The Messages For George Michael Blog Entry

I know that some people like to post comments on this blog for George Michael to read.   However, I’m not sure he always sees them.  You see, the truth is, it’s probably a bit much to expect George to read every single comment on this blog.  So, if you want to post a comment that’s specifically addressed to George, why not use the comments on this blog post, which has been specifically designed for the purpose?

Of course, there can be no guarantee he will read your comments.    I mean – I’m sure George “enjoys” reading this blog each morning while eating his Crunchy Nut Cornflakes… but, wading through all the comments? It might be a bit much for him on some posts. So, at least if you use this thread, he can check it: first thing every morning; and last thing at night before he goes to bed a night; and maybe even after EastEnders.

It goes without saying that George’s family and friends are more than welcome to use this free service too.  So, Kenny – if you want to leave a note for George saying you’re popping over to Dallas for a few days, please feel free to do so.  Or if you want to ask George – “What does ‘wanked off’ mean?” – you can ask that too.  Or, if you’re George’s housekeeper, and you want to let George know that you’ve left a chicken, or whatever, in the Aga… well then, post it here.

105 thoughts on “The Messages For George Michael Blog Entry

  1. Has your nasty cold gone George? I hope you are well now!!! Do you eat lots of dairy products? If so, that could be the reason you are catching these nasty colds. If I may give you a piece of advice, I ‘d suggest you cut out dairy products. Give it a try.

  2. Hey there, George. Hope u get in the clear in court. Hope ur cold is getting better. Any latest on the stadium tour 4 this summer cause I want 2 c u live at the new Wembley. I would like u 2 make a new album and u can tour 2 help promote it without ever going on the tv. Just an idea. Hope Kenny is looking after u.
    Take care.
    Check out my myspace page –

  3. Moog – it really depends what you mean. I believe what often happens is that Kate Winslet reads the posts/comments out to George over the phone… If she is reading something out to George that he has already read, he will say, “Go to the next one Kate, I already read that.”

  4. I am pretty well convinced that George does get information from this blog as well as Knobby’s (whether it is reading it himself occasionally, hearing it from Kate or Kenny or his sister or the Tour Manager — whoever — some information in the way of feedback gets back to him). In that spirit:

    Thanks, George, for always being willing to speak out — whether it is through the lyrics to your music over 25 years, or in response to an issue on which you feel compelled to offer an opinion. I respect you immensely for all that! Please stay connected with all of us — mainly through your music — because we are interested in how you make the creative process work!

  5. Speak less and sing more.. wow that would be great. If you feel really the need to speak out ( I honestly love to hear you, but it brings you in trouble every time :D) gave me a call. I will be glad to hear you …. rofl..

  6. Hey George,

    Those of us in America are STARVING for some actual musical talent to cross the atlantic and play for us. You can leave us here with the likes of Brittney Spears and clan!

    Come play for us and I promise, we’ll show you a good time.


  7. George, I have a delivery of eleven thousand candles for you from Ikea that they left with me today because you and Kenny were out.

    Do you and Kenny want to pop next door to collect them at some point? They are taking up quite a lot of space in the hall!

    If I don’t answer the door when you knock, it’s because I’m in the back garden working on the pond. So, just give me a ring on my mobile.

  8. She’s flying in Friday afternoon. She will be meeting her Brazilian connection Friday evening at the Purple Bar(around 11:30). They have booked a table under the name ”Christina Wilkinson“. That’s how her Brazilian friend knows her anyway. We have booked you a table next to hers under ”George Fitzpatrick“. Take the Irish woman with you. Sit down and start looking at ”Christina“ intensely. She will reciprocate. Stand up and approach their table.
    ”Christina Wilkinson!“ exclaim incredulously.
    ”George Fitzpatrick!“ she will respond amused. ”Still the best George Michael lookalike in town“.
    Your comeback line should be ”Some things never change“.
    The rest of the meeting is left unscripted. Just improvise as you go along. Your goal is to exchange info before her Brazilian friend takes her away. Do whatever it takes but do NOT raise suspicion. You never know who ‘s sitting at the next table.
    She’s flying back sometime next week. You must NOT see her again(and that’s an order). If, by any chance, she asks for a second meeting herself, decline kindly- no matter what excuse she comes up with. We cannot afford to get too friendly with our American ”friends“.
    It’s your first assignment in 2 years. You cannot screw this up.
    Good luck.
    P.S: Just in case there is any mix-up with the tables, you will recognize her by the gold diamond(heart) bracelet, worn two sizes too big. She always wears it on her left wrist.

  9. As I was exercising my voice today doing my scales (you know, the ones where I hit 47 notes to everyone else’s eight notes), I am reminded that you have not returned my phone call about that duet we were going to sing. I know you are into patience, but I have been pretty damn patient waiting for the call to duet.

    And in the meantime I have heard that Sony released a new album of yours with duets! WTF? Where am I? I mean, where am I? A duet with that ex-Beatle who is old enough to be your father, and another one with that ex-Sugababe who is not only young enough to be your daughter, but also whose pipes are not even in the same planet as mine, and who also could use a few lessons in fashion sense from me. What were you thinking? That is what everyone is saying, “What were you thinking?”

    So, call me, buddy. If it is true you are planning to tour the old US of A, you are going to need my help. I could be Aretha on “I knew you were waiting.” She’s a diva, I’m a diva. And by the way, what’s with the TOny Bennett legend thing? Why you, and not me?

    Are you listening yet? Call me. Randy just told me that Paul McCartney is going to be on American Idol this year. He is always trying to get me to come on that show, but I always say that it’s only for has-beens like ROd Stewart and Barry Manilow. In fact, I told Randy just last week, George Michael or Paul McCartney would NEVER consider it. I tell you, if you show up on that show singing a duet with Paul McCartney . . .

