Low Quality Tabloid “Reporting”

NB – George, please DO NOT BE AFRAID! I’m not linking you to the piece I’m referring to

Phew! That was close…

One of the tabloids is reporting on George’s interview with Jo Wiley which aired yesterday evening on VH1. The story isn’t quite accurate. Herewith, a correction…

The tabloid says,

(George is) starring in a big US comedy drama called Ellie Stone with Johnny Lee Miller.

Well, close, but no. The show is called, “Eli Stone”, not “Ellie Stone”. George doesn’t “star” in it. He is in it though. The show stars Jonny Lee Miller, not Johny Lee Miller who plays the adult Eli. In the show, the character of Eli hears voices in his head (a bit like Robbie Williams, then) and starts to think he may be a prophet. Think “Field of Dreams” meets “Ally McBeal“.

The tabloid then goes on to say,

After sell-out shows at Wembley in June, George will be mostly based at his Los Angeles home working on his music and new television career.

Well, no. George doesn’t have a Los Angeles home. He sold it to “nasty” Nigel Lythgoe. He will actually be based at my Highland Park home, which I’ve kindly said he can live in for free, for the duration of his soon-to-be-announced US tour. The only thing I said was – no putting that bathroom back in. I can’t stand it.

There, now we’ve all got the facts straight…

5 thoughts on “Low Quality Tabloid “Reporting”

  1. 🙂 remarkable! It will be difficult for Kenny if he is not allowed in, as normally he spends most of his days in bed. Even when he has an interview about his gallery adventures and arts he receives his interviewee in pj’s, on his bed…Is he of this world, Kenny?? LOL

  2. You could at least mention which tabloid though…for those of us who don’t shake when we click our mouse (or should that be mice?) 😉

  3. Caff, I know you like the idea of George having a good shake with a mouse (and, perhaps, a bitch)… but I can’t say. If I do, George will get all curious, and go look for himself.

    Now, on a different topic, do you know a Michael Jackson song that goes a bit like this… “I’m looking at the man in the ******”?

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