George Michael To Give All His Money To Remarkable

BuzzinPR Press Release:

Singer George Michael To Give All His Money To UK Blogger Remarkable
George and partner Kenny Goss to move in with Jack Panayiotou and family

Remarkable’s Buzzin’ Blog (UK) today announces that superstar singer, and centimillionaire George Michael is to give all his money, his material possessions and all other assets to the world’s most buzzin’ blogger, Remarkable. Remarkable will use the money to fund a super-extravagant lifestyle travelling between what will be his new luxury homes Highgate London, Hampstead London and Goring near Oxford via a choice of chauffeur driven luxury cars, and to his new home in the Highland Park area of Dallas, Texas via private jet or British Airways First-Class.

Kenny Goss, George’s partner of ten years, is delighted by the deal. This is something he has been working hard on since George started his 25 Live Tour in 2006. Kenny commented,

I am genuinely delighted that George is giving all his money, and the four homes we’ve built and renovated, to Remarkable. One of the things that pisses me off is that George is one of the most generous guys, but people never realise. He is the least materialistic man. I have always said that he could give away every last nickel he had without caring, and now he has.

Remarkable added,

As a long-term fan of George, I have always realised that George is exceptionally generous – both in spirit, and in material terms. However, there is a perception, created by the negative media, that George has been making a lot of money recently, and spending it on things like building new luxury homes. During the last year, Kenny and I have been discussing potential solutions to this perception problem – we feel that this kind of negativity is not good for George, or music in general. We hit upon the idea of George giving everything away to me, and living as a pauper for the rest of his life. Of course, I don’t want George to go without completely, so I will be buying him a lifetime Sky+ subscription and a 20 inch LCD television so that he can continue to enjoy EastEnders.

Both George and Kenny are extremely grateful to Remarkable for the gift of the satellite TV subscription, and the small television. It’s a typically thoughtful and considerate move by Remarkable, who realised that the bedroom-come-living-room George and Kenny will be spending all their time in from now on isn’t large enough to cope with anything more than a 20-inch screen.

Remarkable plans to give a substantial part of his new wealth to charity. He will be donoting the stage set from George Michaek’s 25 Live Tour to a charity auction in 2008, when George completes the 25 Live Tour late in 2007. In the future, Remarkable has vague plans to make George Michael’s music available on the Internet for free (or for a small payment).


**Newsflash**: Kenny Goss has just followed George’s lead. See the press release.

10 thoughts on “George Michael To Give All His Money To Remarkable

  1. Rem – please give a little thought to providing a car and driver for the boys ‘cuz Kenny could get awfully tired of driving George back and forth to work. Also could you give some consideration to an allowance for the weed just so we can keep George happy!

  2. Ann, driving back and forth to work? They won’t have a car. And George won’t be able to work anywhere.

    As for an allowance. I guess that will be up to George. As Kenny says, George really doesn’t care about having even two pennies to rub together. I don’t think he *wants* an allowance. But look – I’m generous. If George would like a small allowance, to spend on whatever he likes, then I will consider his request. Personally though, I feel it goes against the spirit of the agreement…

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  7. Are you kidding, I think GM and KG come off as lovely people, but giving away everything. Mr. Michael, not everyone is in the media and not everyone thinks you are this awful person, we all have issues to deal with in our lives. You don’t have to prove anything to anyone.

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