    Call me.

  10. @QVC

    Would you, Billy? I’m afraid you’re wrong. Unlike you, I don’t post here under a million different names.

    I see you’ve changed tack though – not posting horribly negative comments about George anymore? Scared that George doesn’t like you? Awwwwwwwwww…

  11. No, no no….julie, no, George isn’t and will never be a “George Michaels”. You see, he is not jew! A kike? Never !

    O just hope for this year, he’ll just enter, for a bit, in his originar born & baptize Christian Orthodox Church, ex.: St. John The Baptist Monastery, Essex.

  12. Come on, George, please get off the drugs, George. Get off the drugs, George, will ya George?😀

    I think it’s time to get someone to cheer you up and inspire you. It’s good to look out for these kind of guys and get off the drugs. The intro is inspired by Tex Avery btw. And I don’t think these guys and the likes of Hanna and Barbara (Tom and Jerry) were on drugs when they created these timeless cartoons.😉

  13. @ Eva Braun- I have a hard time believing George would use the word “kike”, but it’s good to know *your* true colors.

  14. Hi George,

    This is satyam from india. I am still recovering from the surprise that you gave me ( i am sure you understand what i mean)…thanx for everything george…what you did that day meant a lot to me….unimaginable!!

    take care n all the best !


  15. You’re all so extremly nice. So I think I’ll go on singing my songs to you – in Australia, America, Asia and Africa. Everybody wants a lover like that (sorry Ken). Have a good time. C U, Georgy Porgy.

  16. Hi George ~ !

    I just have one question…..

    What does “wank off” mean ??????

    I have confusion……

    It came up once in a game of SHERADES and I just stood there and went on to the next “card” which was “ironing” which I understood how to “project” to the small group assembled at the women’s convent.

    Is “wanking” a kind of sewing with a large needle?

    Is it Knitting or a kind of KNOT yout tie?

    Are you spitting your cornflakes out as you read this ?



    he he he



  17. I think you got upset with the stuff I said on the Easier Affair thread the other day. Yes, I know I was harsh but so are you sometimes… don’t you think? In an ideal world, we would all let go of past hurts straight away… but there’s too much ego on planet Earth… huh?

    Anyway… I don’t think you get me at all. Which is why I wish I could delete the whole connection… But I can’t and I feel frustrated!!!

    There’s so much going on in my head right now… Basically, I ‘m confused about certain stuff/people… you included…

    …I have to stop posting…

  18. Hey there…

    I was just wondering…how busy are you these days? Oh, yeah, the tour of course… but you ‘ve already done it twice so it can’t be that much of a stretch… I ‘m asking cause I was hoping you could help out a few people in the world… First of all, is it possible for you to stand up for the Tibetan cause? I don’t know where you stand on that issue but personally, I ‘m more on the Tibetan side…

    Secondly, I ‘ve only recently discovered this lady’s plight…

    I wish I knew earlier… I wish I could personally go out there and do something but something tells me that at this point in time, you ‘d be more effective… I can pray of course but if those prayers were accompanied by someone’s action, like yours for example, you just never know…

    Should I thank you in advance..?

  19. This peace thing with you might take forever… It sucks that whenever I ‘m really determined to release all negative thoughts, stuff happen to thwart my best efforts. I had a really weird dream about you last night… didn’t know what to think upon waking up… but then all sorts of old thoughts came up… So now, I ‘m back to “I wish I could erase him from memory”…

    There are a couple of things that keep going through my head… that story I heard before Xmas and something else… About the story, well, I ‘ve already expressed myself about it on the other thread… if it’s all true, I mean…… It’s just makes me sick to think that you could be such a lousy bastard… Look, it’s not so much about the present because my thing for you started fading years ago… (yeah, sometimes it reemerges but it has never gone back to what it was in the nineties esp early in the decade…)… it’s just that I can’t accept that the man I used to feel so strongly for could truly be like this… Can he really be that desperate, I kept thinking when I heard…

  20. Makes me thing that the man who wrote LWP and Kissing a Fool couldn’t have been you… It seems like you were channelling another soul…

    Wish I could meet that soul…

  21. P.S: Oh, yeah, there’s a part of me that wants to tell exactly what I heard but I ‘m biting my lip… Besides, the truth always comes out in the end…

    As for the person who claims all this stuff about you, well, they ‘re just as disgusting for allowing this thing to happen… so I guess you ‘re in good company.

  22. Just went back and read my posts again… It’s really such a screwed up situation, one minute talking to him directly, the next talking about him in the third person even though I know he’s browsing. Most of the time I regret posting at all or wish I could edit stuff but then I ‘d rather express myself, however imperfectly, than keep it all inside. But that’s exactly what I tried to do with this latest story, I tried to keep it to myself… I managed to for almost 4 months but now I can’t do it anymore. It bothers me too much. At the same time, if it’s true, I don’t want to be the one to expose him. Besides, the person who ‘s claiming all this stuff is doing a pretty good job themselves with all the hints they ‘ve been dropping online for some time now…

  23. @Calliope

    So why are you keeping people nervous? Tell it and set yourself free! George won’t suffer…🙂 by the way, will answer your mail soon!

  24. George, so funny! I dont believe you EVER read anything on this site, but just wished to say; I love you, dear! xxxxx

    Listening to Cezaria Evora. Do you like her music? If Calliope’s “close souls” stuff is real than you must like Cezaria!😉

  25. Derek_Advocate, I will not tell you how to deal with your feelings about people(unless you ask me to) so please, don’t tell me how to deal with my feelings for people including George.

    So you don’t believe he reads stuff here and yet you felt compelled to address him a few times so far? How odd.

