George Plays Gig In Russia – Good Timing!

So, George, played his New Year’s Eve gig in Moscow last night, and collected his cool $5M.

Good timing. With a minimum one-year driving ban looking like a distinct possibility, George might be needing to pay his driver more cash to drive him around, day and night, for quite a while!

11 thoughts on “George Plays Gig In Russia – Good Timing!

  1. I hope that this year George life will be full of Love,Affection and lots lots peace. may The Press leave him alone this year.

  2. Well, you can probably check inside the Magistrates Court on the morning of the 11th,to see when he’s “due on”.

    I should think he will he will have to show up. I say that because I think there’s a maximum sentence for this offence of six months in prison. And, if he was sentenced to prison, he would go to the cells straight away – not at “his convenience”.

    I shouldn’t think it’s likely he would get a prison sentence. However, it does depend on whether the magistrate wants to make an example of him – a fine is clearly no deterrent to someone as rich as George; and neither is a driving ban, because he can so easily afford to pay for a driver.

  3. With Pete Doherty getting away with warning after warning after warning when he’s been arrested several times with all kinds of heavy gear in his possession I think it’s highly unlikely that George will have to go to prison. That would be totally absurd. He will lose his driver’s license for sure however, which is a good thing.
    I find the “unfit to drive” charge very intriguing (as opposed to DUI). His blood was tested, so marihuana or alcohol would have been detected. So that leaves the question what happened.

  4. Eva,

    I guess it depends what the precise charge is. If it is – “Driving or attempting to drive when unfit to drive through drink or drugs”, then the following applies:

    o Obligatory disqualifaction from driving (at least 12 months)

    o Six months in prison or £5,000 fine – or both

    o Penalty points on license

    The key point here is that blood tests are completely irrelevant with the “unfit to drive” charge. What counts is whether there is evidence of your ability to drive being impaired. Acceptable evidence includes things like erratic driving, being unconscious at the wheel etc.

  5. It was other drugs (prob GBH as they make you sleepy) that they found in his system.The police are very busy,they must of just got the drug test back.
    He will enjoy getting “banged up” in the Scrubs.
    In fact he will be a godsend!

  6. Just the idea that they might send him to prison makes me Sick,Vomit and stop eating forever. I cannot believe that they might consider it. It is revolting. It would break my heart into peaces. It would destroy me inside. All I can do is to pray, yes, the Rosary is powerful.

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