Unfit To Drive Hearing Today

The second, and final, hearing before George Michael goes to court to face charges of being unfit to drive through use of alchohol/drugs is taking place today. One of the things I believe they will be discussing is whether the results of a blood test, that the police carried out on a sample of George’s blood taken after the incident, can be used as prosecution evidence. George’s legal team is arguing that the police should not be allowed to present the results of this blood test.

Not quite sure why George would be worried about the results of such a test. He said clearly that he didn’t have any drugs or alcohol in his system at the time of the incident – so surely, a blood test saying that there were no drugs or alchohol in his system would be a good thing…

I guess George’s legal team will also be arguing that the whole case should be thrown out before it goes to trial; in which case, that would be the end of the whole matter. If not, the date set for George to go to court to face the charges will also be decided – it had been provisionally set for April 23.


At the hearing today, the prosecution decided to add an additional charge of “being in charge of a vehicle while unfit through drugs” to the charge already being brought.   There was also a change made to the trial time-table.  April 23-24 will now be a pre-trial hearing, where legal argument will be discussed.  George will not attend the pre-trial hearing, but witnesses will be called.   A new date for the trial was not set today.

10 thoughts on “Unfit To Drive Hearing Today

  1. Looks like the plot is thickening. I know it’s hard to believe, but maybe he actually was on drugs.

  2. @ Remarkable: Are you kidding me? The reason George would be “be worried about the results of such a test” is precisely because certain illegal elements would be on such a test. Yeah, maybe he “said clearly that he didn’t have any drugs or alcohol in his system at the time of the incident” — what else is he going to say in such a situation? I highly doubt he would proclaim to the world: Yes folks its true, I’m on drugs, lots of different ones, and they’re all showing up on my drug test! In other words, he lied, as most of us would do to temporarily control the damage of the situation.

    You’re begging the question when you say “surely, a blood test saying that there were no drugs or alchohol in his system would be a good thing…” It would only be a good thing if it proved no drugs were in his system; the way George and his team are acting, however, such tests prove otherwise.

    Basically you are assuming that 1) GM told the truth and 2) the tests show he was clean as a whistle. But so far his legal team has given the game away by trying to suppress the truth. If those two facts did exist, there would be no reason to suppress the test results –in fact, the legal team would be very happy to have them produced. The fact that they are trying to obstruct it says a lot.

  3. I think the English and US legal systems have this much in common: technicalities! It seems the results of the drug-test are immaterial; if the case is dismissed due to some technicality, such as it was improperly advised or collected, then the case is dismissed without any of the details.

    But I also read it as this: when George’s attorneys decided to step it up one level to ask to have the case dropped, the prosecutor replied with, “OK, if we can’t get you on THAT one, we WILL get you on this one.”

  4. Er…people? Isn’t George due in Denmark in the middle of May? And God knows where else June and July? If he has to appear in court, which he will at some stage I’m sure…all the lawyers and judges will have to get their little diaries out to agree a date, won’t they? Or maybe the magistrates will be so honoured to have George Michael in their courtroom…they’ll let HIM pick the date. 😉

  5. Hi guys…

    Any one got any yet??

    Hope this helps some of you tomorrow in the big ticket marathon!! I’m shivering with excitement just thinking about it.

    Apparently these guys have loads of tickets first thing tomorrow…


    Good luck!!!

  6. @ Yogchick- I don’t think Remarkable believes that George was *without a doubt* telling the truth. Right, Remarkable?

  7. @ Julie: this is what Remarkable said: Not quite sure why George would be worried about the results of such a test. He said clearly that he didn’t have any drugs or alcohol in his system at the time of the incident – so surely, a blood test saying that there were no drugs or alchohol in his system would be a good thing…

    That, to me, sounds like he believes that GM was telling the truth. Seems pretty straightforward and confident to me.

  8. @Julie: I’m with you! Remarkable frequently has his proverbial tongue in his proverbial cheek just to get us all to write in, and it works well!

    @Caff: Has George EVER appeared in court outside the Sony case? Certainly not in Los Angeles nor any time last year. A minor thing like a court case certainly won’t stop him from making those overnight private jet flights to the various European venues! LOL!

  9. LOL! Rumbled!

    I’m not sure an error in the blood test procedure type “technicality” would be enough to get the case thrown out. I believe it’s was simply a matter of whether it could be used as evidence or not. But, there’s no *need* to have a blood test to get a conviction here, so no blood test wouldn’t mean no trial.

    As for the tour… luckily for George, I think the Magistrate will take into account George’s tour plans when setting a trial date. Not because she cares at all what George would want; but because there’s no need to inconvenience 90,000 people by picking a date when he’s due on stage somewhere.

    However, im my opinion, George and his legal team do need to start showing a little humility here. If they get too arrogant, maybe the Magistrate will not be as nice about this as she could be… Remember that the charges George face carry a potential jail sentence. In other words, the offence is a serious one. If there is any hint that George’s team have dismissed the seriousness of this offence, and that there’s no need to take into account potential jail terms… well I suspect the court will not be impressed.

    Now… having said all this – what genuinely mystifies me is why George is fighting this so hard… unless of course he is completely innocent of all charges. In which case – there’s a principle at stake. But then, we’re back to the “why the fuss about the blood test?” question…

  10. He’s fighting this so hard because he’s a proud man and doesn’t want to lose face. I cannot honestly see how GM would be completely innocent of all charges each and every time. You only get so many get-out-of-jail cards and he’s pretty much used up his. I don’t think he’ll go to jail, however, but the truth will find its way through this mess … of course, if it’s not in his favor, GM can still claim innocence, however misguided that would be. I just cannot see him completely getting these charges written off the books or whatever no matter how good his counsel is. He’s in alot of trouble, IMO, and should fess up and get it over with. I know that would be very difficult for his dignity, but people over time will at least respect him for his honesty. He shouldn’t have said there was nothing found in him in the drug tests if, in fact, those drug tests actually revealed soemthing (and something tells me they will).

    The fact that his solicitors are fighting the results of the drug tests is very suspicious to me. If GM were truly innocent, they would be especially eager to have the test results revealed.

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