On The 2007 Tour Stage Set

Yes, I’m still alive. Just been busy these last few weeks.

As you know by now, the first set of dates has been confirmed for George Michael’s 2007 tour. Obviously, there will be more dates to come. So, no doubt people will be applying for new credit cards as I write… their current ones still being maxed out from attending the 2006 tour.

I have a question for you all about the stage set for the 2007 tour. It’s a multiple choice question. Please answer in the comments, along with any other thoughts you might have…

Question: Do you think George Michael should use pretty much the same stage set for the 2007 tour that he used for the 2006 tour?

a) Yes! The 2006 video wall/floor was such a great idea, I can’t get enough of it! I’m sure it will be even bigger and better in a stadium setting.

b) No! Enough with the video wall/floor already! I want to see something totally new and different for the stadium tour.

c) I’d really like to see a brand new stage set, but I accept that George spent a lot of money on the 2006 set, and he still hasn’t got his money’s worth out of it. So, if George re-uses the old set, with a few updates, I’ll be happy to hand over my hard-earned cash to him.

d) None of the above.

27 thoughts on “On The 2007 Tour Stage Set

  1. Glad to be reading you again. I’d like to answer this question, slightly different from what you asked: what do I think he WILL do (not what do I want him to do?): So, in that case, the answer is C; he’s going to get every last drop of value out of that set! Also, didn’t it play fairly well in the one city where there were 50,000 people at the venue?

    Furthermore, I’m convinced that trucking that set around Europe one more time is another part of the answer to why he’s doing this stadium tour prior to coming to the US.

    In the end, I don’t care too much about the set. I was fortunate to see two shows, one with medium priced seats on the side, where I couldn’t see the videos very well, and another with excellent seats, but still on the side. I have seen better shots of the set on the Internet than I did in person.

    I travelled to London to hear George sing, not to see the set.

  2. b) for me!

    And it would be nice to see some really cool coreography going on while George sings.

    Stadiums are BIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIG places: unless you’re right at the front, you’re going to need to “see” more than his sexy (but distant) silhouette doing all the “George moves”…

  3. C) I think…fifteen million quid is a lot of money…even for George. He may well use that set for the next 5 years!! LOL! To be honest…He could just get up there with that little stool and sing and I’d be happy, but Miss Freeek is right, stadiums are huge and if you’re at the back, even the screens are dots in the distance, so you need a bit of visual ‘bling’.

  4. I pick C for the same reasons Caff said. But I’m wondering, wasn’t the set destroyed in that fire where he did that Russian concert? Or did they not bring the set to Russia that time?

    Anyway, I like the set enough and it seems wasteful to go get a completely different one now. On the other hand, he could sell or loan it to another performer couldn’t he?

    I hope on this new tour he sings more songs from FAITH and LWP. Those two cds got a little shortchanged the last time, IMO.

  5. funny you chosen even some answers for us… typically.

    i told once about that cynical stage set as a huge amount of lightness, brightness, glittering, gilding, sparkles glistening and glimmering in a “M. Jackson-B. Spears” style, around the lonely George, instead of a spontaneous orchestra – hidden by those multitude of sparkles…..

    a stage, especially a stadium stage, needs air !!! And that means, among others, firstly : a genuine classical band. And if it’s about a classical thing, George really need to throw that old cynical set to the garbage! Sorry for most of you to be as much as gently with him, i wish i could be too, but a truth need to be said. Everyone : George, you need a natural STAGE as you much enjoyed in the Faith tour or C2C tour, remember? Or those are blended with that remembrances about China Tour…?

    You are a real man show and you clearly need a stage that rhymes to your fame. Not for a B. Spears pitch. So get rid of that cybernetical waste thing. You need a REAL show. You need air.

    So, George could easily keep only those giants screens that shows him along the concert, for those who found tickets for the back location.

    … and of course, those screens are entitled to show some dance routines or at least some spontaneous ones from our man, this time. for a ‘stadium’ thing.

    If you are going to do it, do it right George. Do it for us !

    p.s. : Since 1991, i hardly could imagine a George Michael real concert without Killer/Papa hot dance splendour occasion. It wasn’t about a very dance tour and funny things in his mind ? So, George please, you may think twice this time…

    thanks for patience

  6. @Yogchick. No the set is fine. What was destroyed in Russia in the fire were small pieces of equipment e.g. teleprompter screen that shows George the lyrics to his songs as he’s singing them.

    So far then, in terms of answers, we have:

    a) “Yes! Keep the set!” Nil points.

    b) “No! Get a new set!” 2 votes.

    c) “I know you won’t fork out for a new set, you bastard!” 3 votes.

  7. I don’t mind for him to keep the same stage set that he used for his tour in 2006 as long as he is aware that in big stadiums, for some people at the back, it might be a little difficult to view the whole stage. I think it ‘d be a good idea to install bigger screens.

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  9. sorry its a badhair day. Its because I’m in fullllstress since I have to prepair a next GM show in my country!!! God!

    so Yogchick it’s without dot. Just gmtribute@gmail.com

  10. Actually a combination of a & c. Keep the set from 2006 but in stadiums add several excellent quality plasma screens.

