Word On The Street – ABC Just Picked Up Eli Stone

The word on the street is that ABC have just, in the day or two, decided to go ahead and order a series of the new comedy drama Eli Stone. The network has been considering thirty one pilots, and seems to have decided to commission ten of these as series for the fall, Stone included.

NB This is not confirmed yet – ABC will officially announce their fall schedule in the coming week. Update: This is now confirmed (see the comments)But, It’s looking like George Michael may soon have some more filming to do…

8 thoughts on “Word On The Street – ABC Just Picked Up Eli Stone

  1. Yeah! Doing the “happy dance” just like my dog does when I come home! Finally, something for us patient Americans.

  2. It’s official — ABC picked up Eli Stone for the new season at their upfront today. No timeslot assigned yet.

  3. It’s confirmed for “mid-season” and here’s some information:

    “Eli Stone: A guy starts hearing songs in his head—George Michael’s “Faith,” for instance—and the din reaches a point that, disconnected from reality, he finds himself believing he’s at a George Michael concert when in fact he’s in his office at a corporate law firm in San Francisco. Then, doing some kind of pro bono work against his better interests, he meets a hot chick with an autistic son. During a home visit, Eli sees that the kid has spelled “GEORGE MICHAEL” with his building blocks. But maybe Eli just has a brain tumor. This is for real.”

  4. One more thing, I wonder if they got this idea from George writing various words in the sand . . .

  5. What a strange concept. Maybe George paid the writers to develop this project.

  6. Lol @ plot. Someone would say that you’d have to be a little ego-maniac to star in a sit-com based around the idea of a guy being totally obsessed with you…

    Perhaps this series was devised by some *real* GM fan – in which case, he must be a reader of this blog – pleeeeease post and tell us more, Mysterious True Fan!


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