George Michael To Be The New Stacey Slater?

The death of the character Pauline Fowler in George Michael’s favourite soap opera, EastEnders, has created a vacancy. Who better to fill the gaping hole than George?

Well, as luck would have it, the stars might be aligning to make that happen. George has recently been quoted as saying he would love to take on a meaty character in a soap. George said,

It would be a great place to learn to act.

Perhaps. Anyway, what character should George play? I vote for him going into EastEnders as the new Stacey Slater. He could shag Bradley “Pink Cheeks” Branning, and his father, Max. Sooooooooooooooooo cool.

Having said that, it might be nice to have a friend with him learning to act. We don’t want him to feel too much like the new boy. So, perhaps George and Geri could join together, as the new “professional” couple moving into the square. They could host lots of exciting dinner parties with the Beales, where George could demonstrate his cooking skills. Then, when Ian and George bond over the catering, he could shag him too.

After a few months of that, Geri could murder George by hitting him over the head with a saucepan (a la Pauline Fowler). Geri would then stay in the program long-term. George would leave for a lucrative contract with ITV, where he would not make any shows, but instead do thousands of adverts for sofas – Buy now, pay nothing for five years! Sale ends Tuesday!

Yes… yes…. It all makes perfect sense… Sign ’em up NOW!

One thought on “George Michael To Be The New Stacey Slater?

  1. Oi, blogger! Who the hell told you the secret nickname that Stacey gave me when we were secretly shagging @ the former (now my dad’s) Johnny Allen’s house?!!!

    Those were the days… Now the bitch is @ it with my cool dad. Fair enough, tho. At least he’s tall, handsome, and charming…

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