Every Pic They Want

Somebody told me
Boy, every pic they see, is every pic they want

A hundred million dollars worth of photographs, paintings and pianos? Fuck. No wonder the poor bastard needs to go on tour, he must be running short of ready cash.

With the court case stuff going on though, I guess the US tour won’t now be happening until the back end of the year. So, George will have to earn a crust in Europe and the rest of the world until then…


11 thoughts on “Every Pic They Want

  1. Didn’t I hear G saying he spends 15 million quid at the end of the tour? If so, I think he’d spent it on his and many other people’s happiness. In case he wouldn’t get into the States again, he could afford to tour in Rio and pay the fans’ trip from the States, couldn’t he?😀
    Or some kind of Woodstock right behind the Texan-Mexican border.😉

  2. “With the court case stuff going on though, I guess the US tour won’t now be happening until the back end of the year”

    That is total speculation. There’s no indication at all that George would let any court case make him change his plans.

  3. Marj, what makes you think this would be entirely George’s decision to make? Outside forces can change George’s plans (just like they can change anyone’s plans), without him having any say in the matter at all. I agree it’s speculation on my part though.

  4. I think it is silly to stop George coming to the US by using a case where they found some marijuana in his car. If someone wants to stop him there are other means, such as Diana, Versace and the likes. Just make it look like an accident. Some people face death penalties because police “found” illegal drugs in these people’s luggage, although the “smugglers” swear they have never seen these drugs before.

    I don’t wish anybody to be such a target, but I want to point out that it is obviously nonsense deny George a visa to the US because of his tiny offences.

  5. I don’t think there’s any problem with George being denied entry into the US.

    Just for information though, this case is *nothing* to do with finding drugs in his car. It’s about allegedly driving under the influence of drugs.

  6. I wouldn’t have let the Police take my blood sample that morning, what was the reason if George was tired? Is it a common rule to follow for the Police?

  7. Well, you have to be very careful about refusing to give a blood sample. You would be well advised to take legal advice before doing that.

    As for George being tired… well, of course he was tired😉 He fell asleep while at the wheel of his car!

  8. To be arrested on the suspicion (and it only need be a suspicion) of being unfit to drive and refusing to give any sample is a no-no. He should have claimed he was a Rastafarian and not been obliged to give one. :o)

  9. The whole sleeping at the wheel of his car because he was “tired” just doesn’t wash. Sure, maybe the first time it happened, but not the time after that. Hitting a bunch of cars and then leaving the scene isn’t very cool either. I’ve heard George say the drug tests didn’t come up with anything … but have the police commented on it? They’ve been pretty understanding and accomodating so far, with the tour and all, but now that the tour is over and he’s back home, there’s no reason they shouldn’t pursue this matter more aggressively. As they would with anyone.

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