  26. Sorry if I hurt you😦 Its me to make you use “biting” sarcasm!

    All this stuff seems quite funny for me now, and I’m happy that I overcame my depressive mood connected with George and replaced it with this “teasing” mood.It means a step forward for me.

    But I know I can hurt people sometimes forgetting that they have their own feelings. So sorry once again!

  27. But you know, maybe you are right when you say George wouldn’t suffer… He seems to have become immune to most stuff after boosting his serotonin levels artificially for years. And maybe you are also right about him not being that deep, how can you be deep and do all the stuff George has done in his life… including becoming a popstar…huh…

    My mistake. Wrong soul.

  28. Dont consider this another “rush” to your sphere, but I’d be very happy if you thought so in real. That’s exactly what I did after suffering with George all his losses and pain (hopefully forever): I felt this is another man, not my “leader” as I thought for a long time.

    And this final conclusion is the best choice for you and for George too! He wants to be independent… Let him be!

  29. Oh but you ‘re doing it again, you ‘re telling me what to do and what is the best choice! LOL!

    Don’t worry, I ‘m not upset at all. I know that some things cannot be understood and most importantly felt by another. I have my path in life and you have yours. I never looked for leaders or followers and never wanted to be either to another. I believe in walking side by side.

    I will let George be, but not because you ‘re telling me so. By the way, he’s not all that independent deep down. Did you miss that?😉

  30. Well, I don’t say George’s independent, but he obviously tends to be which is a sign of unconfident personality…

    Don’t know how I sound, but believe my intentions, I don’t want to be a teacher. By the way, I think you’re strong enough to be a teacher yourself as you got quite strong ideas which are actually different than mine. I’m just sharing my imagination of “best way”.

    What about leaders: your position, “walking side by side”, it’s the perfect way or it should be, yeah, but if we look at realty (or its interpretation made by me  ), than it is that teenagers grow up looking at someone who they put on the pedestal and look at him while growing. And that’s again my story, when I saw my hero falling down from the pedestal and leaving me not yet grown. That hurt me very deeply. And during years I was trying to remove the disbalance between my feelings and values. I reached some achievements in the face of definite conclusions, and all I want now is sharing it: for people who got this uneasy state may use at least a small detail from my experience and it may be some key of encouragement for them: like many times I had a lot of gain from someone’s one word.

    Sometimes a small thing which seems nothing to the person who expresses that becomes the reason of an insight for someone else. And, for God’s sake, I would never like to teach anyone what’s right or wrong: and if you feel negative about my sharing, I may just shut my mouth. Oh sorry, stop my fingers typing, and that’s all.
    Only I thought such blogs exist for sharing…

  31. I don’t feel negative about your sharing!!! So please don’t shut that lovely mouth of yours!😉

    I ‘m sorry if I were a bit abrasive yesterday. Yes, my feelings for people are an off-limit area in a way… but that doesn’t mean that I ‘m not open to hearing other people’s views. I just have certain boundaries and it works for me. Also, I ‘ve been feeling stressed out the past few days… it all had a compounding effect over the weekend.

    You know, it’s all about the art of relating, the greatest art if you ask me… And it takes time… don’t expect to get it always right with people straight away… we ‘ve only just met! But I ‘m so glad for it!😉

    Yes, I am quite strong in certain areas, rather fragile in others. But always working on things…And you, I really like how you are so open, I always gravitate towards people who are willing to share pieces of themselves without thinking of the emotional cost. Actually, there doesn’t always have to be a cost! It can be such an absolute joy esp when the other person is a kindred spirit.

    P.S: A teacher? I don’t know… other people have mentioned it to me too but honestly, I don’t know if I could do it… definitely not in a professional way… But if I can say something that inspires someone & takes them to a higher ground, I ‘m a happy little bunny.

  32. 😀 Great then. Wanted to ask for a long time, though this question is not “right” even for me but anyway… which song of George you like most?

  33. I bet it is but nevermind, you are allowed to analyze my answers if that’s gonna help you with your dissertation😉

    The truth is I don’t have a favorite George song right now. I don’t get the same emotional response to his music as I used to in the past. It makes me sad sometimes but most of the time, I think to myself “better this way”. Anyway, it’ a long story… maybe when I get to reach ^Peace Eternal^ with him, I may get the feeling back… or maybe not… I don’t know, time will tell.

    Used to be Kissing A Fool.

    And you?

  34. Haha, I was sure it would be something like that… Just because these days I found “waiting for that day” exactly suits my mood. Actually I began posting here because of listening to it, as “George Michael mood” was back… Great songs all of them!

    But for me for a long time the best was “they won’t go when I go” though I know it’s not his own song. Anyway, I imagined George Michael singing such songs: with only one instrument: as he used to say: people differ right music from false one, so this was “right” music: what about “an easier affair” then? Is it being sung by the man who expressed the thought above???

    But I can bet this is not a psychological test!😉 simply because science has not grown enough to create psychological tests on George Michael’s songs to identify people’s character and accentuation…. may be sexual orientation only😉

    I only wanted to know your taste… actually strange that I’m asking this only now, this question had to appear long ago before many sections of the chain of questions, dont you think?

    Well, some day, in the mail form, not to raise George’s and Remarkable’s anger, I’ll tell you the subject of my thesis which is very interesting for me, art-therapeutic stuff.

  35. I didn’ realize you still listened to his music!

    You ‘re absolutely right, people are far too complex to be reduced to their musical tastes by a certain artist. It is just a tiny indication of a certain facet of their psyche at a given time- no more no less.

    Regarding An Easier Affair, that track made me realize in a deep way a lot of things about George that I didn’t want to accept in the past. That helped me disconnect on certain levels and my life took a different course. Of course I continue to feel some kind of connection but it has been very different ever since.

