The 25 Live US Tour

So, I guess George and Kenny’s brand new house in Dallas must be nearing completion, because it looks like George feels he can commit to some US live dates next spring, ahead of a European stadium tour in the summer. Well, George must certainly be enjoying himself – just a couple of months off, before getting back on the road.

It’s also looking like the tour will be more than the orignally planned three shows across three cities.

They will need to generate some buzz for this, so I don’t expect too many dates to be announced… at least at first. I’m guessing they won’t announce more than five to ten shows, at least to start with, so that they can be reasonably confident of selling them out. If there’s a big demand, they can always add more dates.

So it’s almost the moment of truth – can Michael Lippman deliver George Michael anything close to the kind of US success that’s eluded him for the last 15 years? The US tour should be announced within the next few weeks, I’d have thought. I wonder how they’re going to make a splash with this in the US media?  Perhaps George will run around Times Square naked, singing – I Am What I Am?

6 thoughts on “The 25 Live US Tour

  1. Great news but I will believe it when I actually see the dates and cities! There were many of us (from the US) who made the trip to UK because we couldn’t be sure.
    As for regaining a hold on the US MARKET, If that is his goal, and I’m not sure it is, I don’T think it will be so easy here — too much homophobia and too little emphasis on good music and good singing! But how fantastic it would be for US FANS and we are here!

  2. Here’s an example of what I’m talking about. As I drive to work today I hear Last Christmas and then the local DJ says, “SO after a successful European tour GM appears to be trying to revive his career and plans to tour the US this spring. George says he is really looking forward to touring in the US again and he’s especially interested in all those trucks stops along the way.”

  3. Ann – as to George’s goals. Look at his actions, not his words. He’s rehired as his manager the guy who he had his massive success with during Faith. Lippman has exclusive responsibility for the US, and co-manages George in Europe.

    Make no mistake, both George and Lippman want to make some money in the US. George is not doing this so he can just make $100 from playing to a handful of die-hards. This is about seeing if he can build a relationship with a significant live audience in America, and re-connect with some of his old fans. Maybe he can. Maybe he can’t. He isn’t gonna know until he tries.

  4. Expect to see George asleep at the wheel of his Chevi Truck on Route 69!!

    That should get him some column inches in the New York Post!!

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