George Began To Pump Kenny’s Penis…

 Yes it’s true.  It’s one of George’s many hobbies…

“Unable to control himself any longer, Kenny let out a long groan and soon felt his own semen shoot out, hitting his chest, the sheets, and his chin. Soon after, George was coming too and Kenny wished he never put the condom on him because he wanted so desperately to feel George shoot inside of him.”

If you love anal sex, George Michael, Kenny Goss,  semen splattering onto various assorted body parts, and Kenny tossing used condoms into the waste basket… then Yogchick’s blog may be just what you’re looking for!


82 thoughts on “George Began To Pump Kenny’s Penis…

  1. Probably not the best thing to read at 9.42am on a Sunday… oh well, I think I’ll skip breakfast this morning!!

  2. Wonderful !

    You people are just brilliant! and sweet too.

    I think the peolpe who do not like this kind of articles are bad, aggressive, narrow-minded, quite sick. and stupid too.

    come one remarkable, show us more sweet and lovely words like this. You are such a sweet person, and i’m glad you done such a wonderful surprise and pleasure to George, you are a genius. But i must say (s)he, m(r)s Yogchick excel you, by far…..

    Come on, i expect more of this from you and Yogchick, to make George so happy, and kenny (wow!) a little ‘ashamy’ with a red colour in his cheeks, as you never could believe. He is so sweet!

    We, all gay people wish to see a lot of this tenderhearted stuff, to enjoy it and have to a splendid pleasure…. every day… and sperm everywhere, all over the monitor….. and all over you ….. all , lovers and friends…. to make George so happy and keep his sane senses, i bet he likes us sooooooo much! And thanks to you guys, but firstly you , remarkable and Yogchick, you are phenomenal!

    And i guess all the people who do not taste this kind of things are so evil, narrow mainded, such a “negative” people, and aggressive, and without them, i don’t know, but i feel the world could be a better and safety place….

    WE, gay people want to see the beauty of spermscape everywhere, and to make George and his trailer man so pleased.

    And WE don’t understand why the rest of the people do not taste that, do not feel like that, . WE want to see a lot of penises, asses and semen here, everywhere, anywhere all over the net, no matter the other ‘heterosexual’ people consider this foul or ugly or some tasteless, we want and yes!, we have the right to show to the whole world how marvelous are those ‘back’ beauties , and we are very ASSured that George is quite delighted with that, no matter in one of his latest concert he clearly avoided, in the presence of his father, to pronounce ‘My mother had…..‘ or to articulate how a “happy gay man he is”…..

    We are delirious happy to enjoy those delicatessen everywhere and all over those beauty blogs, and we are grateful to you mr remarkable and, of course, to you – the magician Yogchick. The world is a lovely and safety place

    YEEEEESS !!! Ass holes and sperm everywhere ! we luv u.

  3. I think it would be hard to be a George Michael fan and homophobic.

    You rant did make me laugh though… “Ass holes and sperm everywhere!!!” LOL.

    Keep up the good work!

  4. did you mean ‘heterophobic’ ?

    cos i think WE, all the gay people, do not care and it really do not matter if the “heterosexuals” usually consider any kind of pure and overt exhibitionism of their own sex as some ugly or disgraceful, a little nasty thing, a badly go, or a little aggression to some ‘other’ people , i think Yes ! WE have the right to show any kind of sexual opulent matter as it comes, from our free imagination, no matter what, just because we truly believe and understand the human rights.

    simple as that

    sweet kisses to you all darlings!

  5. julie darlin’,

    no matter you don’t understand me, you must understand Yogchick, and i think that is more easy for most of you, i guess

    Long live to the human gay rights!

    p.s.: …. and don’t forget…. sperm everywhere ! Oh, you must be delighted.