    Also, you need to remember, he was 43 when he released it, his middle-life crisis was(and in many ways, still is) in full swing.😉

    Even so, there’s more to this track… if we ever meet, I may elaborate. Though I ‘m sure we ‘ll have far more interesting topics to cover.😉

  36. You’re welcome!!! By the way, such a strange thing happened to me yesterday… was writing a mail and my mobile was on the desk next to me and I didnt touch it. And suddenly our home phone rang and in the window that fixes the incoming numbers there was written my mobile number… I can swear I havent touched my mobile and even in the outgoing calls I didnt see any call to our home number but the fact is, my mob’s number is clearly seen even now on the window of our phone… This is nonsense! I know it couldnt happen… but happened!

  37. So… about your crazy cellphone… I ‘m not sure what your worldview is… Personally, I see the physical universe as a manifestation of Consciousness. People say everything is imbued with energy. I say Consciousness… I mean where did energy spring from… Of course you might say where did Consciousness spring from too… but doesn’t Consciousness feel more autonomous than energy? I believe the Love Consciousness started it all… then a part of that Universal Mind “decided” to experience something different than Constant Bliss and decided to seperate itself from the Love Consciousness/Vibe. That was the beginning of the Ego… It was the Ego that created the Physical Universe… Of course the Love Consciousness(or God if you will) allowed it to happen… Why… Well, freedom of choice I guess…

    So to get back to your cellphone, some kind of Consciousness must have gotten involved in that strange inciddent. Could it be that the powers that be are trying to get your attention? Or maybe you got a little naughty spirit in your home?😉 It could also be your own energy… like if your mind was emitting too many chaotic thoughts/vibes maybe the energy in the house went haywire… All sorts of possibilities. I know that when I get very angry, electrical appliances and/or the plumbing gets *problematic*…

  38. By the way, do you wish each other “Happy Month” in Armenia on the 1st of the month? We do in Greece. We say ” Kalo mina!” It was also May Day today.

    So Happy Month* to you and everyone else browsing!

    *And Happy Beltane to all Celts/pagans out there!

  39. Hem… you can be right. On that day I was very-very-very down; it was this thesis stuff which I havent told you yet, and wouldnt like to speak of it, but well, I will… by email. So I was very down, might be called spiritually dead, and my call sounded right then. As a psychologist I must say I not only believe but know about energy and Consciousness role in our lives and especially relationships but I dont really value the name you call those by. Anyway, when such things happen I usually try to find the reason why they would happen. And I thought long but couldnt find the reason why my mobile would ring to our flat. If it called to the one who hurt me or somewhere else I’d understand it but what was the sense to call to my flat where everyone was so caring and suffering for me and I didn’t feel a need to be encouraged from family… So that’s still a secret for me.

    No we don’t say “Happy Month” but we celebrate May 1 st as workers’ day, and we’re free on this day and also the next. So happy everything you too!🙂

    By the way, just learned that my mom’s parents’ parents have come from Kars too…. Hemm….

  40. You, me & Bob Dylan- we all had grandparents growing up in Kars.😉 Just imagine of all the possible scenarios… from our great-grandmothers knitting together to your great-great-granddad and my great- great-grandma having babies with each other! {Or Bob’s for that matter. ;)} I mean, intermarriage must have been rather common…

  41. The most plausible reason your mobile “rang” your home number is because something/someone was trying to get your attention. Especially if you were feeling down as you say…

    I ‘m not feeling all that well myself today… There’s a part of me that wants to pack my bags and go off to… wherever… just to get away from it all… And I don’t want anyone to know where I ‘m heading.

  42. “I mean, intermarriage must have been rather common”

    Actually, I didn’t mean it exactly like as I wrote it. If your great- great granddad and my great-great grandma had babies together, it could only have happened either out of wedlock or one of them having been married twice. But we could still be somehow related if say, my great-great grandma had a sister who married your great-great granddad. Genealogy can be fun and full of surprises (though not always pleasant ones).

  43. @George

    I ‘ll be offline for the foreseeable future… No, I won’t tell you how long exactly but it will be for sometime… I ‘ve decided to do a little experiment with a friend, we ‘ll test how long we can survive professionally and socially etc without a computer and the internet. So as of midnight tonight, I will be without a computer at home and will not be using any other computer outside my home to go online. It ‘ll be interesting to see how it will turn out…

    I ‘m also planning to go away on a *personal quest* sometime this summer. Not sure when exactly and for how long yet… though if it were up to me, it ‘d be forever…

    Initially, I thought I wouldn’t tell you but then I thought you have a lot on your plate right now, you don’t need to go crazy wondering why I ‘ve disappeared…

    Oh, if we were friends, I would consider taking you with me… but we are not, you ‘ve been extremely unkind to this Prima Ballerina. But even if you ‘d been kinder, you have your tour and your aytobiography and your gallery/foundation with Kenny… and all the rest of it… There’s no way I would wait till all that is over because knowing you, chances are I ‘d be waiting forever. Some things need to happen now or they ‘ll never happen. And if I were you, I ‘d stop praying for time… Time is given to you to make the most of, not to waste and then get bitter about it.


  44. P.S: This so funny!!! I wanna tell you what I just did before I go offline but oh, look at the time, only a few minutes left… Well, um, I may tell you when I get back… unless you happened to have been online in the last hour or so…and browsing a certain forum from which I ‘ve been banned … Yes, I was rather naughty… Oh, but George, you don’t know… there’s a whole story that you don’t know… Of course, he banned me again almost on the spot…

    Anyway, it was just a pic but so funny how it turned out…

    Just an artistic shot… amazing how easily some people are offended, huh?

  45. Maybe that’s a forum for the 12 to 14 yo? Whatever, I think the photo would much nicer if you do a shot more from the front in b/w – this way the breasts look quite “flat”…

  46. Thanks Tina. Well, I think it’s not important who it is as long as a) you like the pic & b) it manages to convey when the artist/model intended to.

