Rem’s Blog Now A Tabloid Link-Free Zone

Buzzin’ PR Press Release

Remarkble’s Buzzin’ Blog To Be A Tabloid Link-Free Zone

Recogonizes Its Responsibility As Community-Leading Site

Remarkable’s Buzzin’ Enterprises (Dallas, Texas;  London, UK; Goring, UK – 12 May 2007)  today announces that the popular George Michael blog, Remarkable’s Buzzin’ Blog, will no longer link directly to stories in the tabloid press.  This is to help singer George Michael stop quaking in his boots as he surfs the web.  George Michael said,

“Right now, I am terrified when I go on-line.  I literally start shaking, and have even been known to burst into tears as I click my mouse.  I mean,  what if I came across a link to a story in The Sun or The Mirror?   I’d have to click on it, wouldn’t I?  I welcome the lead the Remarkable Buzzin’ Enterprises is taking in helping me feel better surfing the web.  I’m not asking for special treatment, I just want the same web surfing experience that everyone else gets.”

Remarkable’s Buzzin’ Blog will still, of course, report on tabloid stores as appropriate, working tirelessy to serve the entire George Michael community;  but, there will be no links. All staff at Buzzin’ Enterprises are united in our hope that other GM sites will follow our lead, and stop linking to stories about George Michael in the press.  In response to a request from celebrity Goss Gallery owner Kenny Goss, this blog may sometimes continue link to tabloid stories that feature the popular Dallasite, providing they feature Geri Halliwell and not George Michael.

3 thoughts on “Rem’s Blog Now A Tabloid Link-Free Zone

  1. ROTFLOL!!

    You’re too good to them Rem…salt of the earth, mate!!

    I mean…we can’t have George shaking while he’s clicking his mouse, can we? 😉

  2. Ahh – yes, I know Moog, you’re still hankering back to the days of the old Aegean forums. Back in the day, there was, of course, no doubt that that was the community-leading site. However, as Bucks Fizz once said so wisely, “Now those days are gone.”

    Today, it’s A Different Story. I think a rap explains, better than words, why Rem’s blog, with its simple sword of truth, is so popular in the GM community…

    Some of ’em lie about the shit they got and what they do on the block
    Some of ’em lie about the guns they pop
    But I don’t, I don’t, I don’t, I don’t
    Now this is for the B’s and the C’s, and the D’s and the H’s
    And the G’s puttin work in overseas…
    From Long Beach to Venice is the premise

    Or, to put it another way, this is the only place in the community where you find Peace… and Love… or nothing at all…

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