  6. I am an active gay rights advocate but that does not prevent me from calling this tasteless (which it is).

  7. Very tastless indeed.
    Some people are hopeless!
    Go begging at Murdoch’s door, you’re absolutely right for the job

  8. You’re perfectly right but this attitude is what a call double standard.
    It’s your blog, you choose the focus of
    discussion and, sorry, but it seems to me that your recent ‘outrage’ against tabloids and paparazzi was
    I don’t understand why affecting people’s privacy spreading fictional stories
    about their lifes is unacceptable (and rightly so) when that happens in the Sun or The Daily Mail or whatever, and then you ‘judge’ the same thing funny and entertaining in stuff like the part of Yogchick’s blog that you’ve reprinted.
    This entry is absolutely tasteless but you can’t be wrong this is the matter of the question.
    You’ve only interested in having the last word I’m afraid!

  9. Yes Mister last and unfamous word
    I’ll do right so
    but you’re only a man-in-the-street
    whatever LOL
    what a clichè you are

  10. Am I the only one who thinks empty charm’s posts above sound a bit like the random spam messages I receive in my inbox? I agree, Julie– I haven’t a clue what those messages say, but for some reason I snicker🙂

  11. Errrrrrrrrrrrr… Saint Thomas… I am not spreading lies about George Michael in the way that the newspapers do.

    In this post, I was pointing to Yogchick’s blog which contains some fictional stories about George Michael. I believe it’s obvious to anyone, even someone with low intelligence, that these are works of fiction. This is nothing to do with lies that the press print. There is no double standard. I find it hard to believe you can’t understand this – it’s really very simple.

    As for the post being tasteless… well that’s a subjective judgement. I’m afraid I disagree; although I do understand why some people would be offended by it.

  12. ok. i am very new here but i’d like to say that i was amazed when i first came across this stuff on the web. it was actually a few days ago. i was like “??? what is happening here?” but i now am happy to realize that it is a source of distress for many. i just think that whether it is to the taste of others or not, it is VERY PRIVATE-TYPE material, even though it is not true. not to mention the fact that it is syrup for people who are desperately looking for something to lash at Georg. it is very goood material to interfere with Georg. i think it is not something a “fan” would do. so im wondering now. it is too disrespectful from my veiw, not to mention that alot of it seems so un-Georg.

  13. Trinkitty, you’re entitled to your opinions – these are as valid as everyone else’s. And, you are free to express your opinions here too – there is no censorship of people’s opinion’s on this blog, as there is in some other George-Michael-related places on the Internet.

    What I would say, though, is that the well-worn “true fan” vs “so-called fan” nonsense doesn’t wash with me at all. I also have no idea what the word “un-George” means. What was it George said? Oh yeah, “free chat, fuck that – get a little harder…”

  14. I’ve only just manage to catch up with all the latest entries – wow! I really like this one! Excellent! And well done Yogchick! I knew there had to be some talent, there…

  15. @remarkable
    If you read my entries do you discover that I’ve written that you printed
    lies like tabloids did in past months?
    No way
    I’ve simply noticed that you’ve find yogchick’s ‘fictional’ stories worth of spreading
    Evidently your high level of intelligence is so much better than mine that you read in my mind
    All this stuff is not about what level of ‘bona fide’ fan we are… you missed the point
    It’s simply a question of respect between persons

    @ trinkitty
    What a refreshing entry! Thank you
    Exactly my thinking I subscribe your point of view: entirely

  16. What an interesting discussion. While some of you may be worried that the tabloids might pick up on it, my response is: What?! The fictional stories are written in an almost generic, predictable manner so there’s not much juice there. The most a tabloid could learn from them is that GM is a very attentive, excellent sex partner … something they must have already surmised.

    As for the blog being tasteless — again, what?! It’s pretty much clearcut straightforward gay sex in the most generic sense. If you find it tasteless, then you must find gay sex tasteless.

    Thanks to everyone else for their support, especially Remarkable.

    Next story: GM shags a woman!

