George Pleads Guilty – Trial Cancelled

George Michael has pleaded guilty to being unfit to drive through drugs. This means that there will now be no trial, and George will be sentenced on May 30. It emerged in court that George had fired his previous lawyer, and taken on a new legal representation during the previous week.

George denied in court that the drugs in his system were illegal substances, and said that they were actually prescription drugs; and that possibly the main cause of him falling asleep was that he was simply tired because of his heavy workload. The truth of this claim will (potentially) be established with more tests on the blood sample George provided at the time of his arrest.

When first asked by the judge to enter a plea, George said,

Guilty…. No. Not Guilty…. No. I need to confer with my lawyer… Guilty.

George then told the court:

I have only been aware for the last fifteen minutes that this was a possibility to address you in an open court. I just want to be as brief as possible.

There are two reasons why we are here today, the first being I did something very stupid and I have been ashamed of since doing it… I’m not used to defending myself in a position where I am ashamed of something.

If I had known, the day after the charge was brought, that the legal option of accepting a punishment without taking responsibility for something I didn’t feel I was guilty of, I could have saved everybody here a lot of time and trouble. But I genuinely believe that I only knew the full possibility of this in the last week and that as soon as I took on (new lawyer) Brian Spiro I realised that I had been in a combination of mis-information and shame for about eight months.

I really have been very distressed by this whole thing. I’m perfectly aware that I did something very wrong when I got in my car when I was unfit to drive. It was fairly predictable considering how much work I had done that week. I was not in my normal physical state and I am totally prepared to accept the correct punishment for that. I would have accepted it a long time ago.

I suspect it’s a bit late in the day to be showing remorse to the court; but better late than never. Still, I’m pretty sure the last-minute nature of this admission will mean the judge disregards it when deciding on the sentence. I also don’t believe the judge will find it credible that George had bad legal advice during the last eight months; he is in a position to hire the best legal team available. If he didn’t, that fault can lie only with him and his management team. The judge will be keen to find out the veracity of George’s claim that there were no illegal drugs in his system, before handing out the sentence.

11 thoughts on “George Pleads Guilty – Trial Cancelled

  1. Do they have community service in the U.K.? Somehow I keep thinking he’ll have to do community service, but if they don’t have it there then I guess it would just be a fine and license revocation.

  2. They do have community service in the UK. I’m not sure it will be handed out in this case though. I suspect the sentence will be the maximum fine (nothing to George) and a 12 month driving ban.

  3. ‘More tests on the blood sample given at the time of the arrest’. I know they have sophisticated ways of storing samples, but surely that sample will be a bit corrupted with age now, won’t it? Unless they did a whole battery of tests at the time, and only reported the illegal subtances, but they have a note of any ‘perscription’ drug results they might have found.
    Is George trying the ‘perscription’ drugs gambit, knowing they won’t be able to find out one way or the other at this late stage, unless they did the tests in October as I stated above?
    It’s all getting way too complicated for me now!! LOL!

    Anyhoo…wishing him all the best, I’m sure he doesn’t need the stress.😦

  4. I can tell you that George has been reharsing in Coimbra since saturday, 5th May… He’s staying in Oporto at Sheraton and comes every day down here (ít’s my home town)… Today I don’t know because it’s the university party parade so it would be hard to reharse anything other than shouting out: “You guys shut up, drink less and go home, damn it!!!”. So he chose a good day to go to court.

  5. This whole story is hilarious! First George sets off the metal detector when he enters court and has to be searched! Then, he gets confused and enters the wrong plea until his new attorney (that must be an interesting story in itself) shoots him a horrified look and George changes his plea to “guilty” and launches into his speech about being “perfectly ready” to accept his punishment. You gotta love the guy!

    Great publicity just a few days before the start of the tour! Great fodder for those of us in the US because I guarantee Jay Leno will pick up on this and there will be a story on the “TOnight” show TONIGHT!

    George is looking rather fit, I might add!

  6. Yeh. Maybe a driving ban…but TWELVE months…that seems a little much…its his first offense for crying out loud.

  7. As I understand it, the 12 month driving ban is mandatory I think. In other words, the law says that the judge has to ban him for 12 months. The areas where the judge has descretion are: how much to fine him (maximum is £5,000 – obviously nothing to George); and up to six months in prison.

    I do think it’s pretty unlikely he would be jailed for this incident. However, if it turns out that George has lied to the court about the drugs in his system – i.e. the new blood tests show there were illegal drugs in his system (as opposed to prescription drugs), then this may go against him.

  8. OMG, I hope that everything goes well. Now I am really worried. What prescription drugs can they be. I think it is worrying as well to know that George has to take some prescribed drugs. I feel for him. I’d like to give him a Big Hug .

  9. According to reports, he submitted something from his doctor which documented which drugs he was on…

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