    When you come to the US just stick with “a”-many of us have only seen it on youtube and in pictures🙂

  11. Hi!
    The answers are b and c. Stadium is stadium,show should be developed, I think, more old tunes for example. Anyway been awaiting 7th March beginning of the Stockholm sales:))))

  12. yeah well, I can think on that and several more things…. but first of all I….. feel scared!!!! the amount of dates all so tight…. I know its maybe better like this then….if he wants to:/ BUT why so many? is is neccesary so many? we are talking about stadiums, yeah?…. I don’t like so much you know… I don’t want to say the word and be blamed for saying it. I just find it too much, I don’t understand why can’t it be more… moderate thing.. sorry…

    to me it’s ok when things do fit, but stretching to fit up there anyhow time after time… its not the right way (sorry if I miss the map)

    I was already quite scared about 2006 tour and I thought the stadium dates would be a couple or three but all this…. I need air… ufff……

    can anybody understand me on this????

  13. UnRayodeSol…are you worried George might not sell out so many stadiums? The thought has crossed my mind to be honest…!?

  14. well to me its such amazing number that prospect, that I can’t help wondering if its realistic in all their goodness, things don’t scare me in number but it’s bubble-like effect things that scare me, or that’s what I was meaning there, you know?

    if he does not sell out so many stadiums so what? I find it pretty difficult that…. though I don’t know…. I mostly find it difficult in the places that he has already been, so why to repeat I wonder too, btw! and???? nothing but very bad organization that it would look like seeing a place empty for being too greedy right away…but I guess people make their calculations to plan it, though if I don’t personally see it I don’t believe it, I mean the proper calculations… in russia or greece or hungary or slovenia I find it more likely that he can fill them.

    and you haven’t understood, its about the whole pressure just again that puzzles me!….

  15. so to me the use of stadiums is more justified in those countries maybe…. I believe stadiums started being used for other things different to sports due to the outnumber of space capablity of smaller places when an artist is hugely expected but its never the ideal thing neither sound wise nor visual wise…. its a bad habit of us now, me thinks! there are auditorium places far more adecuate, are they not? so each to each is alright.

    and sorry if I sound…. that way…. lol

  16. So is gonna sing the same songs as LIVE25?,me thinks its to close to last year.Ive been there and done that and “bought the T-Shirt”.
    With that in mind i doubt this tour will be a sellout.

  17. and please call my father for any new seats needed, thank you!

    I’m learning…. duh…

  18. I’m thinking along the lines of Clemmy. It’s only 6 months since the last tour. I only hope he doesn’t end up with egg on his face 8o(

    I will definitely be getting a ticket for the Wembley date. It was amazing to hear that he’ll be playing there 1st. Let’s hope that the show isn’t just a rehash of last year though and he gives us something really special. I don’t think he’ll do himself any favours if the show is almost the same. Definitely needs a new set list and enhanced visuals.

    In reality to carry on touring he will also, eventually, need some new material as people don’t want to hear the same songs over and over just so George can enlarge his bank balance.

  19. Yes, Geoff. And also, don’t forget that if you don’t like the setlist/visuals, you can always avoid going!

  20. Yes MissFreeek, I could avoid going but I will definitely NOT being doing that.

    Can you honestly say you’d be happy to keep seeing the exact same songs in front of the same set everytime he toured? An you’d rather he never had any new material to perform?

    Forgive me for offering an opinion!

  21. MissFreeek… I’m not here to get into any arguments but did you not state your choice as ‘b’ above. ie, enough of the video walls etc?

  22. Geoff, I did state that I’d rather see something new. That does not mean, however, that I will be regretting buying a ticket for the stadium tour, even if the visuals remained unchanged.

    You are quite right in saying that it would be better to modify certain things.

    What made me laugh, though (forgive me) is the thought of someone going to all that bother (buying ticket, going to the venue, etc.) just to throw an egg at George because the setlist/visuals did not meet their taste… I can think of better things to do with my time, if I am so unhappy with what George has to offer.

  23. I think George will fully understand the responsibility of being the first at Wembley, and I would imagine that the set list will change to some extent, but many people are going to want to hear the great songs he sang last fall. After all, what would happen if he deleted ‘I’m your Man!” or “Star People.”

    I would also imagine that if one is ever to see Andrew Ridgeley again with George, this will be the time! It will be a great show, I am sure, with wonderful surprises and energy. Just wish it would be available to watch on the Internet from the US!

  24. Ann

    Re: available to watch on the Internet.

    Don’t worry. I’m sure the whole gig will be filmed. Just like Wham! The Final at the old Wembley stadium was filmed… and the gigs on the 25 Live European Arena Tour were filmed.

    Yes. Yes. I know what you’re saying – George scrapped plans to release those on DVD. But you have to remember George’s Internet plans. In case you don’t know – now, the second that George finishes a new song in the studio, he uploads it on to his web-site where you can download it for free. I expect the same thing will happen with live shows on this stadium tour – the second he’s come off stage, he’ll be into the editing suite, cut a few shots together, and upload them to the web-site. Not *quite* live streaming, put pretty damn close!

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