Has George Spent $40M On Art This Month?

An unnamed tabloid today reports that George Michael has spent $40 million on art so far this month – supposedly on pieces by Damien Hirst, David LaChapelle and Tracey Emin. The rag reports that George’s personal art collection is now valued at around $160 million; and that he has given Kenny an additional $10 million to go and spend on art in New York, to further add to it.

Not sure about this – all these figures sound a little inflated to me. Spending tens of millions on art is usually the preserve of billionaires, and George is barely a centimillionaire…

On a Damien Hirst note, I used to drink in a bar that was “decorated” with some Damien Hirst pieces.   Cow’s heads floating inside fish tanks etc – really, it was quite enough to put you off your Cosmo…  Ugggggggggh… I’m betting George doesn’t put these in his living room…

7 thoughts on “Has George Spent $40M On Art This Month?

  1. I quite agree about the figures…$160 million at todays rate of exchange is about 80 million quid. That’s more than Georges entire ‘fortune’ if we are to believe the Rich List from last year (haven’t seen this years yet, was George even on it?).
    They’ve obviously read your blog and thought they’d make up a story about George and Kenny’s…er…’taste’ in art (sorry but dead cows in aspic isn’t my idea of art!).😉

  2. He’s a big boy now…he doesn’t HAVE to click links does he? ;o) It’s his ego that overrides his sensibilities! :p

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