  17. @ Yogchick
    “Next story: GM shags a woman!”
    Wow what a thrill!
    If you don’t mind I find the perspective of you writing about this tasteless too and not because it’s about ‘sex’: you miss the point again

  18. @Saint Thomas

    You said:

    “If you read my entries do you discover that I’ve written that you printed lies like tabloids did in past months?”

    Well, here’s what you wrote:

    “Go begging at Murdoch’s door, you’re absolutely right for the job”… “This attitude is what a call double standard.” … “I don’t understand why affecting people’s privacy spreading fictional stories
    about their lifes is unacceptable when that happens in the Sun or The Daily Mail or whatever, and then you ‘judge’ the same thing funny and entertaining in stuff… that you’ve reprinted.”

    So, I think the conclusions I’ve drawn from your posts are broadly true. However, you are wrong. There is no double standard.

    Here’s the difference. The tabloid press prints defamatory lies about George Michael’s life, as though they were true. An example of such a lie would be that George had to pay Kenny a million pounds to stay with him, after the press stories about George cruising.

    Whereas, on this blog post, I simply pointed to a piece of what is clearly “fan fiction”, that describes George Michael and Kenny Goss having sex.

    There are no similarities between the two. I don’t understand why you would think that pointing to Yogchick’s blog is disrespectful to George. Also, I find it hard to believe George cares about this – it’s totally irrelevant to his life.

  19. @ remarkable
    Obviously I’m wrong
    You know what I exactly think, you know what is disrespectful to George and what make difference in his life, you know all
    Excuse me I’m fool how can I dare to think that you’re not absolutely right in what you think or do
    Go on that way
    I have better things to do frankly

  20. Actually Yogchick/Patty this would be tasteless if it were a heterosexual encounter so don’t use that “you find gay sex tasteless” line.

  21. @AA: HUH? HOw would it be tasteless if it were a heterosexual encounter? Why would we judge it any differently? Also, I’d be particularly interested in knowing exactly what parts of the stories you find “tasteless”? Is it the butt-fucking, the lubrication, fellatio, flying semen, several mentions of pre-cum,or all of the above?

    To conclude: there is nothing in my stories that could hurt GM or even Kenny. I make it very clear with the disclaimer at the top of every entry that this is pure fiction and the only source is my imagination. I hardly think Rupert Murdoch’s papers have anything to go on in my entries. If his journalists wanted to “invent” GM stories, they’be be better of looking at gay porno sights for fresh ideas. Or they could get the DVD of BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN.

  22. To clarify: When the Sun or The Mirror print certain stories, they already know they are lying while claiming to tell the truth. That’s what makes it wrong. With my blog entries, on the other hand, I make no pretense to reality and, in fact, emphatically state that this is pure fiction even if some of the characters are real people.

  23. “butt-fucking, lubrication, fellatio, flying semen”

    Dont worry, thats nothing the whole fabric of was in uproar over a pair of “Pink Shorts”.
    In certain parts of the world the word “pink” is censored.

  24. @Yogchick- I can’t figure out if Kenny’s pre-cum is tasteless, or if this head cold is just dulling my senses.

  25. The need of all these meticulous drawings of George’s supposedly sexual encounters show the fact that people
    so ‘ecstatic’ about them (and ‘the writer’ in particular obviously) are the magnificent owners of a ruinos personal sexal life otherwise the don’t get any satisfaction in this type of ‘material’
    It’s simply as that
    Plenty of therapists in this world you know?

  26. You know, Saint Thomas – your ludicrously clumsy attempts to analyse all the deranged junk of this thread, make the above even more hilarious than anyone could have possibly imagined.

    Keep up the good work!

  27. @ Miss Freeek
    Did you call your therapist already?
    I’m glad that you appreciate, cheers

  28. Lol Saint Thomas! Actually, I hope you don’t mind, I will call you “Tom” – as we’re among friends, here.

    So… Tom: I wonder why you would choose to use a sentence like: “Did you call your therapist already?”, obviously “talking down” to anyone who is in therapy – LIKE GEORGE, for instance?

