The Telegraph Reports George Michael Faces Permanent US Ban

UK broadsheet newspaper, The Telegraph, is reporting that George Michael may face a permanent ban from entering the United States should it be found that he lied in court about being “tired” and “on prescription medication” when found slumped at the wheel of his car.   The article says,

The Crown Prosecution Service did not accept the basis of his (George’s) plea and has ordered further analysis of his blood sample.

A special hearing will take place on May 30 at which the court will hear more evidence about what drugs he had taken.

If he is found to have taken an illegal drug he may then be sentenced on June 8 – the day before he is due to play Wembley as part of a European tour starting in 10 days’ time.

A CPS spokeswoman said: “He has given us his basis of plea that he was on medication and was tired. The prosecution hasn’t accepted that and we are getting advice from forensic scientists about further analysis of his blood sample.”

Michael will have to apply for a visa whenever he wants to travel to the US and if he is convicted of driving under the influence of an illegal drug, there is no guarantee he would be granted one.

The US embassy states that anyone with a criminal conviction must declare it before attempting to visit the country, and may be declared “permanently ineligible to receive a visa”.

The full article is here.   What the newspaper doesn’t say is that historically, being convicted of DUI is not normally a basis of being banned from the US.  Having said that, sometimes governments do sometimes like to make examples of people, and making the public realise that driving under the influence of drugs is a serious offence is something that both the UK and US governments want to do.


4 thoughts on “The Telegraph Reports George Michael Faces Permanent US Ban

  1. I can imagine that for an ordinary Joe Schmoe like me, the US government would take that line…they have enough poor drug adicts of their own, why would they want another foreign one, right? But a millionaire drug adict…one who would bring in millions of dollars in revenue from touring etc? Might be a different story then! Besides, if they banned every artist convicted of a crime from entering the States…no foreign artists would ever perform there! LOL! They’ve all been done for SOMETHING!

  2. That’s true, Caff, let’s hope (for the US fans’ sake) that George will be free to travel there.
    What worries me is that *precisely* because he’s a well known person, he may be “chosen” to make an example of.

    Not long to wait before we find out…

  3. B.S. They are writing all this for sensationalism, Naomi Campbell, Boy George, loads of Brits and Aussies have been convicted in US courts and are still allowed in the US. George Michael fans need to take a step back and breathe, we are gettin a bit too worked up over this. The man owns property in the US for fucks sake.

  4. This is a huge overreaction to “reporting” in the Mirror, for God’s sake, and a lack of understanding about the US system of justice. I agree with Kiru; George will have no problem getting back into the US.

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