George Michael US Tour To Be Cancelled?

I am not a lawyer, but it looks there could be a major issue if, on January 11 2007, George Michael is convicted of being unfit to drive through use of drugs. What would that issue be? Well, it looks like being convicted of this particular offence may have the effect of automatically ensuring refusal of visas for the United States. This would mean no US Tour.

(Update: It seems that being found unfit to drive through use of drugs, where no-one was injured, have historically not been considered serious enough to make someone  inadmissible to the US. So, it there could be a good chance everything would be OK as far as the US tour.)

31 thoughts on “George Michael US Tour To Be Cancelled?

  1. Well, at least Robbie Williams can come and go as he pleases. Maybe we can convince him to take over….like an understudy. Robbie Williams’ “Just George” tour coming to a bar near you…

  2. I’m not a lawyer either, but over the years, if the Americans had refused work visas to every pop star who had a record for possession of drugs…no English pop stars would ever have played there. It’s a shame they can’t release the dates and start selling some US tickets BEFORE 11th Jan. When the Yanks see how much money they would be getting in taxes etc, I’m sure they’d ‘bend the rules’ for George…like they do for any other pop star.

  3. Oh Bite Me… as an American, I can say with a great level of certainty that any possible conviction that George might have on his record for being unfit to drive isn’t going to cause the cancelation of a US Tour.

  4. And as another American, let me agree and add to Evelyn’s comments that Robbie couldn’t even come close! We’re just waiting for the announcement, which appears now to be scheduled for sometime aftr January 11!

  5. America is all about the dollar so unless George gets sent to jail for being unfit to drive due to simulaneously smoking crack off the dashboard of his range rover, America isn’t going to stop him from touring here.

  6. Being that George was tested and had no drugs or alcohol in his sytem, I’m guessing this will be a minor offense hardly resulting in any visa issues. Me hopes….

  7. @Remarkable… If I could influence George through my posts here then here goes another…..

    George, get your newly trimmed bod across the Atlantic already and pay me a visit! I’ll have some rough trade waiting for ya.

  8. Doggie Lover, I’m not in the know. I suspect, though, they will have to wait until after January 11 to announce the plans for the US tour. If the Magistrate decides to act like a complete bastard, he/she could do something stupid like throw George in jail for a short time.

    If you think Magistrate’s aren’t bastards/bitches, and don’t overdo the punishments, you’re wrong. Some of these people *really* don’t like people with money. A friend of mine was recently in court on a driving offence. The normal punishment would have just been points on the license and a fine. However, my friend is a multi-millionaire, and the Magistrate clearly thought that points and a fine wouldn’t alter his behaviour. She said something like – “I think you can easily afford a employ a driver, so I’m taking your license away.”

    If George happens to get some psycho-bitch-homophobic magistrate for his case, then they could say – “Well, you already employ a driver, but you don’t appear to use him, do you? And, the maximum fine for this offence is nothing to you. Also, I’ve noticed that you have publically stated that what happened is not a serious matter. So, I’m afraid I’m going to have to send you to jail for a while to try to make you realise your behaviour is highly dangerous and unacceptable. Take him down.”

  9. Hope that won’t happen. In order for George to get denied a visa to the US, it would have to be classified as a “felony”, this would be more along the lines of a “misdemeanor”.

  10. I’m told it’s highly unlikely George will be denied a visa. Other people in similar situations have not been denied visas. However, being found guilty of this offence is technically grounds for refusal of entry into the United States.

  11. 10 January 2007
    George Michael pleads not guilty

    LONDON (Reuters) – Pop star George Michael on Wednesday denied being unfit to drive after being found slumped over the wheel of his car in London last year.

    The singer was arrested and cautioned after being found in his car and in possession of cannabis.

    Michael, born George Panayiotou, was not at Brent Magistrate’s Court to enter his plea, with his lawyer acting on his behalf.

    According to a court official, the case resumes on March 7, and a trial date has been set for April 23, when the 43-year-old former Wham! frontman will be expected to attend. He is charged with being unfit to drive.

  12. “remarkable” (or anyone), what do you think now that he’s been charged and has a march court date – would that definitely mean no US tour? ugh. thanks.

