How Not To Win Friends And Influence People

Interesting report on yesterday’s court hearing at Life Style Extra.   Simply amazing.  Essentially, a trial date could not be set because George has actually said he’s too busy to stand trial!

I wonder how far removed from reality someone has to be to think this is a smart way to behave?

8 thoughts on “How Not To Win Friends And Influence People

  1. it is not a very smart way to behave. i cannot believe just how arrogant he is! Oh im to busy to show up! Wonder what is wrong with George these days- first he falls asleep not once but twice which is bad for anyones standard, and then he won’t shop up for his own hearing… no wonder the Judge wasn’t impressed at all, and I wouldn’t be surprised if she also choose to be even less impressed when it comes to sentencing.

    xx moonchild

  2. I’m sure it’s not his fault. I can just about hear someone else suggesting to him what a smart move that would be. After all, as we all know, George is blessed with the finest advisors…

  3. LMAO @ “not his fault”, MissFreeek! I imagine the conversation went something like this…

    George: I don’t want to be convicted. In fact, I don’t want it to even go to trial. Make it so.

    Lawyers: But George…

    George: Don’t talk to me again until you’ve made them drop the case. If you need to contact me, you can look up my schedule on my official web-site I will be in America “working” until my tour starts.

    Lawyers: You’re touring? Recording? What?

    George: No, not necessarily actually playing any shows. And not necessarily recording new material. I am just generally “working”. I am a very busy man. I don’t sit around smoking dope all day and watching TV you know.

    Laywers: I see. That’s helpful. Thank you.

  4. LOL Rem! You forgot… George to Lawyers: “I don’t expect *you* to comment on my plans/schedule!”

    And again… Lawyers to George: “Ok George – Do we contact you through the “.com” or, the “”? We hear that the UK is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay cooler!”

  5. Lmao @ my own typo! I obviously have a deep sub-conscious resistance to say the “.CO.UK” phrase. I wonder why!😀

  6. Hilarious!

    However, George can fix this easily by just calling up that Ms.Magistrate and singing the first verse of “Too Funky” to her. If he’s too busy to do this personally, one of his attorneys can simply play the CD in the Magistrate’s answer machine! That should fix everything.

    AND, he has proved just how busy he is by adding that second date at Wembley. That oughta convince her!

  7. Ha…so my crack about all the lawyers and judges having to get their diaries out wasn’t too far wrong?
    ROTFLMAO!!!! I told you…just get George to set a date…he’ll be able to get around to it…by Christmas I’d say? 😉

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