George To Duet With Duncan James?

Fucking hell.  Why not go the whole hog and duet with Anthony Costa?  I mean… if you’re gonna do somethin’ stoopid, you might as well do it properly….

Actually, though, I’m assuming this particular “rumour” is without foundation…

Nothing against Duncan James, by the way. It’s just that his days as a pop star are over.

13 thoughts on “George To Duet With Duncan James?

  1. Duncan James’s days as a popstar might be over, but (as I’m sure you know) he’s got a new exciting career ahead as an ice-skater. I can just about imagine George and Duncan skating it away on the rink…. Lovely.

    I wonder what music background they’ll play. George will surely insist on something from the Wham! days. Say… Heartbeat or Credit Card Baby. Will Duncan manage to persuade George to play Breathe Easy and If You Come Back, instead?

    Stay tuned to find out.

  2. Since I am not British, I don’t know who Duncan James is, but I do want to share something exciting that happened in the US yesterday. On Sunday night, Sting and The Police reunited to open the Grammy’s. While I heard Sting say they still needed some work, it was an electrifying performance (of Roxanne, by the way) and the crowd loved it.

    Yesterday, I came home from work and what did I see on the local news — The Police have announced a US Tour, with about 12-15 dates I think, and they are coming to my hometown to play at the venerable and revered Fenway Park in July! How exciting!

    And I was thinking, how truly exciting this announcement would have been had it been George Michael coming to Fenway Park and the other locations in the US! While I will probably try to get tickets — it really is a great place to see another great group — I think I now know how it feels if and when George will make his announcement.

  3. It’s easy for me to see the Police reuniting because their main man, while having had some success as a solo artist, is still more known as the leader of the Police. Wham! was never like that. In other words, I don’t see what GM has to gain from reforming Wham! since his most successful periods were clearly during his solo years. In other words, there doesn’t seem to be as much incentive for him to reformulate Wham! I could see Andrew Ridgely maybe wanting to do it because of money problems, but not GM. He has plenty of money and fame already.

  4. I don’t like him.I like the new song from the other guy, the song is called ” My soul asks for you” or something like that. that is a delicious song.

  5. yes, creepy!

    First when i heard of Duncan James i thought he is from those ’80s years, just a pal of that Wham decade… And i have downloaded ‘What Are We Waiting For’ and curiously it sounded not bad, and quite pop. And then downloaded other traks, but wich leads me to the conclusion that this guy belongs to that very crap music era of todays.

    I have never been concerned about the music of the last 10 years, but his guy isn’t the guy of the Blue?… That amount of creepy guys who was launched by Elton John…?…. Marvellous! And it seems that George is so keen now to relaunch them…..or him … And he isn’t even gay ! What’s a matter whit G ?

    Agree! Totally crap!

  6. There is another thing that annoys me about Duncan James. You can clearly see that he thinks he is soooo gorgeous that all women lust after him. It really annoys me, he is so full of himself, I bet he checks the mirror every second of his time. I don’t know him but, this is how i feel about the guy.

  7. I am so tired of these lame rumours that could barely spark interest in even the most devoted circles. If there are going to be rumours, I would much prefer something more salacious and scandalous and sexy. Sometimes I think the tabloids have no imagination at all.

  8. @ Yogchick: I (for some reason) *much prefer* to hear rumours/news/anything that is about George’s music and career than “salacious and scandalous sexy” details of his private life…

  9. @MissFreeek: Well I guess that’s how you and I differ … in which case, you must be really frustrated by now because these days stories about him are about his scandals and NOT his music and career. But I’m sure you’ll get something worthwhile eventually that is actually true, or at least believable!

  10. Well, I actually think its pretty obvious Duncan is gay. He said he wanted to be Elton Johns bridesmaid and recently did a big spread in a gay mag called Boyz. I know he has a daughter, but he openly admits that him and Claire (the girls mother) are friends, and always have been ‘just friends’, so I think that they had the child together out of convenience…she probably got a pretty penny for it. To be honest, I think that George is way out of Dunc’s league (musically) and I hope this doesnt happen. But mark my words, Duncan is definately gay…

  11. Oh my God,

    My friend saw Duncan looking very cosy with another man in a club in Soho recently. Sam, I agree. He is gay. I feel sorry for his female fans though, but its not like he’s been linked to any serious women is it? I wonder when he’s going to come out? Maybe it will boost his career….

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