George On Parkinson – The Remarkable Verdict

Tonight, the Parkinson show had George Michael as a guest. What did I think of the show? Well, it’s something I’ve been thinking for a while, but this pretty much confirmed it. I’m sorry to say that “Parky” has lost it. His interview questions totally precluded George from being entertaining. Topics that Parky covered with George included:

  • George being so unhappy all the time
  • George suffering from depression
  • George constantly getting arrested
  • George being self-destructive
  • George finding it difficult being gay
  • George’s addiction to prescription drugs since his Mother died
  • George having such a bad time that he might have to leave the country
  • George being an insomniac and not being able to sleep for days
  • George contemplating suicide because he was so unhappy
  • George better get used to the treatment he gets from the media, cos that’s how life is

Way to go! That makes for an entertaining interview. Never mind Joan Rivers, Stephen Fry and George Michael all contemplating topping themselves (yes, for real Parkinson actually thought, “Oh, my guests all have something in common tonight – they’ve all thought about killing themselves – that will be nice for us to discuss”); I bet half the audience wanted to throw themselves under a train after watching the show tonight.

There’s so much positive stuff they could have covered. Kudos to Joan Rivers for still being able to be funny in the face of deeply personal questioning about her husband’s suicide; although you could see the subject upset her. It’s like Parky has George in a box marked “Suicidal Depressive”. George looked a bit confused at times because Parky was banging on about the depressive stuff so much…

Parky: Come on George. What is the problem? What’s the matter with you? Why are you so unhappy?

George: Errrrrrrrrrrrr… but I’m fine!

Parky: Come George. You’re so unhappy. I bet you want to kill yourself. What is the matter? You can tell Parky..

Oh well… it’s a pity. Parky has forgotten what entertainment is, I think.

The only funny bit in George’s interview was: George said he might have to move out of the UK; and the GM fans in the audience screamed, “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!” as though their lives depended on George living in Highgate!

Bottom line: George should patch up his differences with Jonathan Ross, and go on that show instead. Jonathan’s shows are a riot of entertainment. Yesterday, Ross’s guests were: Eddie Izzard, Janice Dickinson, John Barrowman and Andrew Lloyd Webber. He even managed to get Lloyd Webber to come out of his shell, and make some really filthy jokes. The whole show was hilarious; a huge contrast to Parksinson these days…

14 thoughts on “George On Parkinson – The Remarkable Verdict

  1. So GM actually admitted to having a prescription drug problem? I find it amazing that someone who smokes so much weed still needs the pot. Either he’s buying the stuff from the wrong dealer or else he just likes to be on a lot of things at the same time. I thought he said several times in past interviews that he didn’t want to try pharmaceuticals (i.e. Prozac and other antidepressants) and preferred something more natural like marijuana.

    So would this admission (assuming it was one — I haven’t seen it) affect his next court appearance? Will the magistrate ask the same kind of questions and would this possibly result in being ordered to go into rehab (after the tour of course)?

  2. I miswrote: the second sentence in my post above should read “I find it amazing that someone who smokes so much weed still needs mood-altering pharmaceuticals.”

  3. I just saw the interview (its already up on YouTube). Lets just say that I doubt George will be doing Parky again anytime in the near future. Talk about a fucking grilling!

  4. I was in a really good mood last night, all ready to watch George, with a perfect drink…
    But sadly, my good spirits did not last very long (and I’m not talking about my Martini, I’m afraid).
    I think that must have been the worst interview I’ve ever seen George doing.
    Boooooooring questions, boring answers… Completely predictible. Next time, George may as well not even turn up, any random person would be able to e-mail Parky the answers that George would give to his tedious questions.

    Maybe going to Jonathan Ross could change my mind but for now, I have to say, if I don’t see George being back to his old witty and charming ways, I think I might start to approve his recent statement: “I should learn to shut up and sing.”

