Attention Kenny Goss – Did You Just Buy This?



Did Dallasite and art gallery owner Kenny Goss just buy the painting shown above? That is the question in the art world this morning. It was bought a couple of days ago by an anonymous telephone bidder who was said by one insider to speak with a broad Texan drawl. Placing the final bid of $73M, the buyer was heard talking to himself on the other end of the phone, murmuring,

Awwwwwwwwwwww shittt! George is sure gonna kill me for this lil baby! He’ll probably call me a “wanker” or some such word only a Brit would know, but – Fuck it – Kenny likes his paintin’s, he does. He deserves his lil treats!

After pausing for a few seconds, the bidder spoke clearly and confidently,

Right. Seventy three mill. Now… Come to Daddy…

As you can see, the painting is of a yellow blob, a lavender blob, set on a rose-coloured background. There is also an intriguing white blob right in the middle of the painting. Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo kwl.
If Kenny did buy this painting, George Michael will want to know as soon as possible – it’s certain to put a massive dent on his credit card. George may need to add some more dates to his tour to pay for this one, so look out for extra dates…

11 thoughts on “Attention Kenny Goss – Did You Just Buy This?

  1. I guess you’ll have your answer if/when you see this awesome masterpiece of randomly chucked together blobs of hideous shapes of colours, as the background for the next Piano Tour Photographs – I think it’s perfectly in keep with the rest of the work, so far…

  2. That painting is by Rothko — and I love this particular one. I used to have stationery blank cards that had that image on it.

  3. Yes Yoghick, it’s called “White Center (Yellow, Pink and Lavender on Rose)”. It was painted in 1950. I love it too.

    I can think of things I’d rather spend $73 million on though. It’s a lot of money to spend on something that just hangs on the wall. Interestingly, the last time it was up for sale in 1960, it fetched less than ten thousand dollars.

  4. LMAO Caff! I have to disagree, though – for the sake of the Liquorice Allsorts lovers. Come on, LA easily communicate a much more intriguing, and classy message than the above pic…

  5. Lol Caff.I honestly had the same impression.I think I could do a better job adding a few colours.

  6. I wonder how George sees this painting since he is colour blind…

  7. Good point, Anselmo’s Love. I guess that if he has trouble seeing the colours, he could always try and smell them.

  8. It’s really sad when certain works of art get bidded on and the price becomes really steep — that way, only millionaires and billionaires can afford the work and put it in their living room or wherever. The point is, the high prices of art really hurts museums because they can’t put up bids that high. So hardly anyone sees the painting ever again — unless, of course, they get invited to the highest bidder’s house.

    I like the way GM is handling Lennon’s piano. It’s still around for public view and isn’t selfishly hidden from the world.

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