Andrew “Special Guest” Ridgeley

I hope the article in the Daily Mail is accurate:

They (George and Andrew) remain close friends who talk regularly on the phone. Occasionally locals will hear the whirring blades of George’s private helicopter as it lands on the fields of the farm to see his old pal. The last time… was shortly before Christmas, when he came to discuss the possibility of a Wham! reunion.

On this occasion, George had hoped his former partner would join him on stage during a series of concerts at Wembley Arena in December, an offer Ridgeley almost accepted, pulling out at the last minute, citing nerves.

This time around, it seems, things are different, with Andrew finally bowing to pressure and agreeing to take part in what he has apparently stated firmly is a ‘final, final fling.’

So, as I say, I hope the story is true. There is a huge amount of affection for Wham! in the minds of the public; and I suspect it would mean a lot to George to be back on stage with his old friend…

11 thoughts on “Andrew “Special Guest” Ridgeley

  1. Well, if there will be a Wham! reunion, I can’t think of a more appropriate venue for it than Wembley Stadium… Pick up where they left it?

  2. George’s concert i Denmark has been announced with a special guest too. It sold out in less than an hour this morning (34.000 tickets), and they have just announced that George will be playing an extra date: May the 19th. The sales start at 12.00 am this tuesday.

  3. I guess the most likely thing is that Mutya is the special guest.

    But it would be cool if it was Andrew, and that Andrew had committed to several dates on the tour (so it makes sense to set aside time for rehearsals). They could do a mini-Wham! set in the middle of the show e.g.

    I’m Your Man
    Everything She Wants
    Edge of Heaven
    And maybe even a new song (or Andrew could join in for Amazing)

  4. It would be nice to see Andrew again. I ‘d love for George to sing Edge of Heaven as well, I wonder how different the list of songs will be, hope he keeps Fast Love, Flawless, Amazing and Jesus to a child.

  5. Really hope it is Andrew. Can’t imagine in being Mutya. Would you really class her as a ‘Very’ Special Guest?

    Hope he adds Edge of Heaven (He did mention is in the programme last year). Hoping he’ll also add Waiting for the Day which is definitely one of my favourites. Not sure how it would sound in a lower key though as (unfortunately) I don’t think he could manage to sing it as he originally did.

  6. Bringing back Wham in my opinion is the worst thing George could do. Especially if Andy needs to be pressured into it from the start.

  7. From all that I can gather, there is nothing to suggest that either George or Andrew wants to “bring back WHAM!” They both seem to understand that would be silly, but it would be fascinating to the see the two good friends, who were at the heart of the group, back together. So, it would be two boyhood friends friends who “made it big” and will appear together on the stage again for a few songs (hopefully, it’s a few carefully selected songs!) This is not bringing back WHAM! (That would mean a host of others, 80’s clothing, certain songs like WMUBYGG, etc.) This will be (and the story does seem to have some credibility) George with Andrew joining him. Wish I could see it!

  8. Me know things.leave things as they are NO wham!I take things how remember.Remarkable you are asshole.

  9. Oh why not? I think it’s a hoot and should be a lot of fun. Besides the Final wasn’t that final since Andrew joined him in Rock In Rio several years after the official split.

    It’s nice to see these two men still keep up with each other and haven’t drifted apart.

  10. I think it would be lovely to see George and Andrew back on stage together for old times sake. I don’t think anyone would expect the little shorts or shuttle cocks to make a comeback but a few of the old songs to bring back the memories would be great!

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