George Charged With Being Unfit To Drive

Singer George Michael has been charged by police with being unfit to drive, it has emerged.

Following an incident in his car in north London in October, the star, 43, was arrested on suspicion of being unfit to drive and possessing drugs.

He was cautioned for possessing cannabis, but only charged with the driving offence just before Christmas, Metropolitan Police have confirmed.

He will appear at Brent Magistrates’ Court in London on 11 January.

The singer was arrested after motorists called police to report a car causing an obstruction at traffic lights in Cricklewood.

He was later cautioned for drug possession and released on police bail pending further inquiries on his fitness to drive.

In February, Mr Michael was cautioned by police for possessing cannabis after being found in his car at Hyde Park Corner, central London.

[Via the BBC]

3 thoughts on “George Charged With Being Unfit To Drive

  1. I wonder if George himself will have to be in Court . I live just around there and I would like to be able to support him in person if he goes to Brent Court, do you know what time he or someone on his behalf will be there

  2. Do not worry, next time George will actually drag the driver too into the bushies, just for not being boring…

    Last time he clearly said he didn’t have any kind of drugs or alcohol in his car, not even a trace…, no, not at all!

    let’s have an honest year.

    all of us.



  3. George tells so many lies,its hard to know when he tells the truth.
    So he WAS driving while under drugs.

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