    Anyway, if you are interested in more artistic stuff, just check my site. It should be up in the next month or so. It’s taking more than planned cause I ‘m working on a another site as well. Actually, you could check out that one too, I may incorporate some art photography there as well.

    Here it is:

  47. @Nobby

    Nah, that forum is for the 7-8 year-old. This one may be for the 12-14. I ‘m only 13 myself.😉

    The breasts are meant to look small cause they *are* small(just the way I like it, incidentally). The angle doesn’t make all that difference in that respect.

  48. @George

    So I ‘m back online. Well, sort of, I only stayed TOTALLY offline for a few days cause it was like professional suicide but I still don’t have a connection at home and wow, what a feeling. As I was telling someone the other day, the Internet, even though extremely helpful in many respects, takes out a lot of the intimacy of human contact… not to mention the poetry of life. I mean, seriously, who writes letters these days? And wouldn’t life be so much more poetic if we could revert to that?

  49. @George
    Listen to me. Because you are not listening. And everytime you don’t, you screw up on some level. The only reason I ever came back after the release of An Easier Affair were the stupid messages I was getting in dreams to help you even at this stage, even if it had to be in disguise. For some obscure cosmic reason, I was always summoned. And if I ignored the bloody messages, I was getting even more. And the energy was just unbearable. You have no idea how many times I have prayed to God to cut off the connection completely. You have no idea. You have also no idea how ugly you look to me these days. So please just understand that if sometimes I come here and post it’s most probably because the previous night I had a dream where you were dying from AIDS or something.

    And something else: Last year, I was there at the concert. I only went after the break cause I knew you ‘d be singing An Easier Affair during the first part and I just didn’t want to feel sorry for you over it. Plus I felt very strongly you needed support. When I got there, I realised why: the stadium was half-empty. Funnily enough, the following day I read a couple of reports and they were saying the stadium was packed!!! I was, hello, I was there and it was so not like that! What the *, do record companies pay journalists to lie? I guess so… just goes to show how stupid and hypocritical showbiz is after all. But you allowed yourself to be there for like, 25 years and now um, you are looking for a quieter life. Well, good luck with that. Just leave me alone. And you know very well what I mean by that.

  50. It looks like it’s time to adjust your meds. Calliope Iris, do not try to help someone who doesn’t ask you (to your face) for help. He doesn’t have to listen to you. He doesn’t have to follow your sage advice. Leave him alone and focus on yourself. You don’t have to listen to my advice either. Just continue to play the victim in your own little drama that you’ve created in your head. You’re obviously receiving some sort of satisfaction from it, or you wouldn’t be doing it. Or you could consider taking some medication, which might also alleviate the problem…if you actually want to alleviate the problem.

  51. I think someone has a perfect similarity with George. If they were at the same age I would say they were twins. I just read a statement of one of them here. I just watched an interview on utube that reveals the same habits.😀

  52. Julie’s at it again… hmmm… Nope, not now, I can think of better things to do.

    {Actually, I know what it is with her… she’s working for a pharmaceutical company quite obviously…!…}

  53. @Nobby

    Thanks for that hotel list, got the fax this morning.

    By the way, I ‘m looking for a good link to a medieval embroidery page. Nothing interesting on Google. If you happen to come across anything, please email me.

    {Thank you!}

  54. Calliope Iris–No, I don’t work for a pharmaceutical company. I work at a mental health center and come into contact with a lot of people who have auditory and visual hallucinations as well as delusions.

  55. @Julie

    That was a joke, Julie, I know where you work. And no, you ‘re not dragging me into the “What constitutes a hallucination/delusion and what a real spiritual experience” debate.

  56. @Nobby

    So you see this “perfect similarity” between me & George now… How strange cause when I used to feel like he was my Twin Soul, you always had your objections! But now I don’t feel that, definitely not. I just have this love/hate karmic thing with him and that in itself creates a powerful affinity. And I ‘m doing my best to heal it. But my vision of a Twin Soul love is something totally pure and beautiful beyond words… And I really don’t think we have the same habits at all! I don’t hide my feelings, I don’t pretend to the press, expect them to always praise me and when they don’t, immediately attack them,I don’t enjoy being adulated by fans, I don’t tell everyone I ‘m gay and then sing songs/make videos about women. If I were famous & in a serious relatioship with someone, my whole life & most of my art would be about them and the whole world would now about it. Now, I ‘m not sure at all I want to be famous to begin with but I ‘m just saying, if… Oh, and I don’t watch Eastenders & all the other soaps he watches. So, please explain to me in what way I have similar habits with him. Maybe when I get angry… something about the way I express my anger resembles George’s sometimes but only sometimes!

  57. As for my Twin Soul, if he knew where to find me, he would be right here with me this very moment. Nothing else could take precedence over that.

  58. @George

    I have to be honest, the posts I have made in the last three months on this blog have been liberating for me. I ‘ve expressed a lot of anger and in between many thoughts that were truly important for me to express. Of course there’s stuff I didn’t say… but I like keeping some things to myself. Plus you can’t possibly expect me to tell you everything on R’s blog! Yes, it wasn’t always pleasant for you but don’t you feel better for knowing as much as I ‘m willing to reveal everytime? Now you may go ahead and write An Easier Affair part II, III & XXIII. —> *shrug*

    Seriosly, George, you ‘re free to do whatever you want, I may take things personally sometimes but mostly, I like people expressing themselves freely and taking responsibility for whatever they say and the consequences of it all.

    I was reading this spiritual/self-help book this morning and I feel kinda empowered now. I have been feeling rather frustrated with stuff happening at work but there’s also some really exciting stuff happening too. Like this week, I ‘m doing this photoshoot and… Well, I have this idea about how I want it to go… Actually, I haven’t told the photographer yet, I think it ‘be best to surprise him.

