George Gets Trial Dates Set

Here’s the thing I don’t get: George Michael can afford the best legal team.  So, why is his solicitor insisting on pissing off the judge that will be running George’s trial?

Here’s the deal.   George is facing a serious charge.   His attendence is in court required.  End of story.  And yet, at every opportunity his solicitor has been whining to the Court that George is very busy doing things that he thinks are much more important than him facing these serious charges.  As an example, look at this exchange from yesterday’s hearing, in regard of the first day of the trial:

George’s solicitor: Rehearsals are taking place in Portugal (on May 8). There are about 150 people who will be present during that time and obviously, it is very important (that George attends these rehearsals).

Judge: In relation to that,  his attendance (in court) is very import.

You can almost hear how irritated the judge was.  The judge has said that, if George can’t be bothered to show up in court on the trial days before the final day, she be willing to excuse him.  However, make no mistake, that will not work in his favour.    It simply makes it look as though George doesn’t take these charges seriously.

And, if that’s what the judge ends up thinking, and George is found guilty, she has a number of measures she can take to impress upon George the seriousness of the offence.  I am not a lawyer, but in my opinion, it would have been better to have got this trial out of the way a long time ago, and for George to have shown up in court on all the days of the trial.

If George is found not guilty (and he has said publically that his system was free of drugs on the night in question so he presumably believes he will be), then none of this matters.  However, if he is found guilty, not only are the consequences potentially serious, but he will lose a lot of credibility.  It will appear that he believes he is above the law and doesn’t think it’s at all dangerous to drive under the influence of strong drugs.

Fingers crossed there were no drugs in his system, and that he is found not guilty…

9 thoughts on “George Gets Trial Dates Set

  1. Maybe the solicitor is following George Michael’s orders. I can easily imagine GM telling his solicitor what he will and won’t do … and if she has a problem with that, well, there are plenty of other solicitors who will do his bidding for him. I hope too that there were not drugs in his system … but the fact that the prosecutors keep pushing for the results of the drug test (and GM’s team keeps trying to have them dismissed) leads me to think that there’s more to this story than GM would like to admit. I’m keeping my fingers crossed too, though …

    Speaking of general fucked-upness, what’s going on with Pete Doherty? Did he ever have to serve jail time? DOesn’t he practically shoot heroin on the courthouse steps?

  2. Dunno about Pete Doherty. George won’t be going to jail.

    However, the reason this is a serious offence is not the drugs… it’s the *driving* under the influence of drugs. The point is: if people drive under the influence of drugs, they’re quite likely to kill someone because they’re not in control of their car. Just the same as drink-driving.

  3. I agree with you, Yogchick. The point is, this solicitor really *isn’t* a good one. If I was him, I’d say to George, loud and clear: “Listen mate, you can go down (ie. jail) for this, BIG TIMES. So, you are paying me lots of ££££ to avoid it. Fine. In this case, take my advice VERY seriously, and get your ass into court when you’re asked to do so by the judge. Otherwise, you will prevent me from doing the best possible job for you, and you may well go down, dear old Georgie boy. You can’t be bothered? Well, then I can’t be bothered with being your solicitor. See ya.

    I wonder if George *ever* gets that kind of unpolluted advice from ANYONE. All his money are obviously preventing him from having any serious advice (not just from the solicitor).

    It’s a shame and I will certainly keep my fingers crossed for you, George. But how I wish you were a little more sensible, sometimes…

  4. MissFreeek, I think it’s unlikely that, even if found guilty, George will go to jail.

    However, George’s solicitor has given the clear impression to the court that George thinks he’s far too important to to show up to face what are serious charges. The solicitor should not have done that: it will not help George’s defense at all; and may very well harm it.

    She should have said something like: “My client takes these charges seriously, and would like to be present in court on any dates that are convenient to the court to defend himself. However, we feel it right to inform the court that there is, unfortunately, strong international interest from the lowest-common denominator faction of the world’s media. There is a risk that they may turn what is a serious matter into a trivial entertainment circus. We seek the court’s advise on how best to avoid such a media circus. We also ask the court to consider setting trial dates that are not in conflict with preparations for our client’s tour, because of the hundreds of thousands of people that could be negatively affected.”

    Then, if the judge engaged in discussion about how to avoid a media circus, they could bring up the idea of George not attending the public hearing in person (perhaps meeting with the judge privately).

  5. I agree…George should have gone to the first hearing, had his say, then maybe the judge would have allowed him to miss the other dates and let his solicitor argue the rest. Now…I have a feeling she’ll (the judge) go out of her way to be difficult with the dates, just to show George who’s *really* boss!
    I do feel a little bit sorry for him though…I’m sure he doesn’t need the stress. Fingers crossed for you Georgie…but…get your ass down to the court and get this sorted out, love?

  6. Yes, Rem it’s *unlikely* but I guess my point is: if I was facing charges that could lead to a jail sentence I would make bloody sure that I give the judge the impression that I am definitely taking this seriously.

    Now, George will probably not go to jail for this, but he is not impressing anyone with this “busy man” attitude, and whether we want it or not, this behaviour will reflect on the sentence.

    This really isn’t that complicated to understand, so, once again, when it comes to George, I’m really puzzled…

  7. Man, so…he’ll have to leave Portugal and go back to London…that SUCKS !!! But this judge seems deliberate to make an example out of George. And I know he wont take kindly to that. Plus having to fly from Dublin the 7th, go to court the 8th and then back to Wembley the 9th…..fuuuuucked up.

    But we’re all assuming he’s found guilty. Let’s just wait n see.

  8. Kiru, George flies back to London pretty much every day as it is. Very rare for him to stay in a hotel abroad.

    I think the court has actually been reasonably helpful so far. It seem seems to have tried to find dates dates that don’t conflict with days of concerts, and the judge has said George only has to attend the first and last days of the trial, if that’s what he thinks is in his best interest.

    On the contrary, I’d say it’s George’s legal team that has been unhelpful to the court.

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