    Well George, perhaps you should…

  5. I have to say I was a bit bored with George playing the ‘Homophobic press, they all hate me, why don’t they just leave me alone’ card AGAIN yesterday. However, I feel like someone should play ‘Devil’s Advocate’and stick up for Parkie.
    He has millions of viewers who are NOT George Michael fans, and all they will have seen in the press is all the negative stuff (partly because George never feeds them any positive stuff, but that’s another topic!). Parkie probably feels that he needs to ask questions, on behalf of the millions of Joe Bloggses out there who could never ask George themselves. How many of you have had people who are not GM fans, say to you, “what the hell is WRONG with that guy? He’s talented, rich, good-looking. Why does he go on these self-destructive binges?” Well, that’s exactly what Parkie asked him!
    And I don’t think Jonathan Ross would ask him any different questions…he would just be ruder and more abusive while he was asking them!
    I agree about the drugs probably being anti-depressants. That’s exactly why I refused them when my doctor offered them to me. It’s been 10 years since George’s mother died, and he’s still on them? And my doctor swore they weren’t addictive! Yeah, right!!!
    Hopefully when this court case is all over and George can talk more freely, he can talk about his depression more openly. That might be a better way to heal himself than to keep taking mind altering substances. I hope so.
    Good luck George!

  6. Caff, I’m not sure how many viewers the Parkinson Show gets these days. I have the impression that people have been switching off in droves (I could be wrong, it’s just my impression). The problem is: Parksinon’s interview style has changed in recent years; especially since he moved to ITV. It’s seems more intrusive somehow – and it seems to make guests, and therefore viewers, uncomfortable. I think this has led to him not being able to book the best guests anymore – Jonathan Ross seems to get better guests these days.

    The trick of a great interview on a talk show, is to get your guests to talk. And grilling them in an almost abusive way simply isn’t the way to do that. Contrast that with Jonathan Ross’s style, which is to keep it light at all times. By making his guests laugh and relax, he actually gets them to say things they wouldn’t actually say elsewhere. Who’d have thought anyone could get Andrew Lloyd Webber to tell a blowjob joke about Sarah Brightman? But that’s what he did on Friday on Ross’s show. And, the point is – I came away liking Lloyd Webber a lot more than I had before.

    I do accept that George could have played the interview differently; but it’s pretty difficult to be relaxed, happy and witty if you’re being attacked… I thought that George was painted into a corner a bit; and that Stephen Fry was a bit patronising to him in parts.

  7. Hmmm, I have a different take from across the pond. Of course, I had read most of the negative comments about George being grilled, George looking uncomfortable, George not coming off well in this interview, etc. prior to watching the program.

    First, I did not think George looked particularly uncomfortable, unless he only had planned to talk about Wembley and the tour, which didn’t seem the case. He was his “open and brutally honest” self, struggling at times to thoughtfully answer Parky’s questions, some of which it was obvious he was choosing words carefully because of the legal issues. I didn’t think Parky was rude, his style is pleasant, in fact; he did push George a bit, but George offered answers that required follow-up questions. I wish we could get The Parkinson Show in the US; there’s nothing like it here.

    Second, I thought George seemed very happy, and I loved being able to see him interact with others and not have to be the center of attention. Stephen Fry seemed to admire George, I thought, and rather than patronising, I found him just offering some “older brother” advice, although I agree with Miss Freeek that George appeared to be flirting a couple of times with Stephen. George also seemed very proud when they showed the fabulous clip from Earl’s Court (it must have been the gig I was at!!). (I do hope that means a DVD sometime.) Also, it was great to see him laughing and responding to Joan Rivers.

    It also seems to me that George says whatever is on his mind, and it doesn’t always mean he’s going to act on something. For example, leaving London . . . He probably threw it out there on the floor because the thought might have crossed his mind. How many times have we seen him do this in the past? Lots of people “think outloud” like this. I can’t imagine him leaving his family, his studio, his friends, his neighborhood parks. THink he wrote a song about this — one of my favorites.

    Anyway, I love the fact that he is happy, and I take him at his word on this. Concert footage would support this belief. Also, I love the fact that he stands up for what he believes in — even if it’s not a popular view; he’s absolutely right about weed vs. alcohol and all the science is on his side. Would I like to see him reduce his usage? probably, but I really don’t know how much he uses, and it isn’t really my business.

    He could just “shut up and sing” but I still like hearing what he has to say, so as long as he keeps on singing, he doesn’t have to “shut up”, too, for me.

  8. I agree Evelyn and Remarkable, I read the transcript and it seems that Parky has labeled George and put him in a category and no matter what he says, he isnt gonna buy it, and turning it into a fuckin inquisition. SH!T. George should stay away from Parky methinks.

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  10. Dare I admit this?…. I watched the first 5 minutes and turned it off!!!… I don’t know “if” George was squirming in his seat butt I definately was😦

    L & R xx

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