    Speaking of photographers, I have been in a dilemma over who to work with on different projects and that brought the realization that I ‘m still having issues with saying no. I just have to learn to say no without feeling bad about the other person. I almost did the other day and something beautiful happened. There was this photographer who kept calling after seeing the ad I ‘d placed in the paper. We arranged to meet but I had to cancel a couple of times. He could have taken it as a indication that I didn’t want to see him(though not true at all) and stop calling. But he persisted. Initially, I was too busy to return his calls. Then one day he called and got me. Before I had time to apologize for not calling back, he said: “Hey, look, I don’t want to become a nuinsance but I just wanna say this: I would like to meet you even if we don’t work together in the end. There’s something about your voice on the phone I really like”. He was so charming I had to oblige. So we did meet and he did show me some photographs and even though I told him I was looking for something entirely different, he didn’t take it the wrong way and we had a lovely chat and he even introduced me to another photographer who was doing more the type of stuff I was looking for. Ain’t that sweet?

    Oh, gotta go now, going to the movies tonight.


  59. “I may take things personally sometimes”

    yeah, why really…~!

    We are very different in that way, George… I have been writing poetry, scripts and other stuff for years and there is anger expressed in some of them… I have chosen not to release/publish them in any form so far… in some cases, I have taken great care to edit out stuff… because if I ‘m going to put out there my writing and present it as art, I want it to carry a healing frequency… Unfortunately, it’s not the same for you… Well, OK, but then, as I said in my previous post, don’t you think one should accept the consequences of such actions gracefully?…

    …There’s a problem of respect, as far as I ‘m concerned… I think you find it difficult to respect women in your life… everyday life but also, your songs and videos… not always but often enough… Maybe your father didn’t respect your mother and it kinda rubbed off on you? Just a thought… Whatever it is, it’s still there… written all over your face & aura… Ultimately, it is a problem of self-respect so one has to start from within…

  60. Hey, just realised you are performing on your birthday again. Why do you do that? Can’t you just give yourself the day off to enjoy yourself with your loved ones?

    Then again, maybe you ‘re having lunch with Kenny or something.

    You know, I was thinking the other day, in a way I ‘m glad we ‘re not friends because if we were, I would get totally stressed out about what to get you for your birthday!!! Seriously, I ‘d start thinking about it in March and I wouldn’t have decided before mid- July.

    But maybe you wouldn’t mind all that much & wait for me patiently to come up with the perfect gift…~~~

    Anyway, it looks like I won’t be singing Happy Birthday to you this year… Of course I would, George, if I had your number or you were here with me. I can be upset with someone and still be truly generous on birthdays. Not in a fake way, no- I ‘m just very aware of time….{…is it possible that Madonna gets me better than you?…} …No matter what you think of me and how long I take to get over things, I ‘m extremely aware that there’s more to this life than posting my frustration here…

    Enjoy your B-day. Do something incredibly fun & crazy!


  62. OK, I have to admit, this is not working out for me. And I have a few options here… one is to keep it all inside like I do sometimes… not very healthy… the other one is to drop hints which to express what is going on… the third is to just tell you exactly how I feel. I believe in being direct, even though sometimes I am not. But the truth is I only play games with those who play games with me. For some people, it is their only way to communicate, for some reason they just need to hide from ecveryone and themselves ad infinitum.

    Well, I won’t be doing that here. Because I have tried to do that so many times in the past and it never worked out. Though in this case, things are a bit more complicated because I have on a few occasions tried to be totally honest and that didn’t work out either. Like in 2006, when I was being very badly treated on Planet George by some of your fans, I attempted to say what was behind my angry comments. Actually, I only mentioned the phonecalls, Actually, wait, I didn’t say “George, I am upset about the silent phonecalls, please don’t do that anymore”. I should have said that. {because after a while, it wasn’t exciting anymore… it felt like you were playing games with me…}

    Instead, I said and I quote(myself):

    “No, seriously, I don’t know what I was thinking all these years, even yesterday. All of a sudden, I see the light, I was completely wrong about him. He couldn’t possibly share my feelings and treat me this way.

    And you know, this is laughable now, but I thought he sang For The Love Of You for me(also Edith And The Kingpin tho I don’t like that one, the lyrics are unkind in many instances). And I was certain the only reason he didn’t release For The Love Of You thru his website was cause the night before I addressed him on my blog and said some things that must have pissed him off. I was so certain he read that. But no, I guess I was wrong about that too…and so many other things…like those silent phonecalls. I had posted my number on Aegean in October 2002 as a joke to someone, without area/country code. A few days later, I started receiving silent phonecalls…I intuitively felt it was him(given he had access to my IP address thru the system). Even tho it’s an extremely immature thing to do and a true adult like George would never do that. How silly of me to think all those phonecalls were made by him. It must have been a horrible coincidence. So now, on top of everything else, I have to discover who made all those phonecalls cause there were too many. I have changed my number twice since then…sometimes I still get silent phonecalls/messages on my voicemail. I think it makes sense that there is someone from my past who is obsessed with me(or maybe there’s more than one person). And because of too many weird occurences all these years(mainly metaphysical experiences but not only), I thought it was George. How ridiculous of me!

    I guess we are perfect strangers in this lifetime and all others. Well, in many ways, that’s a relief. There are many things about him I don’t like/connect with.

    So there must be someone else out there for me. I ‘m sure when I meet him, I ‘ll completely forget all this madness. I ‘ll even have a good laugh about it all.


