Happy Christmas Everyone!


Christmas snow



To all the readers of Remarkable’s Buzzin’ Blog

Have a very merry Christmas

With best wishes from









15 thoughts on “Happy Christmas Everyone!

  1. Thanks so much Remarkable!!!

    Have a Happy Christmas and enjoy the holidays.

    And to our George, too.

  2. Hanukkah’s over, dude! I think *someone* needs to take a cultural diversity class. Happy Christmas.😉

  3. I’m sure Remarkable won’t mind me using this space for a little Special Wish.

    Messaggio di auguri per St. Thomas (Tom)

    Caro Tom,

    come si dice: “A Natale siamo tutti piu’ buoni” e allora perche’ non sepellire l’ascia di guerra e farti un sincero augurio?

    Spero che tu trascorra un sereno Natale e che l’anno nuovo sia per te spumeggiante e pieno di meravigliose sorprese.

    Auguri di cuore e baci dalla tua MissFreeek (con la quale la natura – a dire il vero – e’ stata un pizzico piu’ generosa di quanto tu creda…)

  4. I hope everyone had a happy one , yes?🙂

    I had a 50-50 one…:/

    improving though gggggggggggggggg me!

  5. @ Miss Freeek
    Is that something that I have to understand????

    By the way happy holiday season everyone

  6. Please tell Santa to make it stop snowing. I think too many people in Colorado asked for a white Christmas, and it’s gotten waaaaay out of hand.

  7. belated Crimbo wishes to everyone – hope you all had a good one – and a good Christmas too?!!😀😉 xxx… Much L & R ((((Nufaro))))

  8. Say the Happy BELATED Christmasses to the GEORGE PANY and the Happy Pappa Panos and the MELLY Panos and the YIODA Panoses…. 😀

    ….and the Puppies and four legged Family Members.

    Happy PUMPY in the New Year ! 😀

    LOL !!!!!

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