Kenny’s Dreams Come True At Last

At long last, it’s finally going to happen. Kenny Goss’s dreams are set to come true next week. It seems that Kenny’s boyfriend, one George Michael, is set to perform at another private party. This time, George will be making a reported £750,000 for performing a one-hour show at British billionaire Philip Green’s birthday party. The party will be on a private, tropical island in the Maldives.

What has all this got to do with Kenny’s dreams, you ask? Well, it turns out that another singer will also be performing at the birthday bash – a man by the name of Ricky Martin. And, it’s a little known fact that Ricky and Kenny used to be an item, before George and Kenny got together. Kenny has always dreamed of watching George and Ricky “duetting”… and next week, he has the chance to try to make it happen…

But what if George doesn’t want to? Well, think about it.. all that sea, sun and sand… and lots of bushes… how could George not be in the mood?

6 thoughts on “Kenny’s Dreams Come True At Last

  1. I don’t think George is doing it for the £750,000. What he’s *really* after are free vouchers for prestigious boutiques owned by Mr Green, such as Dorothy Perkins, Evans, Miss Selfridge, Topshop/Topman and Wallis.

    Try and beat that, Mr Armani!

  2. Interesting point. Actually, I had heard a rumour that Armani was being dumped in favour of Evans as “official” dresser for the European Stadium Tour. Apparently, George feels that he will be too hot and sweaty if he wears Armani suits for the summer shows. He feels that the more “floaty” designs from Evans will be much more comfortable.

  3. Phoor!!!! I hope George wear’s tight Jeans & t-shirt then! See you at Wembley June 9th George xxx

  4. I’ve also heard rumours that while Kenny and Ricky were once an item, George and Ricky had some fun together too (but not at the same time). At least according to the gay grapevine, for what it’s worth.

  5. So is that why George had that line about Ricky Martin’s Smile in My “Baby Just Cares For Me?”

  6. Ha ha! Who knows … maybe he was just wishing aloud or referring to somthing that already happened. Those two together in my imagination is pretty hot.

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