  13. Given that there have been no announcements, I think we now have to assume that there won’t be any US Tour confirmed before this court case is out of the way.

    So, I guess they could possibly announce US dates in May/June, with dates towards the end of the year.

  14. Marisa, what makes you think Remarkable knows the answer to that? Personally I hadn’t expected any dates to be announced by now, court case or no court case.
    And I still don’t see why George having his license revoked would influence his plans. It’s not exactly the Michael Jackson case all over.

  15. Marj – so… when do you expect George to announce his US tour dates?

    Of course this is nothing like the Michael Jackson case. However, you’re living in fantasy land if you think this court case hasn’t affected George’s plans.

  16. Am I? I’m saying there’s no proof it has affected his plans – and until someone explains to me why I’m still not seeing it. This US tour was indeed rumoured to be “early” 2007. However, that was never confirmed. So if indeed he will announce a US tour for the second half of this year, there’s still no way to know if this case has anything to do with that OR that it was originally planned like that. Unless of course, George decides to talk about it later on.
    And to answer your question, I’ve never expected any announcement at all before the end of Feb or in March. I just don’t see George dealing with that so soon after his European tour – whatever rumours there might have been.

  17. I agree with Marj on this. It was assumed a tour would take place as soon as the album was released in the US. No one ever confirmed a time frame for a tour…we just barely have reason to believe one will happen at all. And if it is Spring, as rumoured, that would be late April to late June. It is very possible that the only plans George had were for his own rest and relaxation until winter was officially over- and the court case would not interfere too much with those plans.

  18. thanks everyone for your responses. I was just fishing for “feelings” on what you think might happen.
    what I DO know – oct. news from straight from george’s management (friend of a friend): if he does tour, he will do 7 US cities. so there’s a little tid bit of info. for you.

  19. Yeah, that’s correct. What I DO know straight from his manager -from Andy Stephens- is that there’s NO US tour plans yet! AT ALL. Sorry…

  20. I hope he comes to the states. I would love to him tour again. If does get convicted he still can tour he wouldn’t have to drive. I hope he comes

  21. It’s hard for me to take seriously the belief that he might have trouble entering the U.S. because of his arrest/drug problems. He spends a lot of time here and owns a large estate in the posh section of Dallas or thereabouts. Frankly, I have a hard time imagining U.S. customs and government being succesesful and keeping him out or even wanting to. He’s rich and, for better or worse, that’s what counts around here.

  22. Not to be argumentative, but according to George himself, he spends little time anywhere outside London, he rarely comes to his TOWNHOUSE/CONDO in Dallas, where Kenny spends more times although it seems they both were there last week for a short time. It’s now hard to understand why George would be interested in Dallas, not really your cultural mecca, a bastion of Southern Conservatism. Don’t think “Shoot the Dog” was real popular there.

    George would be like any other person coming to the US from the UK, show your passport, go thru the lines, etc.

  23. @ Ann and AA: I heard the condo was sold but who knows. I’ve heard GM say good things about Dallas — it’s nice and cultured if you’re rich and well, Texans are known to be friendly and warm (in a phony kind of way but whatever). Something tells me that the $1 million “gift” GM bought Kenny for his birthday or whatever just a few months ago was a large estate in Highland Park — a very well to do area around Dallas. In fact, it was so well-to-do, the W. Bush family were also househunting there and were about the buy an estate just across the street from our lovely pair. I’m sure they have since changed their minds!

  24. This isn’t an estate. The house is ~6000 square feet on a fairly small lot in an upscale subdivision.

  25. At this point, I just want to hear whether US dates are gonna happen or not. The speculation started off being exciting and now its just getting tiresome. George, just decide if your gonna do it, gets the dates set in stone and then announce them. Period.

  26. AA said: This isn’t an estate. The house is ~6000 square feet on a fairly small lot in an upscale subdivision.

    REPLY: so it’s like those McMansions that are popping up all over america? Giant, too big for surrounding lot, and crass. But hey, property values sure go up and they have good resale value. Somehow I don’t see GM and Kenny getting one of these, especially in a subdivision that, like most subdivisions, is filled with heteros and their offspring. I mean, i guess those two can be quite domestic, but come on!

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