What Do You Think Of This Bathroom?

I have a question for you. What do you think of this bathroom?

28 thoughts on “What Do You Think Of This Bathroom?

  1. It’s a beautiful bathroom, and it obviously belongs to people with execptional taste.

    Note the practical details: it has towel rails in *every* sinlge space available (even sideways)… As for style, it’s second to none: I really like the metallic features: those little tubes on the side of the lavatory are a gem.

    The splendid choice of colours stands out: an ultra-modern pink perfectly combined with the soft green and ivory of the shower curtain and wall spread.

    And finally, that fit-to-measure blind: sleek and classy.

    Just flawless, absolutely flawless.

  2. Oops, when I said lavatory I obviously meant basin. But, on a lavatory note, I love that new shiny white one they have fitted. Who says that all the elements have to be colour co-ordinated? This is a nice quirky twist, and it definitely enhances the (already cool) feel of this room…

  3. It looks like an old women from the south decorated it. Way too PINK, way too sterile looking.. and way to old personish….

  4. Oh I forgot to point put that the tiolet does not match the sink and the tub. This is not acceptable.

  5. @ AA: what is a bidet? Is it that thing that you use to bath babies, usually located on the side of the toilet?

  6. Users who are unfamiliar with bidets often confuse a bidet with a urinal, toilet, or even a drinking fountain. lol

  7. This is completely out of topic, but I’m just here to tell you all how happy I am because George is coming not only to my country, but to my hometown!!!! I was sooooo sad last September for not being able to see him at Barcelona or Madrid and now…. Yes! Right across my street! No joking! I’ve got my ticket already and I’m counting the days… About the bathroom… is there really anything else to say?

  8. Wow, Love – this is excellent news for you! I’m so glad that George has finally included countries that were left out during the first tour. You will have to come back and tell us all about the whole GMLiveExperience!

    And on the bathroom topic, may I ask: do you have a bidet? And if you do, would you care to say what use you make of it?

    Have a fantastic time at the concert!!πŸ™‚

  9. If my heart doesn’t fail me I will surely let you all know about the GM Live Experience… it will be my first time, so I hope he’s gentle… LOL.

    About the bathroom again, yes, usualy in Portugal all domestic bathrooms have bidets and we use them for washing our feet and other “down low, just below your bellybutton” things… apart from having our bath daily, of course, wich we do in the bath… DO I NEED TO DRAW A PICTURE?

    Hmmmm, I guess that bathroom belongs to the woman that Kenny was with at Bluebell Madonna’s Christening… But I guess Rem has something up his sleeve….

  10. I don’t really care about the look of this bathroom, but I can easily imagine that as a place that fits in Yogchick new storyπŸ˜‰

    I can think of some naughty sexy things between a man and George and hmm…I like it at once!! LOL!

  11. This bathroom looks like a sceene for the new Yogchick bedtime story to meπŸ˜‰

    I just think of some really naughty sexy games between a cutie and George and hmm…like it! LOL

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