George Michael’s Future Music Output

Hi Everyone. This is Remarkable. Some George Michael fans – many George Michael fans – seem to be confused about the George’s attitude to money. What do I mean by that? Well, when George does things like the private Russian show, there seems to be a tendency for people to cry – “I’m sure George had his reasons, he’ll probably give all the money to charity.” Or when George says, “We seriously underpriced the 25 Live tickets.” people are up in arms – “Underpriced? How can he say that?!”

So here’s the deal. George Michael wants to make money. For himself. For Kenny. To enjoy. To collect art. To put into their homes. There is nothing wrong with this. And more than that, the most important aspect of George wanting to make money is almost certainly not even about making money for money’s sake. It’s much more likely to be that, in the field popular music, money is a surrogate indicator of success. In other words, if you’re not making any money, you can’t really claim to be popular (read – successful). George wants to be successful, so he needs to make money.

So, when you see George selling his voice to the highest bidder, it’s time to stop being surprised or offended or upset. He’s not doing anything wrong – better believe George gonna is gonna get what’s his.

Now, this is all very well, but actually, I think the more interesting questions about George concern his future musical direction. Remember, George wants to be successful, so he needs to make money. But, I think he’s unlikely to just want to continually tour, singing his back-catalogue. Sure, he will do that. But it won’t be enough for him. He needs to be creative too.

I suspect George’s view is that it’s almost impossible for most artists to make serious money from selling pop records these days. That means, there really wouldn’t be a lot of point in continuing to do only that in terms of future musical output. So, what will he do? He might give new songs away for free. Or he might not. The point is, simply giving away new music is unlikely to satisfy his desire to be successful.

I expect George will diversify in terms of genre of future new music output. I wouldn’t be surprised if one of the things George does next is to try his hand at writing the music for a stage musical. It won’t have escaped George’s notice that Elton’s critically acclaimed Billy Elliot musical recently sold it’s one millionth ticket. Over the next few years, Billy Elliot will almost certainly gross hundreds of millions of dollars in ticket sales world-wide. It’s a great business to be in, if you can get a hit.

So… please – no more whining when George does a show and gets well-paid for it. Instead, try looking forward. The future’s bright.

14 thoughts on “George Michael’s Future Music Output

  1. Well said, Rem.

    Personally, I’m an eager admirer of his MUSIC, VOICE and TALENT. Sure, I read interviews and all that, but to whom he “sells” his creative output… I’m not really in a position to question his motives. The product(s) of his talent, creativity, skill, vision, call it what you like, is what counts for me.

  2. Good point Remarkable. This all means more music from George and fans can’t ask for anything more than that.

  3. So, when are we all chipping in for a private concert at the Royal Albert Hall? If we start now, we’ll have enough by 2020.

  4. I still say we should do it. Let’do it. Can we do it?

    (Where do I send my contribution to secure best seats?)

  5. Well, the Royal Albert Hall has a capacity of 5500 people. If we come together and offer George £1million, that means we’ll end up paying £181 each. Not too bad, considering. Surely we can gather 5500 people. But then WE get to make up the tracklist.

  6. What a fantastic idea! I’m already thinking of some songs I want to hear. Why don’t you just go ahead and reserve the place and let us know so we put the date on our calendars and start sending the money in!!!

    And you know what I’d bet you that he might do it for less, because it is us!

  7. I would like 2 c him make another album but we all know it won’t happen. When he said underpriced the tickets, he was joking, listen 2 his chat with Neil Fox.

  8. Matthew… Why do we all know that he won’t make another album? Because he’s done with Sony? If anything I think being free of record label bullshit might find him releasing more material, not less. Time will tell, but i wouldn’t bank on George not creating new music.

  9. Maybe it’s because I’m American, but I really don’t see what the big deal is about wanting more money. It’s always been very clear to me that GM was/is very money-oriented and having a lot of it, to him, is a physical proof of success. Some people are just like that. I think it’s rather naive and idealistic to view a music writer/singer as “only in it for art’s sake” or whatever. Money matters. And for some people, having a lot of it matters even more. He’s bragged in numerous interviews, rather bluntly, that he’s glad to still be rich and that nobody can take that away from him, no matter how hidden he becomes as a celebrity. Personally speaking, there’s nothing more annoying to me than hearing someone say things like, Oh money doesn’t matter OR Money can’t make you happy — sure it can! If that statement were true, all the super-rich people would be giving their money away and I don’t ever see that happening — do you?

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