George Can’t Believe His Wembley Luck

George Michael is really excited to be the first artist to play the new Wembley Stadium. A close pal of the singer, has told the Mirror newspaper,

George cannot believe his luck. He’s determined to give the performance of his life.

Amazing. But actually it’s true. Late last night, the Man Himself confirmed his excitement with Remarkable’s Buzzin’ Blog in this exclusive interview. George said,

The show I’m putting together for the Stadium Tour is going to be even better than the Arena Tour. For one thing, I don’t have to fucking sing Last Christmas. I hate singing that. I wish I didn’t have to do Careless Whisper either, but I know the audience really likes that one…. for some reason. I have no idea know why – have they listened to the lyric? What a pile of precocious shit. Anyway, I was saying – this tour is gonna be amazing. I can hardly believe it. I’m gonna be playing to the same number of people as I played to on the last tour, but only have to perform a fraction of the number of shows. Plus, it’s going to be much more lucrative because I don’t have to pay for a new set. Like I said, a-fuckin-mazin’!

When asked if there would be any surprises for fans in the new shows, George winked, and said,

Hell yeah! I can’t tell you in detail, ‘cos I want it to be a surprise – but I don’t think it will be giving too much away to say the words, “New souvenir and VIP tour programs… not blue and silver… but green and gold!” and watch out for the new VIP ticket packages – forget “plastic wine coolers” – think “back-packs”. I’m really excited about the new font we’re thinking of using too – it’s called Times New Roman – have you heard of it? I haven’t made a final decision on that yet. The thing is, we don’t want to change too much on this tour in case the fans get disorientated – they’re not used to being out without their straitjackets… Wait, better not quote me on that last sentence, Rem (*snigger*)!! Just put in some stuff about how I think it’s a real privilege to be able to entertain people – and how, although touring is very difficult, I feel I owe it to my fans to give something back to them. You know, make me sound a bit selfless and shit…

No problem, George! Yes, no doubt about it, George is massively excited about the new tour, especially the gig at the new Wembley Stadium. Rumours that the phrase, “CLICK HERE!”, will be scattered randomly in “big” letters, throughout the new Tour Programme, making it look like it was designed by a four-year old, could not be confirmed last night. George is, however, determined to give the performance of his life at the fabulous new stadium in his home-town of Dallas London! Roll-on the summer!


2 thoughts on “George Can’t Believe His Wembley Luck

  1. What a great news! At last George wants to come back to superstar league. Of course he has already there. But some people can’t see the truth as u know.
    I’m so sorry for not being therešŸ˜¦ But I am so happy for George and fansšŸ™‚ This summer will be amazing, too. I hope you visit our beautiful Istanbul and add it to your list. (Sting and Depech Mode liked a lot last year).
    Thank u George, Remarkable and all fans.

  2. like the vistims, of the same de disease…

    remarkable and knobb

    tainted each other with some hoaxes

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