    I think George would find your attitude much more hurting and offensive than Yogchick’s innocent cum-taste talk…

  29. @ Miss Freeek

    I do believe that you simply adore to ‘judge’ every
    argumentation that you don’t like with a deterior connotation (Remarkable docet)
    I’ve no problem with that attitude obvioulsy
    It seems to me that I’ve pointed that therapy is an healthy practice, don’t I?
    As for George I’m convinced that he’s perfectly able to speak his mind for himself you know?
    Plenty of interviews about his sexual life and about his therapy
    Don’t you find of some ‘relevance’ the fact that he got into descriptive details about his theraphy several times and never about his sexual life
    Sorry I’m still a fool here, I forgot that you are in the league of George’s interpreters
    We ‘humble people’ simply don’t understand

    Peace, love or nothing at all
    (I’ve a strange feeling that I’ve already heard that sentence, but I can’t really remember who said that
    Maybe you can help me)


  30. @Saint Thomas

    George has never said anything personal about what he does with his dick? Are you sure?

    I distinctly remember him saying words to the effect of (not exact quotes), “I think it’s my duty to cum as many times as possible before I die” and, “I used to like to wank over fantasies of nuns with their tits out.” And… “My criteria for fucking random guys is if they’re recommended to me as being cool and tasty, and having a big knob.” Or even, “I wasn’t sure Kenny was gay on the first date… but on the second date, I was very sure. I was so excited fucking him that I couldn’t feel any pain from my injured leg…”

    George has also said words to the effect of, “I know I talk too much about the details my sex life – my friends are always saying, ‘Ewwwww… Too much information, George!'”

  31. Awww – that’s quite allright, Tom. No need to apologise for your supposedly small intellect. It’s not your fault. However, you may find that discussing your low self-esteem issue with a therapist, could have a positive impact on your life.

    I’d be more than happy to reccomend my therapist to you.

  32. @ Miss Freeek

    It depends you know if you have to think and speak only for yourself like I do even a small intellect can be enough
    If you believe that your opinion is universal and however valid (like you and your “associates” do) even several brains can be unsuccessful
    Maybe nature has been so ungenerous with you that it’s hard for you to struggle and when you have no argumentation you slip inesorably into insult

    Are you confirming my theory here?
    You’re a fabulous interpreter but still the fact is that you only can remember “words to the effect of”
    You can only ‘dream’ of being smart, but you’ll never know hold on

  33. @Saint Thomas.

    These were almost exact quotes. You are just plain wrong on this point, I’m afraid.

    As for your insult about my intellect… Oh dear… that really is pathetic, in the true sense of the word. *Surely* you can do better than that!

    By the way, I wanted to say to you…

    Yo mama so greasy she used bacon as a band-aid!


  34. Tom says:

    “Maybe nature has been so ungenerous with you that it’s hard for you to struggle and when you have no argumentation you slip inesorably into insult”

    Well, Tom, I’m afraid, you’re once again mistaken. But don’t let *me* try and convince you with my universally valid thoughts. Let’s Tom speak for himself…

    Tom says: “(To Remarkable) Evidently your high level of intelligence is so much better than mine that you read in my mind”

    And again, Tom says: “Excuse me I’m fool how can I dare to think that you’re not absolutely right in what you think or do
    Go on that way
    I have better things to do frankly” (but yet – Tom is still wasting his time here… Hmmm)

    And finally, Tom says: “Sorry I’m still a fool here, I forgot that you are in the league of George’s interpreters
    We ‘humble people’ simply don’t understand”

    It seems quite evident from your own words, that you find it hard to grasp people’s thoughts, around here… And as for who is insulting who – well, I’m not sure what that “nature has been so ungenerous” comment, is trying to do – if not insult me…

    Good job I’m not easily offended, then! LOL!

