How Would You Deal With George?

Let’s assume, just for a minute, that George Michael will be found guilty of the offence of being “unfit to drive through use of drink or drugs” on January 11th.   Now, put yourself in the position of the Magistrate (the judge).   Your job, as Magistrate will be to decide on the penalty to hand out to George.
Some parts of the penalty you have no option over:  the law says you must take away his driving license.   However, in cases where the Magistrate believes that a driving ban is insufficient, the law also gives the option to fine the offender or give them a prison sentence.  The law is that the maximum fine you can impose for this offence is £5,000; and the maximum prison sentence is six months.

So, in the scenario where he is found guilty, what penalty would you, as Magistrate, hand out to try to make George realise that driving under the influence of drink or drugs is unnacceptable to society?

5 thoughts on “How Would You Deal With George?

  1. sure, take away his driving licence not such much time but also not such bit, lets say 6 month, and only that. Because George has not caused pain or lesion to any one so far, and they must be little indulgent…. until ‘some’ recidivism, wich i hope he’ll never do…..

    Then, to convince him, i’ll just press the ‘play’ button to enter the Monkey lines

    love and care as always

  2. If I was a judge, I would give George 120 hours of community service, and a 12 month driving ban. Don’t 4get, no 1 got hurt and of course I would fine him.

  3. I would confiscate all the Cannabies he has got. I would send him in a rehab programme where he can get his body cleased and forbid him to smoke any sort of stuff.

  4. no darlings, if I would be his judge, I prefer to say to him, let me justify my love ( I would be a GM Fan then also) in my options..
    So bring the Freek clothes, bring the chains, bring Kenny if you want to..Then let me punish you…

    But this time

    In my way!!!

    ..”cause it’s a tits and ass world you gotta be prepared”

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