What Would You Choose?

If you were to visit George’s and Kenny’s local Dallas eatery, what would you have for dinner?  Check out the menu on the restaurant web-site.

8 thoughts on “What Would You Choose?

  1. A mojo is a type of sauce…

    From Wikipedia

    Mojo (pronounced ‘mO-“hO) is the name, or abbreviated name, of several types of hot sauce that originated in the Canary Islands. It is predominantly either a red (most common), green or orange sauce.

    The basic recipe consists of olive oil, large amounts of garlic, paprika or chili powder, and cumin. Flavorings such as vinegar, lemon, orange or lime juice may be added. The most typical use of this hot sauce seems to be papas arrugadas con salsa mojo, or potatoes with mojo. Mojo is also commonly served with fresh bread rolls at the beginning of a meal. Similar sauces, also known as mojo, are also popular in Cuba and throughout the Caribbean. The flavor can be made of almost everything, from tomato or pepper to avocado. In Cuban cooking mojo applies to any sauce that is made with garlic, olive oil and a citrus juice, primarily lime or orange.

  2. Lots of great choices! I would imagine George went for the cilantro-cured lamb since there’s no cilantro-cured gnocchi!

    The more important question is,”What did Michael Lippman order?”

  3. Yeah, right!

    This is called entered into ‘block’ inspiration on the blog, symptomatic for a George Michael fan…

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