Remarkable Tries New Viral Marketing With New George Single

BuzzinPR Press Release

Remarkable, new owner of past, present and future George Michael music, confirms new viral marketing campaign with new George Michael music
Uses George’s favourite BBC TV show – EastEnders

Buzzin Enterprises, the new $250M dollar corporation founded last week, today confirms that it is using viral marketing techniques to promote a forthcoming George Michael single.  Founder and sole-owner of the company, Remarkable commented,

It’s no secret that recent George Michael singles have not achieved the chart placings they deserved, primarily due to the lack of buzz.  Of course, we here at Buzzin Enterprises understand the importance of buzz, and how to create it.  So, now that we control George’s musical output, we have decided to try something completely new – viral marketing.

Last night, George Michael’s new single got its first airing in the UK on BBC One’s soap opera, EastEnders.   About four seconds of the track were played in the bar of the Queen Vic pub, ahead of Peggy Mitchel calling for quiet.   However, this short clip was enough to do the job. Today, the blogs are buzzing with the possibility that a new George Michael song might accidently have been slipped into EastEnders.

Country singer, Kenny Goss, said last night,

We are all delighted that the first viral play of George’s new song, Imagine That, has generated such excitement and controversy.   A sound clip, that you can’t really hear, is already on the Net.  How buzzin’ is that? Fans are really loving what George calls the “uptempo beat” of the track, and George being back on top form with what he calls his “vocals”.  I firmly believe that Buzzin Enterprises couldn’t have found a better way to introduce this new song to the public.

Expect to see George popping up unexpectedly in all sorts of unusual places in the coming weeks and months, as we start to build the buzz around Imagine That, virally.  Superstar George Michael added,

What I want fans to realise is – if it’s on it’s bullshit.  It’s what’s not on there that will count going forward.  I know some fans had already worked that out.  But I think it’s important that I say it. Keep on buzzin’ everyone!

Buzzin Enterprises also announces today that George’s long-time manager, and recent co-manager, Andrew Stephens, has agreed to take “early retirement” from Buzzin’ Enterprises with immediate effect.   George Michael commented,

I would like to thank Andy for his contributions over the years.   It wasn’t my decision to fire him allow him to take early retirement.  It was Remarkable’s idea.

Remarkable added,

I am genuinely sorry to be losing Andrew from the Buzzin’ team.  He had just begun to play a vital role in our new offices. We wish him all the best for the future.  I need to make it clear that this wasn’t my decision.  It was George’s idea. 

Buzzin Enterprises also announces that a vacancy has arisen for the position of “Toilet Cleaner”.  Responsibilities include keeping all toilets clean and shiny.   Previous experience of licking surfaces, such as asses, clean is desirable but not essential. Please send your resumé to:

Buzzin’ Enterprise Towers
Highgate High Street


3 thoughts on “Remarkable Tries New Viral Marketing With New George Single

  1. Now that you have control over George’s musical output, do you think you could increase it?

    Also, any other job openings at the new company? I’d really like to work in London!

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