Back To Black… errr… Mauve…

Well, well, well… George is still an Amy Winehouse fan. Can’t say I blame him…

10 thoughts on “Back To Black… errr… Mauve…

  1. I can’t get enough of this picture. Its awesome to see how he looks when he’s just “living.” He looks utterly fantastic.

  2. Julie I get ya…You quoted “Sixteen Candles”. I wonder if anyone else noticed. *crossing eyes*

  3. DeniseMichele- You mean I misquoted “Sixteen Candles”. It should’ve been “Oh honey look, he’s gotten his boobies- and they’re so perky”. Anyhoo, is it just me, or is George’s body starting to look like Homer Simpson’s? Look at the above pic from the neck down. OK, maybe I’m being a bit harsh.

  4. its more like…. in my teens and early twenties I looked myself while walking in the mirrors and shop crystals and I found myself so “culo-pollo” (chicken-butt) not just having a big butt that I have (I’m a woman) but the posture… was arghh.. like that, then quite a bunch of years of pilates knowledge, yoga, posture awareness like… I seem to walk a bit straighter from that view angle… lol. It’s just that, its the lower back thing, he has his abs relaxed too perhaps… what usually makes the tummy… not so much extra fat, he is not very fat at all, but clothes looks on him like that this way. And I don’t like that he gets way too slim.

  5. punisment of me commenting this… lol, I’ve just realized I’ve dressed today like a chicken without realizing…. ROTFLMAO 😀 oh well *rolleyes*
    artistic that one has always been, duh

  6. What is all this criticism of George’s body about! He’s not exactly posing for the photo. To me he looks just delicious!

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