George Escalates Drug-Drive Case To High-Court

This today, in The Sun newspaper.

GEORGE Michael could fight a drug-drive rap claiming he was only charged due to his fame.

The star, 43, is preparing to take the battle to London’s High Court.

Michael was due before magistrates in North London yesterday charged with driving whilst unfit through drugs but the case was suddenly adjourned.

The Sun has learnt he now wants a judicial review of the decision to charge him.

The former Wham! star was arrested in September after being found at the wheel of his Mercedes. Experts believe he will argue others arrested over the same matter were only cautioned.

Top human rights lawyer Paul Gilbert, of Finers, Stephens and Innocent, said: “I’ve never heard of a judicial review in such a matter.

“I suspect they are challenging the decision to charge. Was he charged because his name is George Michael rather than George Bloggs?”

Michael will appear before Brent Magistrates next Wednesday.

I’m not sure about this story. It says George was due in court yesterday. But, previous reports said the case was being heard on the 11 January. So, it could all be rubbish.

If this story is true, though, I’m not sure challenging the police’s decision to charge is going to impress the magistrate particularly. I guess it really depends on whether these is enough evidence to get a conviction. If there is evidence (and evidence does NOT have to include blood/urine tests), then there’s every reason for the police to charge.

The risk with this tactic is that, on the surface, it makes it sound as though George thinks it’s OK to drive under the influence of drugs (which I’m sure he doesn’t actually think); and that this is not a serious matter (which I’m sure he knows it is). Having said that, given that George has already said publically that what happened isn’t a big deal, and shown it through his actions – he’s obviously done his falling asleep thing more than once, maybe his legal team feel they have nothing to lose by pushing hard.

Of course, all this pre-supposes George is guilty. If he’s innocent, or there is insufficient evidence to be able to get a conviction, there’s no reason for him not to fight his corner.

17 thoughts on “George Escalates Drug-Drive Case To High-Court

  1. I am really worried about what might happen!! Please someone tell me that the Police will act honestly. They cannot fabbricate lies!!!

  2. I am sure it will be OK. But, there’s no reason to believe the police will act honestly – they often fabricate evidence.

    I have had it happen to me in court on a driving offence. The police made up loads of rubbish. However, my barrister drove a big truck through all the holes in the police “evidence”, and I was found not guilty.

    It was a big eye opener. Before that, I used to think the police were essentially honest. My barrister told me he thought maybe 10% of the police just completely make up their evidence.

    In Britain, though, we have an adversarial system of justice. That means – it’s not about the truth of what happened. It’s about who puts up the better fight. I guess George can afford rather better lawyers than the prosecution will be putting forward in this case.

  3. In any case revoking his license for a year or two looks like a good idea for all involved. self-assessment capabilities are critical for any driver and his are too shaky ;o)

  4. I come not, friends, to steal away your hearts:
    I am no orator, as Brutus is;
    But, as you know me all, a plain blunt man,
    That love my friend; and that they know full well
    That gave me public leave to speak of him:
    For I have neither wit, nor words, nor worth,
    Action, nor utterance, nor the power of speech,
    To stir men’s blood: I only speak right on;
    I tell you that which you yourselves do know;
    Show you sweet Caesar’s wounds, poor dumb mouths,
    And bid them speak for me: but were I Brutus,
    And Brutus Antony, there were an Antony
    Would ruffle up your spirits, and put a tongue
    In every wound of Caesar, that should move
    The stones of Rome to rise and mutiny.

  5. I believe that George said on the South Bank special that he intended to address this after his tour…so there you go.🙂

  6. Doggie, not sure what you’re saying. George was talking about his legal action against the newspapers that libelled him and Kenny. The lies about George having to pay Kenny to stay with him, after the other lies about him having sex with an old van driver on Hamptead Heath. And also, the stalking photographers.

    He wasn’t talking about being caught falling asleep in his car and driving eratically.

  7. @ Saint Thomas and George:

    Lay on, Macduff, And damn’d be him that first cries, ‘Hold, enough!’

  8. It’s a lamentable sophism. It may be true that George is harassed by paparazzi or by some intruders, but that can not leads you to the complain that you are a victim of the magistrates. Yes, it might by true that your fame or own notoriety can exaggerate the general public perception of your behaviour, but that do not gives you the right to damage or harm somebody’s life, health or assets, just because your a star. Hey, we are talking to you! You do not count yourself among them…

  9. Hey, i’ll tell u something.

    Did you all ever asked yourself by wich people ancestry belongs the two George’s best friends: Tommy Mottola and Rupert Murdoch.
    Yes, they have the common ancestry …. , the one that it said it literary rule the world…. just the same as that one of Woody Allen’s or Steven Spielberg.

    i don’t know, but sometimes a relationship like the christian Mel Gibson – and Steven Spielberg remainds me about that one of George Michael – Rupert Murdoch.


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