  35. Miss Freek darling,
    me offend you? Naaaaahhhh
    How can I ‘insult’ someone that don’t exist

    I’m human and fallibile and I speak for myself

    You’re divine and infallibile despite the nature being ungenerous with you so…

    I have to understand still how you and your master managed to think using your genitals, maybe that’s the reason why we don’t understand each other
    My humble self is glad to use his brain for thinking and his ‘important equipment’ for his enjoyement you know

  36. I think we could all use (another) laugh right about now. Remarkable, could you fix this so that people can just click on the video?

  37. That show exactly your level mr. remarkable in changing my entries you have shown you real nature don’t you
    Poor thing

  38. Saint Thomas Says:
    December 20th, 2006 at 10:06 pm

    Remarkable dear,

    I have a tiny cock.


    Awwww Tom… never mind! I’m sure you’re proud of your pickled mini gherkin. Good on ya – mate!

  39. And now that you’ve so clearly printed “lies”
    in changing completely what I’ve written before
    that make you simimilar to tabloids
    You can’t change the hard reality
    You’re a liar and like I’ve said and your making confirmed shortness shows clearly not only in your brain
    Go on show your crew your ‘real’ self

  40. I did not print “lies”.

    You said that I changed your “entries” – plural.

    I changed one *entry* – singular. The original entry suggested that I had a small dick. I simple edited the post to say that *you* have a small dick. That’s hardly censoring your opinions, is it?

  41. “Trinkitty, you’re entitled to your opinions – these are as valid as everyone else’s. And, you are free to express your opinions here too – there is no censorship of people’s opinion’s on this blog, as there is in some other George-Michael-related places on the Internet.”

    You don’t do this obviously and now feel free to ban me if you like but you don’t even vaguely know what freedom of speech is when happens that others opinion don’t coincide with yours and that was my point right from the beginning

    Good night


    People are free to voice their opinions. So, don’t give me the free speech sob story.

    People are not free to post random insults to people – which in case you hadn’t noticed, is what you were doing.

    The above is in accordance with Educational Decree Number Thirty Two

    Hem hem…

  43. My two cents is as follows: Anyone offended by Yogchick’s blog or this entry probably have a harder time being GM fans than is worth it in the end. What do you do when you watch/read an interview where George lets whatever is in his head come out of his mouth without any consideration for the consequences? Put your fingers in your ears and go “la la la” or cover your eyes? It’s with this like with everything else: If you don’t like it, don’t watch/read it. Simple.

  44. @knobby

    I do agree perfectly that is people’s choice to read and watch or not what others (including George) say or
    write, obviously
    This is not what we’re discussing here
    In my opinion the matter is simply that someone (me including) think that George’s is entitled to talk about his sexual life or narrate his life in general ‘cos that’s actually ‘his life’
    (and it seems to me that he’s perfectly capable to do so)
    We had all these “funny or entertaining speculations’ (principally in the opinion of their authors)
    and we apparently don’t have the right to ‘judge’ them
    tastless ‘cos, incidentally, the owner of this blog don’t agree
    So (we’re in democracy don’t we) the next phase is
    that the glorious and ‘remarkable’ owner of this blog
    (who incidentally was the first to insult me) changed the entry that I’ve posted and given that he can bare
    the perspective of being deprived of the last word
    threatened to ban me
    He can do what he want obviously but unlike him I don’t feel the need to change the cards on the table to appear ‘better’ than I’m
    He can amend my entry then do the same with his entries
    and then if don’t suffice strike me to silence
    Ok I’m not interested but his attitude speaks for him
    I’ve no problem at all with George’s behaviour just
    for make it clear, he can do what he wants with his life
    like everyone else

  45. Thanks Knobby for your support.
    I just want to make clear that I have only but good (and naughty) intentions when I write about a GM sex fantasy. I try to portray GM as an attentive, generous, amazing lover whose very sexiness is hard to resist. I hardly think GM (or most people) would find that insulting. In fact, in certain ways I’m complimenting him with my assumptions. Anyone who can sing and write music like him must be or probably is quite the rock star in bed. 😉

  46. Tom! So you haven’t been banned after all. Out of curiosity, may I ask you which one is the post that you are alleing Remarkable “modified” and how did he do so??

