Privacy and Respect

We all know that George Michael is the subject of gossip among the fleet street classes… I guess because he doesn’t talk to them too much. Not content with that, they may be starting to publish stuff about George’s family…

This just in from a tabloid-gossip e-mail distribution thing…

Wake Me Up Before You Go Gay

Tsskk. Those Greeks, eh? Not content with inventing homosexuality, it seems it’s somewhat of a proud family tradition for some second-generation Hellenites. We all know that catchily-named Georgios Kyriacos Panayiotou (which translates as George ‘Hello Officer’ Michael) has a fondness for same-sex frotterings, or as an old family friend put it, “He’s always been gay. Always.”

His two sisters are keeping up the family tradition by worshipping at the altar of Sappho on the island of Lesbos, lapping deep at the furry chalice and venerating the mons of Venus. With great big dildos.

Come on guys… Melania and Yioda didn’t ask to be in the public eye…

7 thoughts on “Privacy and Respect

  1. That shit will never be published in ANY newspaper as they would be fucking sued before the ink is even dry. If they want to have a pop at George and he decides he doesn’t want to take the matter further, that is his choice.. but there is a line that shouldn’t be crossed and this shit is definately it…

    Fucking dare you to print that article… wankers!

  2. Abso-fucking-lutely right, Navi Basi.

    Fuck them all!!!

    I hope Mr Michael will sue this time…

    Went toooo far, fuckers!!!

  3. Abso-fucking-lutely right, Navi Basi!

    You went too far, fuckers!

    Hope Mr Michael, You will sue them all this time…

  4. Fuckin BS this is…!!!

    Print what they wish about George even, but keep his loved ones out of this garbage.

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