Wham! Make It Back!

Yes, it’s true


By Alice Walker & Emma Donnan

GEORGE MICHAEL has enlisted ex Wham! pal ANDREW RIDGELEY to record two new tracks with him.

The pair have been recording in Cornwall with George on vocals and Andrew on guitar.

George hopes to have the songs on his new album by the end of the year and our source said: “They’re delighted with the results.”

Errrrrrr… NOT.

It’s not two new tracks. It’s actually a whole album. And the lads recorded it in New York, not Cornwall. It’s called – Wham! Make It Back!

Honestly, why do people write factually incorrect stories?! Surely, it’s easy enough to check sources…

Anyway, an insider at the New York recording studio said,

“George really loved making this record. People are really going to be surprised by the new Wham! sound. It’s very Queen-like, with soaring Freddie Mercury-like vocals, and rocking Brian May-style guitars. They’ve done one cover version on the album – Mika’s song ‘Grace Kelly’ – George was keen to show he can still do falsetto – and the rest are all new songs.”

George Michael was overheard in a Dallas restaurant (a favourite eaterie of his Dallasite partner, Kenny Goss), talking to his manager Michael Lippman. George apparently said,

Wham! was about two young guys having fun. So, it didn’t make sense to bring Wham! back as they were. That would have been as bad as a Sex Pistols or Take That comeback. But, as I look around at the bands that are timeless – bands like Queen and Keane – well, they have a certain sound. More rock than pop. I didn’t think I could do that sound as “George Michael”. But, I can do more rock stuff as part of a band. Like I did with Queen at the Freddie Mercury tribute concert – that was probably the best performance of my life. I was incredible that night. So, I thought – why not bring Wham! back? I know from Richard and Judy that people really want Wham! to come back. And, it all fits, because Andrew’s solo material was quite rocky. Anyway, the album is done. I was gonna call it “Fucking Excellent”, and Andrew thought “Amazing” would be gently amusing as a title… But in the end, I thought “Make It Back” was the best choice. Obviously, we won’t be doing Wake Me Up on tour, but we’re gonna have fun with this. Just my buddy and me. So – Mike, we want to do a 20-date stadium tour of the US in 2008. Minimum 60,000 seater capacity venues. And it needs to be a sell-out. I want Wham! to be even bigger this time around than they were before. I think that’s your job, isn’t it? I mean – you need to do something for your ten percent…

Wicked, or what?


13 thoughts on “Wham! Make It Back!

  1. I can’t understand if it is a joke or it is reality. It would be fantastic to have new material from George .

  2. I’m with Pippi… Remarkable, I can never tell whether the stories you put here are true or not.

    Sounds good but unlikely?

  3. Well, after reading you for awhile, I get it when you are joking; however, where did the original tidbit from the Mirror, or whatever, come from? Was there any tiny kernel of truth — like, George had gnocchi with Andrew in COrnwall, even though George is supposedly in the US? Or was that just a ploy so he didn’t have to attending the christening?

  4. Wow Ann, I like your angle: George went into hiding (pretending to be in the US busy redecorating his new bathroom, and hopefully changing the curtains in the breakfast room…)*just* to avoid Bluebell Madonna’s christening.

    Is there a subtle message for Geri (and Bluebell), somewhere?

  5. Gutter journalists simply do not know how to come up with titillating lies and innuendos. There’s an art to this and they just never learned it properly. In order for a rumour to “have legs” the rumour has to be slightly quirky and subtle … from there, details are added to make the rumour seem plausible … a good example would be to say “GM has a third nipple” — subtle and quirky at the same time. Most of all, plausible. Another example: “GM has bisexual relapse; bfriend Kenny very upset” or even “GM jealous of Bfriend Kenny’s fling with Geri Halliwell… big fight ensued and now GM is in Dallas, away from Kenny and Geri, as a form of trial separation.” See? It’s really very simple.

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