    Well, this is not a way to resolve situations. So now, I ‘m gonna try to say this differently. George, you know I can’t prove anything about those phonecalls, nor do I wish to. I just wish you had used my phone numbers for the reason I had given them to you- to talk. It’s not as scary as you might think. We could have talked and… who knows what might have happened… I think you would have greatly benefited emotionally from that. But you got scared… and to some extent, I felt you were punishing me too… What for… well, I don’t know, maybe you have had unpleasant visions of past-life stuff that happened between us, like me? Or maybe you believe I said things on the forums I shouldn’t have said? Or, maybe you believe that when a woman says ” I love you” like I said to you on some forum in 2005, that means she must put up with all sorts of abusive treatment from the person she says that to? Well, not in my world, maybe in yours. I so my best to be loving towards others…but also towards myself… and the least I can give myself it perfect honesty. So the way things turned out in this situation were deeply unpleasant. I do take responsibility for not coming to trying to see you in London in the 90s. I did have at least one such chance which I didn’t take. But then I had a dream and I thought I was being asked to stay away at the time… Whatever, that was probably a mistake. But then in 2000 I did sent you a letter expressing everything I ‘d been experiencing. OK< I tried to send it to you through Elton’s Tour manager… and I guess it never got to you… I mean I got it back in the mail via Norway(?!)… Anyway, another mistake I probably made was being on your forums and posting without being strong enough to express the full truth of my experiences and feelings from the beginning… But tell me, would you have done that, if you were in my place? Isn’t that truly difficult when so many people are watching(browsing)? You know how cruel and ignorant some people can be… Also, I was thinking that by keeping everything to myself, i was protecting it… it was like a precious, sacred part of me that I didn’t want people to know about. Because I knew they wouldn’t understand. And I was right, because when I did start revealing stuff, they were mean to me… or tried to ridicule me… But I foolishly thought that you would somehow take responsibility for things… and I waited and waited… and I went away sometimes but then I would always came back…

    And then in 2005, some things happened that you don’t know… as a result, I tried to disconnect from you… No, wait, the first time I tried to truly disconnect was in the nineties…I asked for this healer to help me… then the second time was after I heard Patience. I couldn’t believe you had just released that album. I just felt the whole situation was pointless and so I tried what I considered the best thing for me(and possibly for you)…

  63. {I ‘m sotty about the typos, I ‘m typing rather fast…}

    And then in 2006, I tried to disconnect again… unfortunately, things got messy… I didn’t intend for that to happen… not on a conscious level… So then you released An Easier Affair, the song and the video… That was like too much. I thought, what an a$$hole, is this they guy who likes to come as so sensitive in his ballads? Is this the guy I ‘m asked to love & forgive? Is this how real men behave? So anyway, again I tried to go away… but tell me, it was you who called that night, wasn’t it? That night in July 2006? I felt like it was you… and that you were going through stuff again… and then the whole News OF The World happened… and I came back to support you but I was too angry… so one minute I was supporting you, the next I was needling you… I shouldn’t have done that either… And then the whole mess happened on this blog in late September 2006. And I left after posting a goodbye message… and then four days later I was in London, first day at uni(for the upteenth time) and I was looking for something in the campus shop when I spotted the headlines in the tabloids… I just couldn’t believe it again… I hope my leaving this blog had nothing to do with you driving around that night…? I mean, I don’t know, George, sometimes I feel you really do miss my energy terribly when I ‘m gone… but then maybe I ‘m wrong… maybe there were other things on your mind… Then in late October I dropped out of that university course, i came back to Greece and I found a silent message on my voicemail… I believe it was Sunday, 1 October, very late at night… like two o’ clock in the morning… was it you? That was the day I left for London…

  64. “sotty”??? LOL, maybe I ‘m typing a tad TOO fast. OK, I ‘ll try to pace myself… it’s just that I want to get it all out of my system…

    You know, when I say that I don’t listen to your music anymore, I mean it. I ‘m not saying it to upset you, just so you know what my emotional reality is… And the whole connection feels so different too… it does make me cry often… but then, other times I do feel total apathy… And what I said about asking God to cut off the connection… that’s true again… But deep down I wish I didn’t have to… I wish there was some way everything could be healed… Maybe I cannot totally forgive you but I ‘m doing my best… I ‘m always doing my best… I still wish we could talk, even at this stage… No, I can’t promise it would all be lovey-dovey between us afterwards… Maybe we would just talk and then drift apart… or maybe not… I just don’t know. One way or the other this situation has got to be resolved. Are you willing to resolve it? I am.

  65. I need to say this as well… You know that story that I heard about you before Xmas… OK, I ‘m not gonna tell you every single thing this so-called fan of yours claimed but she did mention that you met in Dallas in 2005, around the time of the gallery opening… or maybe it was on the night of the opening itself… I don’t remember… And then she went on to say all sorts of other things that have allegedly happened between you since then… If it is true, I don’t know… but if it is not, why would people concoct such stories about you? I have heard so many other stories too… and for some stupid reason my intuition is not helping at all…

    The worst part of this for me was that she claimed that you had been posting on Planet George under a certain alias… And that member was quite nasty to me a couple of times… So if it was really you, I don’t know what to think… That would be one of the saddest things for me…

    But ultimately, it is not people who scared me to death and from your heart… They did contribute greatly but ultimately, it was you… the things you did & said…

  66. If there was anyway I could go back in time and relive my life, I would go back in 93 and do everything in my power to meet you in real life. And if I had, there would be no Older and no Patience… and a whole lot of other things… but I ‘m sure there would be other songs that you can’t even begin to imagine right now… And who knows, maybe there would be a certain Crystalline Symphony too…

  67. Calliope,

    I would dream to be loved the way you love him… but I suspect your love gets some pressure for him… it would get pressure for anyone, he may think “God, if I talked to her, imagine what would be then…”
    I know you have to express yourself otherwise you may think you didn’t express the whole truth enough: if you said this or that more, he would “really-really” contact you… but… you know what I think, don’t you?… sometimes there’s being the moment to finally “wash your hands”, and guess you’ve missed that moments or hours too often in your life: your love, your obsession doesn’t let you in peace…

    If I could do anything that would help you… because I really like people like you. But don’t know how to do it… I don’t know either what people have to do to cut “connections” with someone because it’s really a poison to devote yourself to someone who doesn’t care… You search for reasons to justify him through all your life and sometimes you perfectly find them…
    One of the reasons I don’t write to you, Calliope… Just don’t know what to say: when I don’t AGREE with you but perfectly UNDERSTAND you…

  68. So you just want me to agree with you and and do things your way. I ‘m afraid you are rather controlling and patronizing for someone who has a degree in Psychology. I can be controlling too but I ‘m no therapist.

