George Michael Addicted To Prescription Drugs, Plans Paris Move?

In tonight’s Parkinson show, reports say that George Michael will say he has a dependency problem with prescription drugs, and takes several different medicines in combination because of the buzz he gets from the side-effects. Isn’t this the kind of thing George begged Kenny Goss to go into rehab for? What’s good for the goose, is good for the gander…

Update:  This isn’t exactly what happened on the show.

George is also quoted as saying,

“Because of the response of other people to this kind of media coverage I’ve been having, I have started thinking for the first time in my life that actually I should1n’t be living here. I think there are places I could live and still be able to visit home where I would not have to worry about this constant surveillance. I have got to think seriously about whether or not my love for my country is keeping me somewhere which is not good for me.”

I guess George’s thoughts here are related to a conversation he had with Kenny last week, where Kenny was angling, again, for that place in Paris he’s been after for so long…

Kenny: Awwwwwwwwwww George, no-one would follow you around if we had a place in Paris. I really believe you’d be so much happier in Paris… Paris would be good for you…

George: You know, maybe you’re right. Now I come to think of it, she’s pretty hot… and have you seen the blowjobs she gives? I wouldn’t mind some of that. She has a much, much better technique than you do Kenny. Getting blown by you, is like getting blown by Michael Bublé, but without the talent.

So, there you have it. Another exclusive…

12 thoughts on “George Michael Addicted To Prescription Drugs, Plans Paris Move?

  1. Dear George Michael.

    If one lives long enough, he/she will have to go through the grief of losing parents. Maybe if you didn’t smoke so much pot, you’d be able to move past the pain instead of continuing to numb it. And maybe if you stopped the self-destructive behavior, the UK press wouldn’t be so interested in you. Do you want to move to Paris so that you can continue your downhill spiral in peace?

    (Tough) love,

  2. I ‘ve also wondered if he’s been taking or at any time taken anti-psychotic drugs. I hope not cause many of the experiences that psychiatrists categorise as “psychotic’ are just instances of an expanded consciousness, not necessarily a healthy consciousness but neither ill in the everyday sense of the word.

    It’s good to see him finally admitting to this even though I feel he did so because of the trial. Had it not been for that, he would have kept it to himself. Most musicians don’t mind opening up about their recreational drug habit. They ‘re perceived as “cool”(obviously a misconception) whereas prescription drugs dependence is usually kept under wraps due to the mental illness association.

    I was thinking for months that if he feels the medication helps him function better, then it’s a good thing for him. Plus he doesn’t have to project psychically all that madness he used to. But then, if you take away the medication, then what happens? No smiles and no touring and no artificial euphoria…where’s the progress in that…

    As for the music, sometimes I do wonder about that too…like which songs were written on prescription drugs, which on recreational ones and have there been any that were weritten while he was clean? And at the end of the day…is there any point in writing under the influence?

    So this new “enhanced” George, I don’t know this person. That can be a good thing or a bad thing, haven’t decided yet.

  3. Dear Me.

    Thanks for the grammar update. I will try to start using commas more frequently,


  4. What the fuck George? Didnt Kenny go through this a while back…fuck man !

  5. I think GM and Kenny are pretty hedonistic. I mean, it doesn’t take a whole lot of imagination to know they don’t even get to sleep until the wee hours of the morning; wake-up time is like around noon; they drink a lot of wine; at least one of the two smokes a lot of pot; they have an open relationship for years; GM has been on Prozac before and he’s certainly done a lot of ecstasy back in the day. So WTF, may as well dabble in more pharmaceuticals; everybodys doing it now these days anyway.

  6. George is a bit tired I think, tour and e.t.c. so if he was not very funny this time is OK, he is not a clown, he is a singer. He doesn’t have to be funny all the time, right?…So why we cannot take him, the way he is?? Even if he’s sad…

    But I was not right to disscuss drugs before court finished…

    Next time will be better;)

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