George Michael To Play Free Concert In Hyde Park Today

This evening, singer George Michael will play a surprise concert in London’s Hyde Park.    The free show is scheduled to start at 8.00pm, and will last for two hours.  The streets around the location will be closed to traffic (except residents) from 3pm, and reopen at 1am.  The singer said,

This is a great way to kick off the second leg of my 25 Live Tour.   I really think people are going to be blown away by the new things we’ve added into the show for 2007. We haven’t worked out all the details yet, and I’m saving up some surprises, but today’s concert is going to be a little preview of what people can expect at Wembley in a couple of months. 

George will be joined on stage this afternoon by Prime Minister Tony Blair, who will be making a statement about the British sailors currently being held hostage in Iran.  Blair will play guitar for a performance of the song “Mother’s Pride” which George will dedicate to the crew of the boat that was seized by the Iranians in Iraqi waters.  George Michael added,

While I have been critical of the Blair government’s support of the United States in the Iraq war, I felt it was important that we show we are united here.  The British sailors were operating under a United Nations mandate when taken hostage.    The Iranian government should release our men and women immediately.

The concert is being organised by the office of the Mayor of London, the London Assembly, and the Greater London Authority.  Gates will open for the concert from 11am.

9 thoughts on “George Michael To Play Free Concert In Hyde Park Today

  1. Now that I am fully aware of today’s date, this April Fool’s joke didn’t get me. But had I read it at 10am, chances are I would have been jumping out of my seat…lol!

  2. I don’t quite understand the guy who writes this blog. Is this supposed to be funny? Clever? Interesting? All of these jokey blogs. Stick to some of the hard to find George news buddy.

  3. I am sorry. That wasn’t very nice. I should have first asked the questions:

    1. Are you twelve?
    2. Are you new to the English language?

  4. Jack, this blog is really for true George Michael fans. “So-called” fans, and others who are not really supporters of George, are free to post here though. However, negativity is not something that is welcome. I should be grateful if you would moderate your tone in future.

  5. I didn’t drink it after you wrote about Tony Blair. Good joke, wish he did a gig in Hyde Park, it is a beautiful park where I like to stroll.

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