“He Loves Gnocchi With Courgettes And Onions”

Did you know that George Michael used to have a private chef? He still might for all I know. But the man pictured above – his name is Gino D’acampo – was George’s private chef for eight months, a while back.

Gino is a super-famous TV chef and housewive’s favourite on UK television (sort of a male equivalent of Giada De Laurentiis in the US). After being sure to clarify that his relationship with George was strictly professional, Gino said,

You know George is a very big fan of pasta. He loves gnocchi with courgettes and onions. Very very simple guy.


Yes, I know this is a shocking revelation. But I thought you all had a right to know…

22 thoughts on ““He Loves Gnocchi With Courgettes And Onions”

  1. Love the similarity with Giada… Very appropriate. Both of them are extremely knowleageable “chefs”, anyone can tell. Gino calls gnocchi – pasta… *huge rollingeyes* and Giada would suggest to give the gnocchi con zucchine her personal touch, by adding a little red and green sugar… and then… have a “Gnocchi party” and dip the gnocchi con zucchine and sugar into her favourite chocolate (Nutella). Yum!

    Remarkable, you could consider hooking Gino and Giada toogether. Come on, play a little Cupid, George would be proud! (it’s a 3G thing – and I just *know* how much you love that😉 )

  2. @Ann. LOL! Not as far as I know!

    @Knobby. Yes. Either that, or his level of liking to sit on his backside! “Chef, make me my gnocchi with courgettes and onions! And make it snappy, EastEnders is starting in twenty minutes. Oh, and bring a bowl of soup for my dog. And please, do try a bit harder with the soup, she left half of it last time, and I had to finish it off. And, please inform the housekeeper that Kenny’s dog has pissed all over the skirting board. It needs cleaning up.”

  3. I believe Giada is either married or engaged. I think her favorite recipe is potato salad with HOT DOGS…for real NO JOKE… :O

  4. Pippi, pesto has dairy products in it. How does this square with your previous recommendation to George that he stay away from dairy products?

  5. George still has to answer my question, actually. His having all these nasty colds could be for other reasons. I only said to cut down dairy products. I eat yoghourt nearly everyday but, this is the only dairy product I take. He can have some. As long as after his gnocchi he doesn’t eat other dairy products. LOL

  6. Well, I’m sure Giada would do a diary-free pesto sauce for George… Simply leave the cheese out. She could replace the grated Parmesand and Pecorino with caster sugar or, even better, she could add colour simply using glitter glue. How very Giada! Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

  7. Thank you very much, Moog. I agree, he should try it, and then I dare him not to beg me to become his new personal chef…

  8. @kenny.goss@gossgallery.com

    *Can* I make it? Sure. Am I *prepared* to make it? Hmmmm…

    P.S. And George, come on – stop using Kenny’s work e-mail address. Don’t be shy!

  9. LOL..There is a difference among British Italians & The US ones….YES…WE are better!!! Ask Robbie Williams…

  10. Denise, I just called up Robbie. He said he’d rather fuck Gino than Giada…

    Or was it the other way round? I can’t remember – I wasn’t really listening…

  11. My daily dish is tartufo nero, tartufo bianco, and turamisu.😉

    Sadly there are so many italian restaurants round here, they’ve never offered any gnocchi…

  12. If I had to start eating pasta again, I would surely choose ghnocchi.If all the calories from these kind of food could be used as fast as the others, I’d have ghocchi every month.

  13. The point is that you don’t need an chef to make simple gnocchi, pasta or pesto. Gino might just be e good looking object in the kitchen …

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