Kenny Goss To Give All His Money And Assets To Remarkable

BuzzinPR Press Release:

Dallasite Kenny Goss, Partner of Singer George Michael, To Give All Money and Assets To Remarkable
Remarkable to set up new charitable foundation

Remarkable’s Buzzin’ Blog (UK) today announces that Dallas socialite Kenny Goss, the long-term partner of superstar singer George Michael, is to gift all his money and assets to UK blogger Remarkable.

Following on from the news this morning that George Michael was to gift all his assets to Remarkable, this second deal will see Remarkable take Kenny’s life savings, his Dallas art gallery Goss Gallery, and a private art collection that has been valued at over $100 million (USD).

This afternoon, Remarkable said,

I am delighted to continue to help George and Kenny to deliver on their dream of having neither money nor possessions in their lives. Kenny told me just a few minutes ago that these deals, which see them dispose of all their assets, are already paying of from a creative point of view for George. This afternoon, George has written a great new song called, Imagine That, which takes some of its inspiration from the John Lennon song Imagine. Unfortunately, he can’t afford to record it.

Kenny added,

Can you imagine what it’s like to have no money or possessions? I wonder if you can. Well, I don’t have to imagine it anymore, and neither does George. I think it’s amazing.

Remarkable is undecided about what to do with Goss Gallery, which has become an important focal point in the Dallas community. For the next year, the gallery will remain open, and keep the same name. Gallery staff will be offered small retention bonuses if they stay until March next year. Remarkable hasn’t ruled out turning the gallery into an office, if he finds himself spending a lot of time in Dallas at the Highland Park home he is shortly to take over from George and Kenny.

This deal sees Remarkable’s net worth surpass the $250M mark, making him richer than David Beckham will be after spending five years in LA. As a result, Remarkable has announced that he has vague plans to set up a charitable foundation sometime in the future.


For more information about George Michael gifting his assets, please see the press release from this morning.

24 thoughts on “Kenny Goss To Give All His Money And Assets To Remarkable

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    You do realise though that if you get all Kenny’s, assets, money and the Goss Gallery…YOU will have to go to boring celebrity auctions and bury your head in womens cleaveage…! 😉

  3. “Can you imagine what it’s like to have no money or possessions? I wonder if you can. Well, I don’t have to imagine it anymore, and neither does George. I think it’s amazing.”

    Hahahaha! Love this bit! You are cracking me up!

  4. LMAO Coolio!!!

    How very rude of Blair – calling the staff of Remarkable’s Buzzin’ Blog, and BuzzinPR losers!! LOL!

    Actually though, I don’t mind about that. The team here is much too thick-skinned to be upset by this kind of thing. I know they’ll just rise above it.

    However, when Blair has a go at George and Kenny, I think it’s going too far. Suggesting that George and Kenny might have “gone totally insane” is just unacceptable really.

    Also, you do have to wonder what kind of errr… “loser” would call up Goss Gallery to ask about this. Really I’m shocked and amazed. This kind of thing is so obviously a private matter. The truth is – what George and Kenny do with their money, homes and other assets is of absolutely no concern to Blair Lovern.

  5. Oh My God!!! How freakin’ funny!! Still loving it! I cannot believe this!!! hahahaha!!!

  6. You freekin asshole, you DO need a life.I agree with this comment
    \”Remarkable is a very sad person who through depression and being jobless for many years has invented another fantasy life.Most people have disowned him.In fact most of the Characters on his blog are him, please do as many others have and just ignore him\”

  7. LMAO!

    Yeah right! You know me so well! LOL!

    OMG!!! Thanos/Karen… are you me? OMG OMG OMG!


    You know – I have to tell you… “agreeing” with comments like that makes you a major-league fucking asshole. Why? Because you’re trying to insult me by insulting people who suffer from mental illness. Mental illness is not something to use for randomly insulting people. You are clearly a small-minded bigot. Please go away, no-one is interested in what you have to say.

  8. Hey yogger still got \”the freeeky\”?
    Remarkable you do come across as a bit of a loser, your harmless though.

    Ann Margaret

  9. “Your harmless though”

    Seriously, Ann Margaret – do you really think you have time to waste worrying about the lives of others? You can’t even read or write properly. Go read a book. Take some literacy classes. Do something positive. Has George taught you nothing?

    Given that you ignore George’s teachings so blatantly, I suppose you must be one of those “so-called” fans. No matter. True fans will prevail in the end…

    Having said all that, you are very welcome to come on here and throw your negativity around. However, I have to tell you, your opinions count for less than zero with me… so it just seems a little… I dunno… “bad for music in general”… no, I mean.. unproductive. That’s the word I was looking for.

    I find it amusing that people who almost certainly are losers; and who probably live pretty miserable existences, seem to feel the need to try to reflect their own circumstances onto others. Why is that exactly? Anyone know?

    Hmmmmmm… wait… is that mean-spirited of me? A little, perhaps. But fuck it… even Remarkable isn’t perfect. Forgive me.

    BTW – Yogger – what kind of “good thing” did you have in mind? A neon light bought on-line “designed” by Tracy Emin, and then extravagantly priced?

  10. Lol Ann Margaret! I wonder what posting on Remarkable’s blog makes you look like, then. At least “the loser” has a blog of his own; you’re quite clearly just a random parassite who happens to pass by and insult the host. How very cool.

    BTW – I collegue of mine runs a “catch up club” for children aged 5 who are a little uncertain about English grammar. She’d love to count you in, let me know!

  11. LOL Grammarboy,better put me down as well!.
    @Isabelle its nothing special to have a blog \”of your own\”.Its not like website design.Any monkey can have one,me included!
    Writing a load of crap day after day, not thats a special skill!

  12. Lol Tali! Meaning that web designing is such an intellectually demanding job? You DO have high standards, I see…😉

    Grammarboy, no need to feel ashamed of your complete lack of grasp of the basic English language rules.
    Don’t worry, you can try and join the “catch up club” for 5 year olds too, although I suspect you’d feel rather out of place. I wonder if they run any similar clubs for toddlers.

  13. @Grammarboy

    Great! Another fucking idiot! And a dull one at that.

    Firstly, Isabelle isn’t Remarkable…

    Secondly, about your criticism of Isabelle’s grammar… I don’t think you have time to spare either. Sentences with implied verbs, especially when used in conjunction with intensifiers, are perfectly acceptable.

    Now, please go away. You’re boring me.


    What? I didn’t understand a word of that. Is your apostrophe key broken?

  14. It might be a little be off-topic now considering what this thread turned to, but do you think Kenny would so easily give up his most valueable errrr …. priceless asset errrrr……… George?

  15. This is a complete pile of utter Rubbish!
    Anyone who thinks otherwise, needs a Proper Slap, for being such a Wankin Swamp Donkey!!
    “I’m Broke and I feel so good”!

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