The Bathroom Question Explained…

So… I guess I should explain the pink bathroom question (as you can see, the word pink hasn’t been banned from this blog😉 ).   You see, this bathroom actually belongs to George and Kenny, or at least it did, before they ripped it out of their newest home, and (hopefully!) replaced it with something more tasteful.

Rumours that George insisted on keeping the old-age pensioner chrome support bars because, “Kenny isn’t getting any younger, and his legs aren’t what they were,” are unsubstantiated at this time…

6 thoughts on “The Bathroom Question Explained…

  1. I think that the toilet is too near the sink, it isn’t right. It looks like everything is squeezed. I’d choose a different colour like Acqua Marina.

  2. Well, Remarkable; it’s very generous of you to say that G&K have ripped it all out. Truth is, you can’t possibly be sure of that.
    How do I know? Rumours travelled across the Atlantic and a little bird told me that when you attended their New Home Celebration Party, you were having TOO MUCH of a good time, to remember the bathroom details…😉

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