George Says Take That Album Is Acceptable

George Michael has been quoted as saying that Take That’s comeback Beautiful World, is “perfectly acceptable”.    I think that’s called “damning with faint praise” – in other words, I don’t think he likes it!

I wonder if George likes the track Patience, which was the first single to be taken from the Take Take album?  Surely, he must think the song has a cool name at least…

3 thoughts on “George Says Take That Album Is Acceptable

  1. As much as he thinks a Wham reunion is a wasting time and make no sense, yes, a take that comeback is a wasting time. I mean , like Wham and all the bands, they heve their times… . But today is nothing like yesterday. And those type of things will never be…..

    p.s. : This Sunday George was celebrating the Happy Easter! Don’t you know? seems that nobody had a real notice to that, to this miraculous Event that we all hanging on hope, the we could all see the Redemption coming from Jesus Christ.
    This was because of his natural born-baptize Christian old Orthodox Church.

    Happy Easter, George !!!

    Aliluia !

  2. I bought the new album from Take That and it is a brilliant album. But of course I didn’t like what the media said about Robbie and well done 2 George 4 sticking up 4 him.

  3. I think George is still a little ticked off at the fact that, back in the day, Gary Barlow was lauded as “the new George Michael”. George obviously doesn’t think Gary is in the same league. He’s probably right although I happened to LOVE Take That’s “Patience”, I thought it was a well deserved single of the year at the Brits. Goes to show Gary Barlow can still write a cracking Number One single…unlike a certain Mr Michael!
    Still…most fans will tell me that George doesn’t give a sh*t about singles sales…so why should I? Although if you don’t care how well or badly they do…why release them? The record company want to publicise an album, but to do that effectively, the single has to do well. That means that George HAS to give a sh*t and do some (however little) publicity.
    Anyhoo…all water under the bridge now I guess, the TwentyFive GH album was the last commercial release, wasn’t it?

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