting that the charge was correct. Of course, George should not have got in his car while feeling so tired – he probably was unfit to drive. However, the charge was “unfit to drive through drugs” which, it seems, was not the case.

9 thoughts on “Why George Michael Actually Is “Not Guilty”

  1. I have a common sense question that doesn’t have anything to do with whether he’s guilty or innocent. Let’s say he is on an anti-depressant which causes insomnia. Why wouldn’t he switch to another one? There are a lot of different meds on the market which don’t have that side effect. I’ve tried different meds for anxiety, and one of them caused insomnia. It was horrible, so I switched to one that didn’t have that side effect. Yes, it may be hard to give up a medication cold-turkey, but it’s not so hard to switch to a different one while slowly tapering off the original.

  2. It’s a good question. It is possible, I think, that the only classes of medication that works for George is one that causes insomnia. Everyone responds differently to these drugs.

    I don’t know if George has the best doctors though – so he may not be getting the best medical advice. He has a tendency to find people he trusts; and stick to them, regardless of their levels of competence. Clearly, George’s doctor has been happy to prescribe him these medicines for many years, allowing him to develop a dependence on them. It may be that he doesn’t actually need these drugs anymore.

    It would also probably benefit him to get off the weed. But he’s clearly in denial about the side-effects of heavy canabis usage. Last night, he as good as said, “Yes, I know it can cause mental health issues, but only for people under 43 years old”. I know George isn’t good at taking advice; but he really should think about reducing his canabis usage.

  3. Whether it’s a good thing or not, most doctors will prescibe anti-depressants for a patient until the patient says he no longer wants or needs to take them. However, a doctor should NOT be prescribing these medications to a known heavy canabis user. At the mental health agency where I work, known drug users have to undergo frequent drug screenings to make sure they’re clean before being prescribed these meds.

  4. I wonder if this is the same thing as an “Alford plea” in US law?
    “In this plea, the defendant does not admit the act and asserts innocence, but admits that sufficient evidence exists with which the prosecution could likely convince a judge or jury to find the defendant guilty. Upon receiving an Alford plea from a defendant, the court may immediately pronounce the defendant guilty and impose sentence as if the defendant had otherwise been convicted of the crime.”

  5. dear some “friends” of George,

    i guess it must be once for all and clearly said that it’s one fact if George wants to protect himself to the public’s eyes or to his truly fans, and trying for that to deny enything and everything just to keep his head and smile straight and right in front of them, and it’s totally different and another thing if you (some of you) just want to approve quite and absolutely anything he say, for that “public” goal, in order just to be yourselves in his graces.

    I think it’s time for all to be sincere and purely honest with him, this time, to tell once and for all that those matters are totally different stories.

    I personally give it up for years to approve absolutely anything he does or speaks about just for the sake of or to “maintain” the so-called “sanity”. And so, to keep the garbage under the carpet and then just to lead him into some unpredictable and very queer places. … So, taking his ass to the top of that building… we have George in the bushes or under the cars and trains…

    The drugs + some work = insomnia

    If you take away some of the two above, you will have no effect anymore, it seems to think witty George.

    But, all men do “some” work on this planet, i may think, if you let me.

    We have so, the drugs is THE MATTER of those chained events in the last two years.

    By the way, for those who see “some” work, here inadequate, George did same awful accidents in the not-concert era, about much more than a year ago.

    Let’s not just turn into a tiny ‘clapping’ people for George, and give him a real support for his life, that he really deserves from the fans.

    thank you for your time.

  6. I think George has got the problem of dependence.It is high time he got off all that stuff, whatever it is, to me he is capable of living his life without all that stuff. maybe it is psychological, he thinks he needs it but, he doesn’t need it anymore. It is like a circle, he needs to take the first step.slowly slowly.

  7. Pippy Says: “maybe it’s psychological”

    I agree. I believe that to be the case for all drugs(and other substances). People don’t get addicted to the substance itself but the idea that the substance protects them from pain/fear. It’s an illusion, only the healthy part of your mind is capable of protecting you that way.

  8. I think these are all technicalities and rationalizations when it is said he was, technically, not guilty, etc. according to the word of the law. It’s very disingenuous. The guy is a danger to himself and others and this needs to change. He’s got a problem with prescription drug(s) by his own admittance, as well as insomnia that is related to that. When you keep falling asleep behind the wheel over and over again, you need to fess up which is what GM did. For the first time in this whole debacle he is actually starting to be honest and straightforward about his chemical problems. This is a big step for him and we should all support him for his honesty and not support him when he lies.

  9. Yes, right.

    But the very sad thing is that a much ‘more’ true than the acknowledged addiction to drugs pronounced by him, is by far the fact that the drugs are so so poisonous and harmful for his brain, that today he became so blind and incapable to admit that the drugs are a real toxic thing and provoke a severe decrepitude of his nervous sistem and to his general health.

    What is that ? ” The world would be a much, much easier place to live in, if the drug were legalised” Come on , let’s face it! We cannot play anymore with the words simply as that, just to deals the cards for him and create the illusory world for his mind, just to keep him “happy” and “sane”.

    We all saw about several years how happy and sane he just become.

    And the saddest thing is that we now all saw that indeniable matter, and we all just have a ridiculous strain to give him that marvellous fake mirror.

    from a fan.

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