  47. not tasteless in content, but pathetic in attitude I would personally say, if it’s only self indulgent… and I’m missing something… it might be! LOL…

    still it might be useful, even educative as someone mentioned in the oficial forums… but it can only get marked class B in my books and nothing can make it class A so to speak. I can’t help seeing attitude before content… no matter how rich that may be *eek* lol that’s what makes it class B…. and not C or lower… lol… I might be wrong and misunderstand some things… but if I have to give my opinion, this is it, just before anybody askes me, which I doubt though, lol, I won’t reply anything in any other moment because I’m saying all like this here at onces… I think I don’t forget anything, oh well whatever, that I chose amongst everywhere that this discusion has taken place. *frown*
    Feel very honoured and priveledge about Mr Remarkable! you’ve been definitely chosen to hold my opinion…. arghhh. I chose you because you don’t make lots of sortening off unless stricly necessary me thinks, unless I’m wrong.

  48. and I’m feeling quite off right now, as if my mind had just had the orgasm that it was needing, go figure *chuckle*

    yo wizards and witches! *frown* *puke*

  49. Oh my God. I was not around for a looong time ago.
    Huhh, it’s been interesting to read you all again.
    I wiil inform George about this later, you bet.

    Dear Empty Charm, so you are a gay person! I did not knbow that. I see your points now clearly..

    Yogchick, you are darling such a’s exciting to read your blog, hm..

    Remarkable, dear,..I only miss our Billy Bigknob. where is he and his nasty comments about the man himself?

    i found this GM’s world very…touching. i think Yog will probably find it laughable. but that quite alright. You guys are fun! And that’s more than enough, as he would think.

  50. George Michael is 100% gay and it’s strange that he is…because he used to date Brooke Shields years ago.I don’t think to much of what I read here about him and his boyfriend Kenny.It’s disgusting and sickening!I believe that should be kept quiet about his sex life!It’s private!

  51. Thank you MissGeorge (formerly RIA). I’ll take whatever compliments I can get — especially when people are usually telling me that my blog is disgusting and tasteless, etc. Good to see someone here isn’t repressed/closed minded! I’m very busy with work right now but shall resume blogging towards the end of March.

  52. To Yogchick..
    Did you get my mail at the other day? I cannot reach your blog!
    I’d like to “Think some piece of education, I’m talkin’ about short term situation”.. Part 4 and 5!! Heeeeelp!

  53. ..oh, and I total agree with your last line you wrote here at 22nd dec! The rockstar in bed thing..:)

  54. YOGCHICK the blog will be up and running by the end of this month. I just had to disable it because Im afraid one of my former professors will read it since he already knows about another blog I did that he had to access whilst checking for plagiarism on some of my papers. From my other website he can access the YOGCHICK one and I would absolutely DIE if he read my George Michael erotica.

    So to make a long story short, check the blog on March 31 to see it up and running again.

  55. Okay, darling, thanx!!
    But why is that your fear of your former professor? I mean, come oon…So You do NOT worry at all If MR MICHAEL one day would explore your naughty cheeky stories but you feel shaken about your MR professor?🙂 You should not be. I bet he has a sexlife, too. And sometimes makes fantasies on females…or males, too?! And by the way how come that he knows Your sweet nickname Yogchick?
    Anyway I hardly can wait March 31! Need some inspiration to my own sex story!!😉

  56. @ Ria: Yogchick is back up and running for everyone to read now. Hope you enjoy the extra long entry as it’s composed of 4 sexy parts back to back without any interruption.

  57. Thanks for linking to Yogchick’s site. This was an awesome piece. And the close minded ppl commenting….get over it already.

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