No Natasha For George

And in support act news… Natasha Bedingfield was reportedly offered the chance of supporting George Michael on tour, but in the end decided to take up an similar offer from Justin Timberlake. Depending on your point of view, that’s good news for either George-fans or Justin-fans…

(As reported in an unnamed tabloid newspaper – no link).

5 thoughts on “No Natasha For George

  1. Natasha, not for me thank you. I cannot get her. I wouldn’t like to hear her before George at Wembley and for 2 dates, my ears couldn’t handle it.

  2. Love how you are sticking to your word and not providing a link that George could “click here” on to read what the despicable media is saying today . . . Yeah! for “tabloid-free!”

  3. Was this the ‘Man in the…’ or ‘Blame It On The…’?

    See the problem with this is…I want to see the reports! ‘Know Thy Enemy’…and all that! It just intrigues me to see what 3 years of university education on a media/journalism course can come up with.

  4. I have no idea who Natasha is and I don’t care.

    On an entirely different note, I think it would be really cool if GM had concerts with Scissor Sisters, both sharing top billing. That way, GM can attract a younger crowd and more gay people would come to the show to see two musical acts who are openly gay.

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