    And anyway, why did you feel the need to tell me all this in public? I ‘m doing so myself because this is the only way to talk to him. Whereas you have my email…Don’t worry, no hard feelings. But this is the end of our interaction. In public & in private.


    See, George, they all think they know best… and they think you don’t care about me and I ‘m just obsessed with you… And that I ‘m putting pressure on you… Whereas you are not putting any on me, right? Or the powers that be, for that matter… Do you want people to believe this about me? Because if you do, then I will have to go away for ever… And this time I will take an oath. I will swear not to talk to you ever again on this blog or anywhere else, online or offline. I will swear to ignore you if you ever come to me and not allow you to see me even if you beg. I will swear on your life & my life. Do you want me to do that? I could even do it before the moon shows up tonight.

  69. Alright Calliope, only I do have a chance for the last speech don’t I😉

    Well, I don’t want you agree with me: really not the case. Just feel peaceful however you do it, because now all your posts show the real mess and torture you’ve lived and still are living through: even a non-professional can see how you’re suffering and may be you just like it, who knows…
    And there are many “controlling” and “patronizing” directions in psychotherapy, if you don’t know (though I’m not a follower, I’m here just like someone who cares for someone else and not a psychotherapist sitting in front: sure everything would be different then, beginning with the price you had to pay for appointment:-)) …..(here I delete things I first wrote by anger, don’t want to make your mood worse… why am I so kind damn it?)

    But what makes me wonder, why shouldn’t I tell you this in public? Is there any secret I uncovered? Any personal harm or hurt? You post a thing what makes me feel your pain and I’m saying “I’d so like to help you”: yeah, real public attack on you!!! Can’t understand… Initially it’s a public place don’t you think? Should I say “sorry to interrupt your and George’s intimate talk”? Where is George, auuu???… Not even funny…

    You say everywhere you like honesty: now come on: do you?? There I said what I wanted with good intentions: didn’t behave ignoring, could just close the page and leave: in real I think you’re not ready to face the truth, and that’s another reason why you keep harassing George (or to be true, I don’t think he’s being harassed at all, or even knows you exist: but that’s my opinion, please don’t agree, you’re welcome).

    Anyway, I HONESTLY like your ideas about main things in George and about life in general, cant keep silent about your high intelligence, and I still like your type of people, and if one day I hear of George and you together, I’ll be very happy.

    Ciao, nice to meet you!

    P.S. You may worry, I part with the hardest feelings in my heart.

  70. George,
    hang in there buddy. I too am struggling with things in life a debilitating injury here in the usa that no-one can seem to fix or will not cos of my crappy health insurance. I am a british girl and a fan of your music.
    stuck in the usa with chronic pain but my specialists are here but there must be others who could help me out there somewhere…………………life is not easy George but please don’t give up —————- George ….please……………lexie

  71. George, it’s too late for either one of us to apologize. Anyway, I’m thinking bout trying to work again, a job, a crappy job. I’ve been listening to all of your music. I kind of feel like I need you right now. I’m not trying to be snotty, but, your voice is beautiful. Will you put out a song for me, so I can help get these tears out better. Please. Please. From a Child. Giselle

  72. Dear George,

    I just want to thank you for the music…for all that powerful inspirational engine.

    I just listened to the version of “Praying For Time” (Live At Abbey Road) from “December Song”.
    It is quite a masterpiece…so much feeling goes into it…
    I know we all envision our own ‘message’ in each song…so I was wondering if you would mind to share what you envision with this marvelous piece.

    Thanks in advance.

  73. Hi George,

    Oz is looking forward to your visit, it has been way too long.
    The weather here is beautiful, and you will be visiting in the middle of summer, so enjoy the long summer days. Travel safe and we will see you in February.

    P.S. Remarkable how can I contact you. You have my email and just wanted to send you something and didnt want to blog it. Can you email me and let me know if possible. Thanks.

  74. The amount of people that actually believe George logs on to read this thread on this particular blog is quite entertaining, actually…

    I can’t believe George Michael is transferring his Perth Australia Concert from Members Equity Stadium which is a beautiful outdoor venue with great acoustics (I saw The Police Reunion Tour there) to the Burswood Dome, which is indoors, hot, stuffy and has the worst acoustics on the planet!!!

    It certainly won’t do his music or reputation any good!

    Move the show back to Members Equity Stadium, or give me my $600 back George! There is no seating or sound that can make the Burswood venue even half decent!!!!

  76. Sorry about the venue change. Blame the promoter. George has a great sound system on this tour. Should sound better than what your previous experiences have been at this venue.

  77. To Everyone,
    My heart just broke again reading these posts. From what I have read, gleaned, etc. George Michael has great empathy for his fans who are obsessed; hence his behavior toward his stalker; he was really kind about it in court. But do you folks really believe that George Michael reads these posts? Don’t you think his friends call or email him? I feel great sympathy for the people who earnestly let out their heart felt feelings here. It’s almost as if some of you are drowning and thus drowning the person trying to assuage you. This is a sad blog. May Day

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