George Says President Palmer A Fake

OK.  I’m in shock.   Did I understand George Michael correctly in the Jo Wiley interview?  He seemed to imply that President Palmer is not, and has never been, the true president of the United States.

Dammit Kenny…

9 thoughts on “George Says President Palmer A Fake

  1. I wouldn’t put it that way… I think George simply feels that President David Palmer would be such a tough act to follow… I mean, I’m sure you don’t need reminding of what an absolute *ace* President Palmer was! R.I.P.

  2. George was saying that Jack Bauer has been going around telling everyone that America elected two black presidents: David Palmer and Wayne Palmer. And George strongly implied that Jack hasn’t been honest about this.

    But, if we can’t trust Jack, who the hell can we trust?

    Dammit Kenny…. Have you decrypted George’s hard drive yet? The way George was talking, I’m sure he had something to do with those suitcase nukes…

  3. I think George was a little ‘dumb’ when he implied that the world would look a lot different if it wasn’t for Monica Lewinsky…DEH?! As if one person can be responsible for the ways of the world! Perhaps if the collective consciousness of America, which includes Kenny, weren’t so republican orientated, perhaps also the world would have looked different?????

  4. Annie,

    Actually, I think it was quite a wise statement from George. The point is: if wasn’t for what happened between Bill and Monica, the Republican party wouldn’t have won that first election, and George W. Bush would never have been President.

    So, if the Democrats had won, there would have been no Iraq war. So, the world really would have looked pretty different…

  5. I don’t believe it’s that black and white. Things like that don’t happen overnight, and I don’t know whether the Democrates would not have started a war somewhere after 9/11. But at the end of the day, it’s the American people who voted for the republican party, and if that was due to the affair, and they weren’t able to see past that and look further than their noses are long, then they are responsible as well. But that is just my opinion :-)It’s a little too easy from George I think.

    Even so….George also could have said something like…’if it wasn’t for a president who couldn’t keep his pants on and lie about it…’;-):-)🙂

  6. Annie, I don’t disagree with you that there are many issues. And yes, many people must share responsibility.

    However – the thing is, if it wasn’t for that one young lady, it really is pretty likely that the world would have looked pretty different now. That’s not the same thing as saying she was responsible for what happened. Or, given that we’re talking about the presidency, to put it another way… One person can make a difference…

  7. 🙂 One person can only make such a difference if there are people helping/supporting/working for him/her. (government, army, sponsors etc)

    But I agree, it would have been likely there would have been no wars as Gore would have been president.

    Is there going to be a post on the George is going after his fans for posting links to the press issue?🙂 heh heh I don’t really understand what the intention was of George to make that comment about his fans sites, but it raised my eyebrow. Sometimes these ambigious comments of George drive me nuts!:-)

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